Whirlpool Duet Sport WFW8300SW Washer

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Deep cleans using less than half the water and energy required by traditional top-load washers. The versatile Duet Sportâ„¢ washer helps keep clothes looking great, from sweats to sweaters, and hand washables to heavy duty denims. This contemporary front-loader also offers flexible installation options such as stacked, undercounter or on 10 in. or 15 1/2 in. pedestals.

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Green Compliance: Yes

Tub Capacity: 3.3 cu. ft

washer type: front load


Product Title: Whirlpool Duet Sport WFW8300SW Washer

Manufacturer: Whirlpool

Power Score: 3.5 | 59 Reviews

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The longest 7 minutes of my life

Strengths: Fun to watch the spin cycle on high.High-efficiency washer/dryer.

Weakness: Small capacity.Doesn't dry completely.Dryer sensor gets stuck at 7 minutes for over 2 hours.The washer vibrates violently.

These units came with my apartment, but I have to say, I'm not impressed. The washer is much smaller on the inside than it appears on the outside, and does not match the dryer capacity. Clothes never come out quite dry, and have on occasion come out with a smell due to the inadequate drying. Most worrisome, the automatic dryer cycles often get stuck at "7 minutes" for over two...
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By anonymous; - Nov 9, 2012


Strengths: It is a great washer except for the following which is a huge reason to run from this purchase!

Weakness: Mold builds up in the rubber seal, see comment...

I contacted Whirlpool Canada because the rubber seal around the opening became so odorous and realized there was actually a slimy buildup of mold. I've read other reviews where it was a flaw in design as the water sits. You would think a washing machine would be the cleanest appliance, but not in this case. I contacted Whirlpool and I was sent Affresh. It takes the smell away but as the rep...
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By TobyCollins463 - Sep 17, 2012


Strengths: saves water and electricity

Weakness: Drains poorly, vibrates, and leaves clothes wet

Have had washer for bout 3 yrs and honestly, I'm sick of it. Its loud, vibrates and rattles at the least imbalance. The drain is constantly getting clogged with the smallest things. THREAD. Have had numerous error codes and now I think I've got to have a new drain assembly. I'm afraid to even think how much it will cost and I'm gonna install myself. I really wish I had never...
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By Baseball2 - Aug 2, 2012

Bad Deal Bad Deal Bad Deal

Strengths: None

Weakness: Jet-like Turbine like noise, smells foul, costs more to repair than replace

Machine started to make a Jet Engine-like turbine noise recently. Had a tech look at it. Major parts are failing. Total cost to repair exceeds the cost of the unit by two fold. Called Whirlpool - typical customer service. Said I should have gotten the extended warranty. Asked how long these machines should work under normal circumstances before major failures - answer was 10-15. Seems pretty...
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By anonymous; - May 31, 2011

Very disappointed

Strengths: uses less water

Weakness: rubber seal tears, pump attracts small items

This has been nothing but a disappointment.The door's rubber seal gets torn. I have had to replace it twice. From the tears, it looks like pant buttons get caught during the spin cycle. Whirlpool has not seen fit to come out with a rubber seal repair kit, so it costs over $200 each time. We have also had to replace the pump due to small items getting caught in it. I am religious about...
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By anonymous; - May 19, 2011

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