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as the maytag and sear's repairman I have to admit that the (samsung manufactured) neptune does shake a little more than the duet, epoch, tromm etc. The problem is more pronounced when on the stands. The largest problem is floors!!! These frontloading washers of ANY brand spin at around 1000 rpm's. All of that motion must be transfered from the drum, though the feet and into the floor. If you can set a glass of water in front of the washer (while spinning) and see the ripples and splashes you have a floor problem not a washer problem. As for mildew problems, they effect all brands not just neptunes, a bleach only cleaning cycle is recommended monthly and to leave the door ajar when not in use. overall tech rating is probaly a 7 of 10

By anonymous; - Jun 15, 2007

neptune washer

Strengths: none

Weakness: everything

i have had the machine for four years and gave 1100.00 dollars for this piece of crap. it has been repaired over and over and the last time for noise and vibration it was fixed with, i kid you not a clothes pin. what the hell

By pfulfer - Jan 5, 2010

Magtag Neptune Front Loading Washing Machine MAH8700AWW

Strengths: None

Weakness: Everything

I bought this machine after Hurricane Katrina (2005) flooded my home and destroyed everything.Washing Machine SUCKS!!! DO NOT BUY! Spins like a jet engine out of control until you shut it off b/c it won't shut off by hazard too. You can smell the control panel burning as it spins and shake violently and vibrates across the floor. The cost to repair is as much as purchasing a new machine. When I called Maytag to ask if their was a Safety recall on this machine, all I got repeatedly was, "not on my serial # machine." Bulllshit!! I can clearly comprehend by reading all the complaints that a Safety Recall is needed!!! These big corp. are getting bailed out by "Obamanomics" and we the consumers are getting screwed royally in this baaaaddddddd economy. They just don"t make appliances to last like they use to! Where do I sigh up for the Class Action Lawsuit?

By anonymous; - Oct 18, 2011

Mah 8700 not good

Strengths: evacuates water out of clothes well.

Weakness: Terrible vibration

Many have complained about vibration. My front loader also vibrates in a terrible way. I decided to tear into it and see what I could find for myself. I pulled the rear panel off. The main drum sits on four shock absorbers. There are two springs that attatch to the main frame (top of machine ) and the main drum. I carefully turned it on spin cycle and watched the drum movement closely from the rear of the machine. The vibration was so hard I assumed the drum or pully were not properly aligned. This was not so. It vibrated a small amount (totally acceptable) with no clothes in it. When clothing was put into drum, WOW, I couldn't believe how it wobbled about as the speed increased. How could they sell a machine like this, I wondered? The shocks and spring are pretty wimpy and there must be need for some form of a counter weight. My concrete floor slightly angles toward the wall and keeps the machine from walking across the floor. One of the adjustable feet broke due to the hammering effect during the high speed spin vibration. Wow, not sure there is a remedy. Maytag has always been revered as a quality company with terrific merchandise. Perhaps the C.E.O. of Maytag needs to review thw quality control. I shall be installing a 12 year old top loader in its place. It's a good-ole machine that reminds me of the good days for Maytag. My model # is not part of the class action suit. This unfortunately for me and many others is a costly purchase mistake that paints a terrible picture for Maytag and the lonely repair man.

By anonymous; - Jan 31, 2011


Strengths: Size, internal water heater, wash quality, energy efficiency

Weakness: None, except that the water pump is a little noisy

I've had this washer since August of 2006. I don't know what's going on with everyone else here, but I've had nothing but a good experience with mine. This is a highly rated washer at Consumer Reports. I read all about problems and lawsuits with the Neptune line, but these are supposedly manufactured by Samsung and are not affected by any of that. I have this unit in a first floor laundry room and it vibrates no more than my old front loading washer. I keep the door open all the time, and occasionally run a bleach cycle, so I've seen zero mold.

I'd recommend this washer.

By hbk430 - Jan 23, 2007

Neptune is the WORST

Strengths: Saves water

Weakness: mildew accumulates, doesn't clean well

Have had nothing but problems with this machine. Mildew accumulates and an order comes from inside. The manufacturer attempted to correct this, but 30 days later, mildew problem returned. Now it something else is going out and it sounds like a jet. Have been told it would cost more to fix than replace. Also, clothes do not seem to come clean. Whites are not so white anymore. Would NEVER recommend this to anyone!!!!!!!!!! Tried to contact Maytag, but no help.

By maryriv - Sep 9, 2005

Vibration Issue Is Not A DIY Fix

Strengths: Seems to wash clothes well.

Weakness: Vibration, vibration, vibration. All attempts to resolve have failed.

I, like many, am having the vibration/walking issue on the rinse & spin cycles. I've read lots of reviews and comments about the vibration problem, and reviewed the installation manual. My MAH8700AWW is installed on a pedestal on a hardwood floor in our first floor laundry. I realize this is not recommended, and have been trying to find any solution to moving the laundry room to the basement. I have tried several leveling positions with no success. I have added 150 lbs of gravel to the pedestal drawer, and the washer is still able to walk across the floor. I have installed 3/4 oak screwed into studs and the washer still shakes very badly. I finally added some small blocks screwed into the oak board around the feet to prevent it from walking, which has worked, but the washer still vibrates violently.

I am going to contact Maytag and do what I can to get a refund, as I do not believe this situation can be resolved.

By adbjvvss - Jan 6, 2007

vibrations & lousy customer service

Strengths: absolutely none

Weakness: excessive vibrations, lousy customer service, MUST be used on concrete....

We purchased our first Maytag in 1965 and happily wore out three sets until we purchased the Neptune MAH8700 Front Load Washer and MDE9700 Dryer in August 2005 .

Now, we wish we had never heard of Maytag! We purchased the FL units from the local Chillicothe, Illinois dealer because we expected “hometown” service.

After 6 months of trying to get the washer balanced, having the drum and struts replaced, having a riser upgrade kit installed, having a “second opinion” on why the vibration occurs, and countless phone calls to Maytag Customer Disservice, our “hometown” dealer has abandoned us and we are now dealing directly with Maytag. We are being told that since the unit performs satisfactorily on the dealers concrete floor and not on our wooden floor, the problem is ours and not Maytag’s. Maytag’s Carol Young (telephone: 866-550-5136, ext. 3757), who stated that she works directly for Maytag’s CEO Ralph Hake, stated that she has never heard of a similar customer complaint and would not comment about the washer/dryer being sold and installed for use in our laundry room.

During the “second opinion” visit, the serviceman pointed out that Maytag’s Installation Instructions state (page 4) “For best performance the washer must be installed on a solidly constructed floor. Wood floors may need to be reinforced to minimize vibration and/or unbalanced load situations.” He also stated that, in his opinion, there was nothing wrong with our laundry room floor and that nothing could be done with the floor to correct the problem. He stated that Neptunes should never be installed on anything except a solid concrete floor because they spin at 1100rpm.

We are still contacting Maytag Corporate for either replacement units or a refund. We are also considering legal action with a possible class action suit since most of these high ticket washer/dryer systems will probably end up in an upstairs laundry room and not the basement.

By harrg - Feb 8, 2006

What have I bought?????

Strengths: None as yet; only three months old....

Weakness: Spin cycle agitates and moves around all over.

I have owned Maytag washers and dryers for 37 years. So, naturally I would turn to them once again when needed a few months ago. Got to salesroom and saw Neptune MAH8700AWW and trusted salesperson and COMPANY that it was a special product. I never heard about the mildew problem---a misstep on my part, I know. Store repairmen could not repair it; stayed on phone 45 minutes with MAYTAG official place to get a real Maytag official repairman out and he could not stop the machine from moving and jumping around all during agitation cycle. He could not stop it so he called his bosses, I guess, and he came to tell me that he is ordering new legs for the riser because one is broken?????????? I am in shock and severe disappointment with this development. He said it was just not "balanced", but then he told me that the Maytag company is trying to fix this problem with this model I have purchased for a small fortune. Just wanted to continue to wash my clothes in peace. I feel this problem will continue with a new repairman (and I haven't even begun to realize there may be a mildew problem in my future???) and so on and so on......What have I bought, MAYTAG?????????? LET'S GET HONEST HERE.

By carolltate - Oct 31, 2005







By MAYTAGGARBAGE - Jul 8, 2006

I currently have a neptune and feel that it is the best washing machine I've ever used.

Strengths: Water bill went down 15 dollars per month, and uses 67% less water to help conserve. Gets stains out of close that I've washed 5 or 6 times in a GE, and wouldn't come out.

Weakness: None

I have had the complete opposite experience with the Neptune. It is so convenient with the different cycles. Whereas others claim to reduce wrinkles and use less water, I see the results with this machine. When using wrinkle free mode after drying, I can literally put the close on without ironing. I love the tray that holds the pre-soak, detergent, bleach, and fabric softener. It was such a pain having to remember to go back to the washer on rinse cycle to add the fabric softener with a GE model I had. My water bill has gone down 15 dollars, and I am literally using 67% less water as the specs state, which I have rarely found any savings in other machines. I like the different levels of spin cycle that allow for different levels of water extraction for the spin cycle. If it has any problems I haven't experienced any of them. This washer has made me inclined to purchase maytag everything in the future.

By jcmoore1 - Jan 7, 2007

don't buy

Strengths: none

Weakness: walks all over the room, doesn't always spin out

I cannot believe Home Depot is selling a machine that settled a class action lawsuit on it in 2005!!! I paid a fortune for this machine. I have had it less than 6 months and I have had the repairman out 2 times, and am about to call for the third time. Maytag obviously no longer means quality, and Home Depot has offered zero help, and are unbelievably rude and uncaring to a customer who spent over $2000 buying a washer and dryer from them. Don't patron either Maytag or Home Depot

By mchap922 - Dec 10, 2005


Strengths: None

Weakness: Nothing but problems with this machine!

I am writing this review in anger. My 1 year old Neptune just walked across my laundry room floor into the middle of the room, hoses stretched as far as possible. The machine is too heavy for me to push back. And since it is top heavy it just wants to tip over when I push it. The floor tile under the machine is now ripped up and needs to be replaced. I bought this machine with confidence that a "top of the line Maytag" would be worth the investment. I overpaid (and will now need to pay even more to have my floor replaced). It has always sounded like a plane taking off with terrible vibrations and the laundry comes out still saturated. This purchase was a HUGE mistake. I will never buy another Maytag anything. Nothing but garbage.

By brendaso - Dec 8, 2006

This machine is unreliable

Strengths: none

Weakness: I have constant problems with the machine not spinning the clothes properly.

DO NOT RECOMMEND TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. BUY A WHIRLPOOL I WISH I WOULD HAVE STAYED WITH WHIRLPOOL. I have constant problems with the machine not spinning the clothes properly. Purchased this maching 1 year ago and 4 repairs later.

By LVIGIL - Oct 13, 2006


Strengths: NONE

Weakness: Everything and I mean everything


By nms - Dec 12, 2006

Hoping for the best

Strengths: Very Quiet,Does 2 loads in one without overstuffing,clothes are very clean,Easy to use.

Weakness: wash cycles suprisingly longer than expected.

Wow...Read some of the comments and now i'm hoping for the best with this set. So far no walking across the floor or even moving during spin out and it's on tile. It's so quiet I barely know it's on. Spent a fortune thought Maytag were dependable. I hope my pair doesn't go haywire like some of these others. Wish me Luck.

By anonymous; - Aug 25, 2007


Strengths: None

Weakness: high speed drying

the machine is terrible! the high speed drying shakes the machine so hard it walks. after repairs we had the same problem, only worse! they replaced the circuit board, dampers, pedestal saying everything was the newest and greatest and would solve the problem, wrong. it now shakes so hard it shook some boxes of a cabinet in the garage! my dealer who used to be a Maytag shop only has expanded to several other brands because of Maytags lack of quality!

By jhlambert107 - Jan 4, 2007

peace of junk

We bought a neptune MAH8700AWW a few years ago and from day one we were not able to put it on a pedestal, it would vibrate like crazy. Now we are having problems with its cycle. Some times it would go thru its whole cycle and most of the time we would get a code 3E. To get it started agan I have to bang on the control panel. It's going to cost over $300 to fix it. We bought insurance once and it began to give us problems after it expierd and they want us to renew. Were just going to buy a another brand. Never buy maytag agan. I've had a GE washer that lasted for 15 years and never had problems with it.. I think thats our best bet, back to GE.

By chickiepapa4567@yahoo.com_7483 - Aug 24, 2013

Worst washer ever!

My Neptune is 4 years old and just my wife and I use to wash 4-5 times a month. I have had to have it repaired 5 times since purchased new. Called repair because it was not spinning and was told the cost to fix is not worth it... the shaft broke when the bearing burned. Never will purchase another Maytag product.

By shooter@shootersbilliards.com_ - Jun 6, 2013

Maytag Neptune Washer

Strengths: None, very poorly made, and expensive to repair

Weakness: This washing machine is designed very poorly. If one part breaks it will cause many other parts to break. My repair quote was for $950 which more than the cost of the machine. DO NOT BUY MAYTAG !!!


By anonymous; - Nov 30, 2011

Maytag MAH 8700 AWW piece of crap!

Strengths: none

Weakness: unreliable and expensive

Leaks, pumps failure, door switch failures and thats in just the first two years! This was the last major U.S. brand we tried, they all fail shortly after (some before) the warranty period expires. Will never buy a "major" brand. Buy the cheapest you can because it's only going to last two years anyway wheter it cost $1000 or $200!

By anonymous; - Nov 12, 2011

Maytag Neptune Model MAH8700AWW

Strengths: NONE


THIS MODEL WILL NOT WASH. HAS E-3 show up on display. Will not pump the water out. Stops after about 2 minutes. Recommend, do not buy Maytag products. Thank you

By anonymous; - Jun 26, 2011

Maytag adds Mayhem in your laundry room

Strengths: Cleans clothes and spin dries well

Weakness: VIBRATION - LOTS OF SERVICE CALLS - VIBRATION - LOTS OF SERVICE CALLS - VIBRATIONS. Vibrates the entire house. Vibrates the circuit board to go out. It also makes your clothes smell like mildew.

I will never, ever own another Maytag in my life!!!!!!!!!!!! Or will anyone who knows me and my washer. Thank goodness I purchased the extended warranty. Now that it's expired I have no alternative but to purchase another washer. LG guarantees theirs for 2nd floor use. The 1st service call for vibration on the Maytag we were told to take the washer off the stand. The next service call they gave us vibrations pads. The next service call they told us to screw plywood to the floor. The next service call they told us to move it to the main floor- not an option. Maytag says the salesman should have told us the unit wasn't intended for 2nd floor use. Maytag needs to admit they screwed up with this machine. But they don't so don't ever, ever buy a maytag. They have no integrity. Oh yea, the clothes often come out with a mildew smell. You don't notice it until after the clothes are dry and you put them on to wear them.

By anonymous; - Jan 22, 2011

Expensive piece of JUNK

Strengths: Doesn't work long enough to find out

Weakness: Everything

Starting at the first month I've had to call a repair man. The repair costs are now about the cost of the machine - $2,000 and Maytag doesn't respond. I tell everyone not to buy Maytag: constant repairs, no help (or response)from Maytag and I'm to poor to repurchase a different brand without financing at this time, so I'm stuck. WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP.

By anonymous; - Sep 24, 2010

empty you pockets

Strengths: cleans good

Weakness: coins get sucked into pump

I have replaced my pump twice at about $150 a pop. If you accedentally leave coin in your pocket(who doesn't) they get sucked into the pump shearing off the impellers. Quarters and nickels stop here. Dimes and pennies can work there way throug, but the inside diameter of the drain hose is the exact size of a penny. So have a long pipe handy to unclog.(that is after you disassemle it.

By theryano - Feb 6, 2010

Vibration, Fire Hazard, Smelly Clothes all for $1000.00

Strengths: Nono

Weakness: You name it! It is WEAK!

Many many repairs for the vibration...same excuse with regards to the wood floor it sits on! Shakes the entire house. Walks across the hazard now as it doesn't shut just keeps rerunning the spin cycle. If I lived near Maytag headquarters I would pay for this piece of crap to be dumped on their property. DO NOT BUY A MAYTAG!

By angelavermillion - Dec 18, 2008

This is an expensive piece of junk

Strengths: none

Weakness: electronic components, vibration, false error codes this should have come with a free baby sitter

I have had the repair man at my house 3 times in 2 years to replace the same control board. The machine walks all over due to excessive vibration. Called maytag about the reoccuring issues they said afer a year it is not their problem any longer and will not support it. They will not admit they have a problem and will not back it up. Do not buy its partner the dryer it also is a piece of junk

By nasty2104 - Apr 11, 2008

Neptune= lemon vibration a terrible problem

Strengths: Hard to imagine any since the shaking has forced me to remove the doors to the wash area or face being unable to open them.

Weakness: vibration and service

I have had nothing but trouble with this machine vibrating. Although it is on cement it still walks. The feet keep coming loose from their lock nuts and the machine gets out of level. The service person who came out for the warranty service told me that having the drawer raise it up and causes more vibration. The seller didn't tell me this. Save your money. Or at least make sure you buy it from someone who will install it and stand behind their warranty.

By b4l8tr - Mar 8, 2008


Strengths: ZERO

Weakness: HORRENDOUS VIBRATION, is an understatement (my neighbor asked if he could use the jack hammer I rented before I brought it back) he is right it sounds just like one in his basement rec room next door.

I have read your reviews about not putting anywhere but on concrete (Basement) you are being fed a line of crap. My machine sits on a 6 inch concrete pour. My not so lonely maytag repairman has been out on numerous occasions. At present we are trying to keep machine from ripping pipes out of wall. I made the mistake of asking what would happen if washer didn't rip plug out of wall one of these times and shorted out causing fire. I received a ground fault intterupter in the mail from maytag! SOME FIX! Now I'm being told update parts are on order. STAY AWAY FROM MAYTAG!

By notsolonely - Feb 18, 2008

BEWARE of this product

Strengths: Reduced water usage

Weakness: loud and "walking" Spin cycles, stains on clothes, poor soap distribution, poor customer service, price

I can only "DITTO" everything everyone else is saying here - the shaking during spin cycles is unacceptable and it makes a very LOUD banging sound that can be heard OUTSIDE of my house!

It needs to come with a warning that can only be used on concrete floor.

By anonymous; - Dec 7, 2007

Breaks Down When You Need It The Most!!

Strengths: It gets clothes clean, Does big loads

Weakness: Spin Cycle Loud, Unreliable

I have had this washer for just over 2 years and I am extremely grateful for the extended warranty that I purchase. It first broke down within the first month, then Thanksgiving weekend of 2006 and now Oct. 21, 2007. I am so disgusted with Maytag. The first time it broke down it was within the Maytag warranty and I couldn't get anybody to come work on it because the appliance shops were not getting paid by Maytag. I wish that I could give this product no stars or 1/2 star rating. It doesn't deserve 1 star.

By anonymous; - Oct 22, 2007

great machine

Strengths: spin cycle gets out all water clothes are cleaner, fresh, gets more stains out delay start is great for washing in morning ......before work

Weakness: so far n/a

my maytag neptune was purchased 01/2006 and is a dream machine. once leveled on solid floor, no vibrations, and i always use maximum spin. spin cycle practically dries the clothes. putting in detergent is a snap.

By anonymous; - Aug 18, 2007

What a Piece of Junk

Strengths: None

Weakness: Alot

There is no fixable solution to this piece of JUNK. I have had the Sears repairman and Maytag repairmen here constantly. The machine walks across the floor when it's in a spin cycle. The standard answer is a weak floor. This is not the problem. The problem is POOR DESIGN. I've had the board on the machine replaced, feet adjusted, shocks replaced and so on and so on. Nothing corrects this problem. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. NEITHER SEARS OR MAYTAG WILL STAND BEHIND IT. For good reason I guess, poor quality and design. I wish I never bought this product and will NEVER buy anything that says Maytag again. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT.
I spent a lot of money on the Washer/Dryer.

By DunneJeff - Apr 23, 2007

Maytag Neptune 9700

Strengths: Nice looking product

Weakness: It's a nightmare

As most I went back to Maytag because of the many years of great service. I have never seen a product sold and is continued to be sold that has it's customers pulling out their hair. After many house calls, I paid to have my floor reinforced to stop the movement. That was not the problem. It is the product and Maytag knows. It should be taken off the market, but instead they keep producing and selling it. I see it has been a nightmare for a lot of people. They put a senser in to stop the vibration. It stops it, but the clothes are full of water. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS NEW NEPTUNE WASHER OR DRYER IF YOU WANT A MATCH. DRYER WORKS FINE, BUT IT WON'T MATCH THE WASHER THAT I NOW NEED TO PURCHASE FOR MY REMODELED KITCHEN AND VISABLE LAUNDRY ROOM.

By anonymous; - Aug 30, 2006

not worth it

Strengths: none

Weakness: takes to long and shakes the house down

we are on the second on because the first on went all over the floor so they brought out another and this one is just about as bad. The store is finally going to let us return it and get a different brand. Ours are on the pedistal and that is part of the problem. It takes forever to do a load of clothes and you can't put but a couple of pairs of jeans at a time or it sounds like an airplane going over the house.

By anonymous; - Dec 27, 2005