NFW7300WW 27-in Washer

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Product Title: NFW7300WW 27-in Washer

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works well, despite leveling and tighening the nuts it still vibrates a little during drying cycle, Wish it had an extra spin cycle.

By meal on Home Depot - Mar 17, 2012

Broke after one year

I loved this machine, but it broke one week after the warranty ran out. Because it is a problem with the computer, it would cost more to fix than buying the machine all over again.

By Lady on Home Depot - Feb 15, 2012

Excellent value and works great

We like this model of washer - it is energy efficient and being front loading removes most of the water making drying time much shorter. Plus it is very easy to use. It has has worked without any problems at all since we got it. It is a great buy and an excellent washer!

By Jagdish on Home Depot - Feb 14, 2012

Pros and Cons

Pros, Good Washer, nothing fancy Cons, Never fill above mid level with clothes otherwise, it will dance around the wash room, also machine came with a nice little dent on top of the washer...

By ratcat35 on Home Depot - Feb 8, 2012

Good but underwhelmed

Overall this is a good product and seems to be well made but there are some things i'm not very impressed with. There is a rubber gasket lining the opening that has a groove in it. Perfect for snagging smaller items and holding onto them so they don't get thoroughly washed and rinsed much less spun dry. The manual advises putting children's socks in a bag to avoid this problem but i've had to...
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By BadCzMo on Home Depot - Feb 7, 2012

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