Whirlpool WTW4880AW Whirlpool 3.4 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with ENERGY STAR(R) Qualification

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3.4 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with ENERGY STAR(R) Qualification

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washer type: top load


Product Title: Whirlpool WTW4880AW Whirlpool 3.4 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with ENERGY STAR(R) Qualification

Manufacturer: Whirlpool

Lowest Price: $377.99 from Sears Outlet

Power Score: 3.9 | 7 Reviews

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Just got this new washer dryer pair and I cannot believe how noisy this washer is. It is as loud as an out of balance traditional washer. You wouldn't want it in the living parts of your home..... only put it in the garage. Clothes don't seem to come out as clean as in my traditional washer, unless I use the Super Wash cycle. Wish I had just repaired my old washer.

By on Home Depot - May 9, 2013

Read This Review! satisfied and intelligent :)

Purchased this Washer 6 months ago, and could not be happier. For a low-cost standard washing machine, this unit does everything I would expect. Small, Medium, Large and Super load sizes (i've washed full loads, to the fill line, and they some out great). Extra rinse, fabric softner options, soil levels...if you want clean clothes, buy this washer! Lid locks when you start the cycle due to the...
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By WishyWashy on Home Depot - May 9, 2013

Love it!

I have read a few bad reviews on this washer, I am so glad I decided to go with my gut feeling. This is a great washer, I am totally satisfied with this washer in every way. My clothes come out clean, clean, clean every time.

By Goshamus on Home Depot - Apr 16, 2013

Not what I expected, but seems to be great on water efficiency and good on cleaning

The product description was misleading because it says that it doesn't require HE detergent, but it does. We bought it because we wanted an Energy Star appliance, but wanted a traditional top loader instead of a high efficiency (HE) washer. Although it isn't an HE washer, it is more efficient on water use (which I like) and does a good job cleaning clothes. However, it is an adjustment from a...
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By Elizabeth on Home Depot - Apr 15, 2013

This washer is HE - not as described

The product description clearly states this washer is not HE and does not require HE detergent - however it is. There are several labels under the lid that declare this to be HE and you MUST use HE detergent. BEWARE

By Cindy on Home Depot - Dec 12, 2012

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