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washer problems

Strengths: sanitizing cycle, clothes come out almost dry, great job at cleaning the clothing

Weakness: F-11 problems

When we purchased the washer and base unit we were very happy with its performance. Unfortunately after it went out of warranty we began having problems. The machine stops, usually near the end of the cycle, and a continual beeping sound and a F-11 signal tells us something is wrong. We believe it happens when the machine gets out of balance.
The only way we can restart it is to shut its power off at the circuit box for five to ten minutes, long enough to clear the computer's memory. From there we switch it to the rinse/spin or the drain/spin to complete the cycle. We are considering removing the base unit and placing the machine directly on the floor to see if that will make any difference.
If anyone else has had this problem and has any suggestions I would appreciate learning about it.

By JeanVand - Mar 16, 2008

washer tearing clothes

Weakness: series of holes in clothing

Have the Whirlpool Duet 4.0 washer forjust over a year. One month after warranty expired, noticed shirts & nylon based shorts coming out of the washer shredded. Extremely aggravating especially since it is not easy to fix nylon/spandex clothing. Children's uniforms are damaged. Spoke with Whirlpool customer support & they indicated they never heard of this problem & that they would not be able to back any repairs. Told them to go online & search torn clothing for their washers & watch all the negative reviewsthat come up & maybe then they will believe me. Do NOT purchase.

By anonymous; - Jun 11, 2012

Whirlpool Duet not purchase...rips clothes

Strengths: None

Weakness: Rips not buy.

Whirlpool Duet Dryer rips clothes and after multiple repairs on two different Whirlpool Duet Dryers. I am beyond livid with Whirlpool. Do NOT not worth having hundreds of dollars of clothes ripped.

By christymharvey - Sep 5, 2012

Never worked well for me

Strengths: uses no water at all to wash your clothes

Weakness: takes FOREVER to use no water at all to wash your clothes

This washer ball the clothes up and spins/stretches them into oblivion while misting them with water. My clothes have become a bit prone to mold/fungus because there seems to be water in the bottom of the washer which never fully exits the machine...who knows what's growing in there...takes forever to wash a load of clothes and often stops because of imbalance issues. Does anyone know if there is a water level you should see on the door while washing

By bkohlhase - Jun 12, 2010

I hate my whirlpool Duet front loader washer

Strengths: It doesn't bite

Weakness: Doesn't get things clean Is not energy efficient Doesn't handle large items well Doesn't handle large loads well Very poor stain removal qualities Uses too much detergent

We're ready to haul ours out to the front curb for the first taker.

I've spent 2 years tweaking the settings and don't think it's too much to ask that a washer clean the darn clothes. Period.

By thredbear - Nov 20, 2009

Overall great Washer

Strengths: Load size, Ease of use, Water/soap savings

Weakness: Musty smell imparted to clothes

This washer has saved us tons of time and money. Definitely get the base units (saves on bending)So easy the kids can do it! Yes it shakes! But I didn't set the support feet level. Too lazy to do it know so I just put a piece of rubber under the corner! As for the smell I read online to do some loads at very hot temp and leave the door open between loads. Also use powdered HE soap, it doesn't leave a film in the drum. Smell is gone now( thank g-d)

By anonymous; - Jun 22, 2009

Whilpool Duet

Strengths: Vert efficient in use of water Worked great until 1 year warranty was up 2 days later problems.

Weakness: Repairman said he could not fix without a code. I had the code F70. Washer works every other day, now electrical problems with central control unit.

I have never paid this much for a washing machine, but thought for a thousand dollars it certainly didn't need and extra warranty. WRONG!

By anonymous; - Jun 10, 2009

Whirlpool duet washer

Strengths: NONE

Weakness: Will not start the first day code is F01

I bought this washer yesterday and had it delivered today and the drivers also installed it for us. So when we put our laundry into it and wanted to start it a message came up F01 this message came up every time we tried to start it and this is our first day of owning it.

By JohnZajac - Dec 22, 2008

Great performance, but disappointing reliability issues

Strengths: Great washing performance and very quiet

Weakness: After 5 months we noticed the tub sagging and laundry stay wet after high spin cycle: the shock absorbers were worn out. After 7 months door seal deformed and laundry get stuck between seal and tub

Bought is machine thinking Whirlpool would make a great washer as they used to do with the top loaders. The machine is built in Germany which gave me a good feeling.
Despite the great performance we already have had too many problems for a 7 month old washer. Glad I bought the 3 yr extended warranty!

By vandinta - Dec 20, 2008

Good Price for a Good Brand

Strengths: Automatic preset cycles, Time remaining display, Self-cleaning dispensers, Auto water level, child lock, stackable for matching dryer

Weakness: Front load washer requires more bending unless you purchase a pedestal and during spin cycles the whole washer strongly vibrates, a lot of shaking going on.

We had a top-load whirlpool washer for more than 20 years. We thought it was a good brand and it was time to purchase a new washer that was energy star compliance. This front-load washer for the price of $850 was reasonable to us. This washer only uses "HE" high efficiency detergent. The price for "HE" detergent is about the same as regular detergent so that's not a problem. There is a display that estimates the time remaining for the wash. I thought that the washer shakes a bit too much during the spin cycles. That's probably due to the stainless steel drum that enables higher spin speeds for more water extraction to help reduce drying time.

By swtreview82 - Jul 24, 2007

Duet ripping holes in clothes

Strengths: great stain removal

Weakness: wrecks clothes (rips holes), balls clothes up

Have had holes in sheets, fleece, shirts, baby clothes and crib bedding. Despite having pictures of something physically STUCK in the dryer, Whirlpool is refusing to acknowledge the problem, and refuses to compensate.


By ptbuyer - Oct 2, 2008

Fantastic New work aid

Strengths: Quiet, low energy, low suds, better cleaning,easy contols to operate, no dials to wear out.

Weakness: I'm still getting used to the clean, flat top.

I have just finished my Th load of laundry in my new Duet Washer. this is my first front loading washing machine. I did not get a matching dryer, but it does not seem to make any difference. The washer "feels" the load and does not require any guessing about how large or small of a load for which to set the washer. I love the modern look and the brightness that my whites are showing. The HE detergent requirement at first worried me, but I am able to buy the detergent the washer requires at about the same price as I paid for regular detergent. I am very happy to have made this purchase. Washing clothes is easier now.

By JBialon - Jul 6, 2007

Whirlpool Duet HT Washer

Strengths: Works great, lots of wash cycles

Weakness: Can't use powdered detergent, sensitive to the size of the load.

This washer is great. It cleans clothes very well, and uses far less water than my old top loading washer. There is a cycle for everything and an option to add presoak, extra rinse and more or less time to any cycle. The problems I have found are relatively small but annoying. You cannot use powder detergent because it does not get rinsed into the drum. The timer doesn’t accurately display how much time is left, especially for the last few minutes, which take forever. The biggest problem I have found is the sensitivity of the washer to the load size. If your load is too small or too large, the washer will shake violently during the spin cycle. Because the drum spins very very fast, the washer almost seems like it is ready to fall over. This is only a problem if you overstuff the washer, with small loads the shaking is not nearly as bad. These things are minor, and overall I am very happy with my washer.

By jjj003 - Mar 3, 2008

Whirlpool Duet HT

Strengths: Size, quietness, cycle choices, low vibration, can be used on second floor.

Weakness: None

I am so pleased with this purchase. The cycle selections are great and the vibration is very low even on my second floor laundry area. I really like how dry the clothes already are at the end of the spin cycle. Drying time is greatly reduced. I love it!

By lauralou - Aug 31, 2007


Strengths: Gets clothes clean while leaving a ridiculous amount of detergent in them.

Weakness: Does NOT rinse the detergent out at all.

I have owned this washer for 6 months. While it does a great job of cleaning the clothes, it does not rinse them. I have soft water and therefore use only 1/4 the recommended amount of HE detergent.

The washer is designed to use so little water in the rinse cycle that the detergent does not get rinsed out, even after multiple rinses. To actually rinse the clothes, I have to manually add water to the rinse cycles. I manually select a Soak or Rinse cycle and then use a small hose to add water to the machine.

Two Whirlpool repairmen have inspected this machine and have informed me that it is functioning as designed. The last repairman finally admitted to me that, yes, the machine does not rinse well.

I have contacted Whirlpool and asked to speak with one of the designers of this machine, but they refused to put me in touch with an engineer. An executive secretary simply asked me to have repairmen inspect the machine. When I informed her that the repairmen ascertained that the machine is functioning as designed, she said that there was nothing more she could do for me.

I absolutely DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS MACHINE. If you own one already, take some wet clothes that have run through a wash and rinse cycle. Put them in a bucket of water and agitate them. Watch as inches of soap foam will rise to the top of the water!

By racheldenisepollack - Jun 30, 2008

Duet HT Series WFW9200SQ Front Load Washer

Strengths: Low water usage, quiet, low energy, simple to operate.

Weakness: The washer was a bit pricey and it takes a long time to wash a load of clothes.

This is my first front load washing machine. The spin cycle is amazing, as your clothes come out feeling almost dry. My son and his wife purchased this washer and I used theirs to see how it worked and whether I would be satisfied....I am truly satisfied with its performance.

By schil2 - Oct 9, 2007

Worst washer ever!!!

Strengths: none

Weakness: Rips and tears your clothes, dosen't get the whites clean, and ties the clothes in knots.

This is the worst washer I have ever had. The clothes don't get clean and everytime I go to put he clothes in the dryer they are all tied in knots together which makes them very wrinkled. Now it has ripped holes in 4 shirts. If you want to keep your clothes nice, don't purchase this washer. Not only am I out the money I paid for the washer now I have to replace the clothes!!

By bhug681 - Feb 15, 2009

Disappointed with the Duet

Strengths: Washes well, quiet, many cycle options, aesthetically pleasing

Weakness: electrical problems, durability

I bought this washer when i moved into my new home. As I live alone, the washer doesn\\\\\\\'t get excessive use--maybe 3 loads in two weeks. It worked really well for the first year. However, for the last year, just about every load the washer will stop and read an f11 error. Since it is mid-cycle, i am unable to remove the clothes. Sometimes i can get it to start again and finish the load fairly easily and sometimes it takes hours. My parents had a whirlpool washer they used for 20 years without any problems. I am disappointed to have to get this fairly new appliance serviced so early in its career.

By gls2007 - Dec 30, 2007

Whirlpool washer

Strengths: motherboard problems washer wont start

Weakness: motherboard problems washer wont start

motherboard problems washer wont start no one knows how to fix problem. error occures code flashes "fdh" washer wont start. repairman not helpful. cant fix without major expense would not recommend whirlpool anything. They knew there was a problem and dont stand behind there product!

By ntb - Apr 23, 2008

Piece of #$%&

Strengths: Good for Whirlpool's short term profits

Weakness: Poor quality for the price

Shakes like a bat out of you know where! Broken 3 or 4 times in first 3 years. Every time I hear it, I think there's a helicopter outside our house!

What a disgrace!

By cpman - May 3, 2008

Overpriced: Dryer doesn\\\\\\\'t dry and washer handle falls off

Strengths: Water efficient

Weakness: Nightmare to maintain. We\\\\\\\'ve spent so much money on these items. The washer vibrates so much and is SO loud. The dryer doesn\\\\\\\'t dry. You\\\\\\\'ll have to run it several times.

The washer handle fell off and it had majors repairs twice while under warranty and three times since the warranty expired. The insulation fell out of the dryer. I would NEVER spend the exorbitant amount of money that these cost again. P.S. We bought the pedestals and it never helped the vibration or noise.

By ShellyWasher - Feb 6, 2008

Whirlpool Duet HT Series WFW9200SQ Washer

Strengths: Price Front load washer Energy & Water Costs

Weakness: None

We've been using a top loader for a long time now and we decided that the time was right to switch. The unit requires you to bend down if you don't buy the pedestals (overpriced IMHO) but the energy savings have definitely accumulated. Otherwise. I'd recommend if you can find it for a good price on the set.

By Whazzup00 - Nov 23, 2007

Great washer, pleasant to use

Strengths: Quiet and efficient. Big volume.

Weakness: Needs special HE detergent.

This washer looks great in my laundry area. It has huge space so I can wash a big load at one time. It's quiet enough and doesn't have any annoying sound or shaking on the floor. It doesn't have light bulb in the washer, so you can leave the door semi-open to prevent mildew developing.

This washer requires special high-effiency detergent. It's more expensive than regular detergent, but is not a big deal considering the water and energy it saves. You can also get rebates from your local water/energy company depending where you are. It's a great washer. Would recommend to other people.

By robbietech - Dec 28, 2007

Whirlpool Duet HT is Awesome

Strengths: Efficient, Quiet, Fun, and Environmental Friendly.

Weakness: None

Does a great job cleaning. It is very quiet. I like to watch the wash through the window. It has brought back fun into doing laundry. It saves a ton of water which is great for the environment.

By Cherri2008 - Jan 21, 2008

love it!

Strengths: quiet, has delayed wash setting, clothes are clean, cleans and spins very dry a king comforter

Weakness: shakes a bit on high spin, softner needs to be heavily diluted, in order to keep it from globbing up in the dispenser

when our old whirlpool top loader needed replacing, we looked at different rating sites, and talked with some people at work that had this washer. they had glowing praises. so we took the plunge and got it.
we have been very pleased with the washer. the only 'electrical' problems with a code showing up, was that we didn't have the front door completely shut! we do an average of 2-3 loads a week, and i do our king sized comforter about 4x a year(this is the main reason we got a front loader!). it rinses well and spins the comforter very dry-only takes about an hour, or less, on the line(we do not own a dryer, here in phoenix!) to dry.
we do not use dry detergent, due to my husband's lung problems. we do use the HE liquid, but also use regular, (diluted to 1/4 strength), on occasion. our only real problem, is where the softner goes in. we have to heavily dilute the softner, to help keep it from globbing up in the dispenser. we also have to clean the dispenser out at least monthly(and this is the interval for recommended washer bleaching) with bleach and warm water to help dissolve the coagulated softner.
now that we have has this washer for more than 3 years, i'm sure there are other washers out there that are better, faster.... but at the time, and for the $, it was the best washer for us, and we are still very happy with it.

By anonymous; - Nov 7, 2010

I'm not sure and it's brand new!! Only one day old.

Strengths: The clothes seem cleaner. The machines are beautiful.

Weakness: It makes so much noise. The dryer seems to take too long. The washer vibrates too much.

I was very excited to get a new washer and dryer as my old ones were 25 years old. The washer makes waaaay too much noise and it vibrates way too much. The dryer seems to take too long to dry. I have to admit, it is only one day old but I am disappointed. I called the store and they say that it is supposed to sound like that. I checked the second load and it was still waterlogged so I had to put it through the rinse cycle again. I do have to admit that I am still reading the brochure so I'll give it a few more loads. I almost wish I had kept my old ones. But for the price, I could not pass it up.

By emajy - Feb 5, 2009

The worst washer machine ever

Strengths: None

Weakness: It suddenly stops, code F71, no explanation from whirlpool service department. We lost our money.

We had a GE for 10 years, until we bought this piece of junk from whirlpool, dont even think on buying this brand.

By anonymous; - Jan 31, 2013

Very unsastisfied with Whirlpool Product

Strengths: Gets clothes very clean

Weakness: Too many codes, does not get water out of clothes, sometimes have to run spin cycle, already replaced lock in door once and needs again. Doesnt work all the time.

We purchased a whirlpool because of its reputation. Well never again will i purchase a whirlpool. We have had our washer for 3 year. Worked perfectly for the first year. Absolutely loved it!!! Thank goodness i got an extended warranty!!!!! 1)My softner dispenser does not work. dispenses with the detergent. 2) get codes all the time, especially A17, which suppossedly isnt even a code that doesnt exist and F11, F22. Had lock replaced once already on the door. 3) At this point does not wring all the water from clothes. 4) Washer wants to work when it feels like it, so if i need a load done in a pinch it may take me hours to fight with the washer just to start, then it stops when it gets to the rinse cycle and codes start flashing or just flashes, this pretty much happens about every load. We get very excited when a load finishes with no problems :OWe live in a very small area so we only have 1 service man that comes and evertime he comes he tells me we use too much soap so my frustration level is very beyond extreme. i am now on the computer printing everything i possibly can from everyone else who is having the same problems i am having, which seems to be common with this washer. Google it! I have been doing smaller loads because of the wringing issue because it takes forever to dry our clothes.

By anonymous; - Feb 10, 2012

Doesn't start

Strengths: Hasn't caught fire

Weakness: Doesn't start unless the stars are aligned.

We have had nothing but trouble with this washer. About half of the time that we go to start it, the door lock mechanism fails (code F-11), so the machine won't start. We have had a service technician out twice to replace the switch, but it fails soon after. When the mechanism fails,we have discovered that if you hold start button while lifting the back of the washer and dropping it, we will get the magical sound of the door locking and the washer starts. What a joke. I won't buy a Whirlpool again.

By anonymous; - Jul 21, 2011

Never buy Whirlpool Again

Strengths: It looks good

Weakness: Poor Construction, Customer support

Our Whirlpool Duet WFW9200SQ was purchased 7/2/09, it has been rebalanced or at least attemped to be three times, and had the door switch replaced. Our current problem stems from either the machine being out of balance or the poor quality of the matching pedestal kit, whatever, the rubber covers on all four of the feet have worn through leaving steel plates sliding and scratching our ceramic floor. After 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Whirlpool (mostly on hold) we were told how great Whirlpool is but they were not going to accept responsability due to the factory warranty expiration. I explained that I clearly understood the warranty but also thought that this was a design issue and it should still be taken care of. The call center representatives that can be reached by the consumers have no desire to offer customer service and appear to have canned answers for all calls.

By anonymous; - Mar 1, 2011

Won't buy another one....

Strengths: Dryer still works, pretty to look at

Weakness: Quality

Bought the set in 8/08 for our new home, only two in the family, my husband and I. Two loads most weeks sometimes 3. Washer is now not working. That means it didn't make it through 150 loads. We paid $5.99 a load... would have been cheaper to go to the laundry mat. Looking at about $700 to repair it. Basket and Drum Rear need to be replaced because the bearings are bad. About 2 months ago, received noticefrom Whirlpool to purchase extended warrany for approx $360. Didn't make sense at the time to purchase, but now that the machine is heading to the makes a lot of sense. Does Whirlpool know they have a defective product and want to get some additional money from people that already spent a great deal on the set. What happened to good old fashioned quality and standing behind your product? We were expecting to get 8 or 10 years out of a washer with just the two of us, I guess that is asking too much, I should have moved my old set... probably would have been still working, raised a family on it and washed probably two loads a day for 15 years. That's quality. I just wonder how much longer before the dryer decides to quit?

By anonymous; - Nov 20, 2010

Tub fills with water when not in use, every once in a wile.

Strengths: The washer and dryer have a very acceptable job on the day to day laundry of a not so small family.


I am trying to find out if anyone has had a problem with the washer filling up when not in use. We went to put a load in the washer and it spilled all over the floor. I was told that the machine has done it several times but never that bad. How can this happen

By patty2010 - Apr 23, 2010

Don't Overload

Strengths: Other than the problem mentioned below it was a good machine.

Weakness: No sensor to tell you that your machine is overloaded.

We have had our WFW9200SQ for a little over one year now and the bearings are now damaged. Apparently we overloaded this machine. The repair is as much as new machine. We will be shopping for a new machine soon. We did not purchase an extended warranty on the machine because we thought that it would not have a problem in such a short time. Our fault for not buying an extended warranty.

By anonymous; - Sep 11, 2009

GARBAGE from Whirlpool

Strengths: Profits for Whirlpool and Lowes

Weakness: Having to go to the laundrymat

My first Duet broke down twice. When the part was on order for two months (from Germany...I guess the USA can't make washer parts), it was replaced with another Duet washer. The second Duet had some of the same problems with the motor control unit and the motor harness. The same motor harness that had to come from Germany for the first one, is now on back order for at least two months for this washer. I believe Whirlpool stopped manufacturing this model (WFW9200SQ), and it's no wonder. Before you buy one of these, get lots of rolls of quarters for the laundrymat! You would be better off with a rock in a river.

By anonymous; - Jul 6, 2009

whirlpool duet

Strengths: works for a while


I purchased the whirlpool duet and noticed a month after I purchased it, the washing machine started to leak and four months later the dryer didn't heat. I have purchased whirlpool products before, and always had problems with them!!! Before you purchase any whirlpool products, I recommend you read the reviews on any product and get the FACTS!!!

By anonymous; - Jul 1, 2009

duet set

Strengths: Double loads! Quiet! Clothes not wadded up! Washer time is similar to dryer time for faster laundry.

Weakness: I don't get to spend all day doing laundry.

I have owned a duet set for 4 years and purchased it at the advice of my repair man for my Maytag. I love the set! It really cuts down on my laundry time! The drawer/stands are a worthwhile purchase. Make sure the feet are adjusted properly or it will walk around a little. Overloading will cause extra bounce and retention of soap. This is true of any unit so don't overload. I especially like the high spin. The clothes come out damp which shortens the dryer time. This set has been maintenance free. I would highly recommend these units.

By cttexan - May 13, 2009

Great Machine

Strengths: clothes are really clean, uses less water, very quiet and FAST

Weakness: Very heavy loads cause alot of vibration - I found that if you turn down the spin cycle this goes away, or wash less towels

I love this machine. Clothes are much cleaner, and since I hang many of my clothes to dry (I don't iron) I find that the clothes don't need any fluffing in the dryer before I hang. I have also washed cashmere sweaters, hung to dry and they come out great. No more dry cleaning. Great rebate from our utility company. I do not have the stands - don't need them and don't mind bending. Sorry I waiting so long to replace our top loader. I also purchased the matching dryer (gas) - and I just love it. Very fast. READ the manual.

By blondie4la - May 9, 2009

So far no problems

Strengths: Reasonable priced,do's a good job on my work clothes as well as dress clothes.

Weakness: Takes a little maintenance,optional drawer for bottom is over priced.

We've owned our Duet Washer for over a year and a half.Its seems to be just fine.It doesn't vibrate like others may claim as long as it is leveled correctly.I didn't buy the over priced drawer for the bottom.I just made like a built-in shelf,out of six 2x4's and two layers of 3/4 plywood,to raise both the washer and dryer 24 inches.Me and my wife are tall and that keeps us from having to bend down.Now as far as seal problems, the owners manual says to wipe the seal with bleach water and LEAVE the door open to allow it to dry.We don't clean the seal every month maybe every three months,but when we're done with laundry the door stays open anyway to dry.Almost all front loaders have seal mold problems,but simple solutions are given.I work in a machine shop and my clothes get covered in grease,oil,grime and metal shavings and they come out clean.

By anonymous; - Mar 16, 2009

Whirlpool Duet HT WFW9200SQ

Strengths: none. Performs less than what a top loader can do.

Weakness: Does not spin the water out after rinse cycle.

After several visits from the repair tech, no progress has been made on fixing the issue of soaked clothes after the spin cycle. The same control module was replaced three times and the problem still exists. Now the warranty is expired. I called the company directly and after entertaining Whirlpools automated questioning system for eleven minutes I was put on hold. I spent countless hours on the phone trying to resolve problems with my 900 dollar machine. When I finally reached an agent, she told me that I should've purchased the extended warranty and there is nothing Whirlpool can do.

By anonymous; - Mar 10, 2009

Next to my Maytag fridge this is the worst appliance I've ever purchased

Strengths: Esthetically they are nice.

Weakness: Doesn't clean clothes well, constant expensive repairs ...

We bought the set 5 years ago and either the washer or the dryer is having issues. This time (final straw) the repair man said it was either the bearings or springs going and neither is cheap to repair. All major components of both machines have already been replaced - I'm cutting my losses and once it quits working they are being replaced.

In my opinion they don't clean clothes well, the dryer doesn't always dry on first full cycle - they might be energy star but I'm sure if it was analyzed I'm probably in the long run paying more. For the money I expect a lot more then this!

And the response that you get from Whirlpool (aka Maytag) is oh well ...

By anonymous; - Mar 5, 2009

GET THE WARRANTY...or a different washer

Strengths: Looks nice.

Weakness: Doesn't work

I have had this for one year. I am 20 days after the warranty expired and now it won't even turn on. I have a household of 2 people and don't wash a lot. It seems to have a lot of electrical problems. Clothes got locked inside, I had to take it apart and find the emergency release. I would pick a different washer if i could do it over again. This is a huge pain. I would expect this after a couple years but not after the first.

By anonymous; - Feb 23, 2009



Weakness: Can't use dye

I am able to wash ANYTHING! From Handwash up to Heavy Duty, the machine does as said. I purchased the pedestals and the storage is great. I have become the quilt/duvet washer for the neighborhood. I don't know what the laundry charges, but my neighbors say it is expensive. The washer is so amazing, I was able to wash my neighbor's son's pup tent!

By anonymous; - Jan 10, 2009

Bad News

Strengths: Handles high volumes well, quiet, no problems with vibration.

Weakness: control board/electronics problems

For the first 16 months, this washer was GREAT! Then, with no warning, it just quit working. That was over 2 months ago and it still is not working. Apparently, the control board that communicates within the washer went out for no reason (i.e., no excessive power surges). Getting a competent repair service for these "new" machines has been a nightmare. Several services I called do not work on the newer model machines, and the repair service I finally got to my house has been here 3 times, replaced parts, and now ordering more parts. I owned a Whirlpool washer for 25+ years with no problems, and that is the only reason I bought another Whirlpool. I will NEVER buy another one (and it looks like I will be shopping for one soon)!!

By anonymous; - Nov 20, 2008

unsatisfied customer

Strengths: did well for almost 5 years, thank goodness we bought the 5 year extended warranty or we'd be buying a brand new washer

Weakness: we thought we'd bought our last washer for our lifetime but didn't know it would only last (really less than 5 years)

we bought washer and dryer almost 5 years ago, like I said we bought the 5 year extended warranty. expires 11/2/2008. had to call service man and he said that the inside drum, outer drum and bearings in back of washer will have to be replaced. can't imagine what that would cost without the warranty. I had a Kenmore washer before this that lasted about 20 years. I will never buy Whirlpool products again. I have a Whirlpool refrigerator and have had to have service man out 3 times in first year for ice maker. I will go back to Kenmore products for any more major purchases.

By anonymous; - Oct 20, 2008

Takes a lickn and keeps on ticken

Strengths: Super quiet, efficient and durable

Weakness: none yet

I just bought a Duet set from an ebay auction from a place that specializes in returned new merchandise. The set had obviously taken a large impact at some point due to the dents and scratches. I just finished the first load and I am very impressed. This washer replaces a Maytag Neptune and is much more quiet. If it werent for the window it would be hard to know it is on. Other noticable difference are the clothes are nearly dry when they come out.

By anonymous; - May 23, 2008

Duet Dead at 18 months!!

Strengths: Energy efficient. Uses less water and detergent.

Weakness: Clothes come out dripping wet on handwash setting. Power outages lock door with clothes inside. There's no manual release system for the locked door if there's a power outage once you start a cycle.

I am still waiting after three weeks for Whirlpool to replace the circut board fried from a power surge. There were no warnings or suggestions to use a surge protector. The company hotline staff were unhelpful and smugly rude when calling for help.

By anonymous; - Oct 23, 2007

Quite simply put, FANTASTIC!

Strengths: Thouroughly cleans, Time remaining Clock.

Weakness: Pricey pedestal mount.

This is our first front loader and we are very impressed. Our last washer was a Kenmore Top Load, and the Whirlpool seems so much easier to use. It is a bit pricey, but well worth it.

By anonymous; - Oct 21, 2007

Whirlpool Duet WED9400SW

The Whirlpool Duet WED9400SW is a Super Capacity Plus electric dryer that features an AccelerCare Drying system with a painted steel drum that holds up to 15 pounds of laundry. An upgrade from the WED9200SQ, the WED9400SW offers 7 temperatures (versus 5) and 10 cycles (versus 7), including a damp dry, quick dry, and bulky items cycle. In addition, the WED9400SW comes equipped with a 140-minute...
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By - Aug 11, 2011