Summit Appliance SBC490STTWIN Professional Double Tap Kegerator

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Drink delicious beers with the Summit Professional Double Tap Kegerator with Stainless Steel Top (SBC490STTWIN). This kegerator refrigerates and taps two slim quarter pony kegs at the same time, and can also fit one full size (half barrel) keg. The durable commercial-grade stainless steel top makes it sturdy to protect itself around its surroundings, and the fan-cooled compressor keeps the unit running at the optimal temperature. Included with this kegerator is a free cleaning kit and a drip tray to keep the beer from spilling out everywhere. It also uses one (1) 5 pound CO2 tank (supplied empty) to carbonate both kegs, while two (2) American Sankey D system couplers are included to tap most US brews. Here's What's Included: Ships complete with all components needed to tap two kegs: CO2 tank, regulator, couplers, beer lines, air lines, taps, towers, faucets, and faucet handles (kegs not included) High-Quality Stainless Steel: The durable stainless steel construction protects the unit from normal wear and tear Compressor Cooling: Compressor-based cooling keeps the unit running longer and has a longer life compared to most kegerators Note: You will need to fill the CO2 tank prior to tapping the kegs. Most beer distributors and welding supply companies will fill the tank for a nominal fee.


Product Title: Summit Appliance SBC490STTWIN Professional Double Tap Kegerator

Manufacturer: Summit Appliance

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