Whirlpool Duet GHW9150PW Washer

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Green Compliance: Yes

Tub Capacity: 3.8 cu. ft

washer type: front load


Product Title: Whirlpool Duet GHW9150PW Washer

Manufacturer: Whirlpool

Power Score: 3.4 | 11 Reviews

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Whirlpool Duet

Strengths: Cleans clothes very well

Weakness: Reliability

This washer is a complete piece of junk. I used it for just over one year and was quite happy with it and then when I tried to start it one day - no go. I called a repair person. They ordered the part. Nine weeks later I am still waiting. Calls to Whirlpool go unanswered. Calls to the store where I bought it indicate that I will have better luck than they will in getting the part. I would not...
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By anonymous; - Oct 23, 2007


Strengths: Can wash very large loads. Keeps clothes looking newer, longer.

Weakness: Can't find any...

I have had the benefit of trying my parents washer first before buying my own. I have lived w/ them off and on in the last 3 years (due to my husband being in the military) and have used this machine and put it through many large loads. After using my parents, I'm most definetly getting my own. This machine has run perfectly for the last three years. I have three young children and as a result,...
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By anonymous; - Jul 25, 2007

Whirlpool Duet

Strengths: Can handle large volume of clothes

Weakness: Cannot use bleach in washer as it drops out directly onto clothes and MANY torn clothes!!

Purchased Duet washer and dryer in late 2004; have two young girls, who wear lots of white clothing and constantly have stains in clothes. Cannot use bleach in washer as it drops out directly onto clothes, undiluted. Thank goodness, I kept my last top loader in the basement so that I can run stained clothes thru with belach! At least once a month, find clothes which have torn in the Whirlpool...
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By bbreezy - May 14, 2006

Piece of S%$$#

Strengths: It is a $1000 shelf!!

Weakness: Not being able to wash in my own since the thing doesn't even work!!

This washer is a piece of junk, do not buy one you will be very disappointed with it. My has been out of service for a month and it is only 14 months old!! Four service people have come out to the house, and replaced three parts, and it is still broken!!! And the customer service at Whirlpool? That is an even bigger joke!! They got their money and that is all they care about!! I will never buy...
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By mit678 - Apr 18, 2006

Whirlpool duet

Strengths: handles large blankets

Weakness: bleach is pouring onto clothes before machine is started and I am using the recommended 1/3 cup

I purchased a Whirlpool Duet and it ruined 500.00 worth of clothes. I did a batch of whites than I put a batch of dark clothes in. When I opened the dispenser drawer to add the detergent I noticed the bleach was still in the drawer, it never dispensed for the last load. I closed the drawer and opened the door to take out the dark clothes and noticed the bleach was running onto my clothes. I...
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By nanjvp - Jan 18, 2006

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