Flex-a-Lite 01-05 Duramax Diesel Truck Cooling Fan

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Flex-a-lite Electric Cooling Fans eliminate the dreaded parasitic drag of the factory belt-driven fan. So instead of wasting precious energy on turning a fan, your engine is free to produce more horsepower and torque. Plus, by running cooler, your engine benefits from an extended lifespan and quieter operation. On top of the power benefits, Flex-a-lite fans allow quicker warm up and cool down times which further bolsters performance. And, your ride�s air conditioner runs colder, while you ratchet up the MPGs . Best yet, Flex-a-lite backs your Electric Cooling Fan with a breezy 1-year warranty.

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auto make and model: gmc


Product Title: Flex-a-Lite 01-05 Duramax Diesel Truck Cooling Fan

Manufacturer: Flex-a-Lite

Lowest Price: $549.99 from Amazon.com

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