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Neptune now dissatisfied customer

Strengths: Was happy with machine when working

Weakness: Electronic components

We had a Maytag top load machine that lasted over 15 years, we were happy with Maytag products up until now. The Neptune cleaned well, worked well for 2 years it still works when you start it, it wash’s and rinses well but when it goes to drain and spin it will not. I have gone on line to find what I can do to get parts to fix it but it looks like it would be a waste of money.

By liamgolth - Apr 3, 2008

MAH5500BWW- Very Displeased

Strengths: When it was working we thought it did well cleaning the clothes

Weakness: Poor Quality

The machine is just over 6 years old and has stopped working. We had a repairman out and have been told it will cost 300.00 plus to get it working again. So much for the Maytag Repairman being lonely.... Someone stated that their is a lawsuit; I'd like to hear more....

By rickash0215 - Apr 1, 2008

Matag Neptune MAH5500BWW

Strengths: none

Weakness: mold/leave clothes dirty

I bought this washer brand new...I have owned it for 8 years....I absolutely HATE IT!!!! A cheap washer can do a better job than this peice of crap!!!! Matag should be sued for selling junk!!! What a scam!!! Where do I start...first off our clothes smell moldy everyday!! I put fabric softner, and those beads of of fabric softner, just to make the clothes not smell, and they still dont smell good, my husband replaced the rubber seal in the front, still didnt make things any better. DO NOT EVER BUY THIS WASHER OR DRYER!!!!

By anonymous; - Aug 24, 2012

Maytag Neptune MAH5500BWW washer

Strengths: ?

Weakness: Drum rusting out and making a horrific noise. Told $700 to repair. It didn't cost $700 new.

Washer only 7 years old. Unfixable for the price to repair. Really 7 years!!!!

By anonymous; - Dec 22, 2012

What a dissappointment

Strengths: It works well when it runs.

Weakness: Circuit boards to now bearings.

Circuit board kept blowing...four in all. I got them to replace it with a newer one and now after 6 years the bearings in the tube are now shot. What a waste of money, The top load washers used to last 18 years and now it seems they only last for 6.....I will never buy maytag again.

By anonymous; - Dec 13, 2009

Neptune MAH5500BAW front laoading washer

Strengths: none

Weakness: mold forming door gasket resulting in a sour foul odor being attached to your clothes cuaing them to be thrown away

The service and run around I got from maytag over fixing this was beyond what they portray in their commercials. It was terrible. I was so dissapointed and will never buy a Maytag product again, or Whirlpool, as I understand maytag purchased them. They gave me the run around for so long, that it went past the lawsuit settlemnt dealing, and now they saw its too late. Unbelievable !1

By anonymous; - May 7, 2007

Rip off on original cost and repair

Strengths: Good appearance

Weakness: Bad control board design

I bought mine in summer of 2001. It started ripping out the inner front door's plastic after about two years. I called maytag and was told that a servicer will come in for diagnostics. And the cost would be $149, whether or not there is a problem. So I skipped that since it was not a show stopping problem.

Earlier this week, the motor stops spinning. I openned the control board and found a paper with diagrams and diagnostic test instructions. I performed the tests and discovered that the motor control board has some burnt out fuse, resistors, and mosfet. The instruction state that the board is to be replaced. I checked the maytag/sears web site, the board costs $174; and the motor kit (new motor & board) cost $200. Checked google groups and found out that so many other users are having all sorts of problem with this thing. Another investment to this junk is totally worthless.

By anonymous; - Feb 17, 2006

Maytag Neptune Washer

Strengths: None

Weakness: Fills with the same amount of water no matter the size of the load. Locks which is highly inconvenient. Does not get the clothes clean. Stays off balance and is too noisy.

In 44 years of marriage I have owner two prior washing machines, both Maytag. Great washers, so naturally I wanted a third when my second died. I bought the Neptune. I am so diappointed. I like nothing about the washer but am stuck with it for the remainder of my life. I wish I had been given correct information about this washer before purchasing it. I would not recommend this washer to anyone. It is not as good as my $400.00 washer was. I also feel it was way overpriced. Now I could buy it for $400 less and I have only had mine about six months.

By anonymous; - Nov 14, 2005

We've had our Neptune set for...

We've had our Neptune set for almost exactly 6 years. The washer drum has now detached itself and the cost of repair is beyond reason. While searching for a new set this weekend, we discovered that many purchasers of this set are having the same problem and although the set should last 15 years (per our technician) they're only lasting 5-6 years. One salesperson even told us on an aside that there is a group lawsuit against Maytag because of the poor quality. Good luck - we would NOT recommend this set. It appears this initial technology didn't have the technology to have the sideways drums hold up to the pull of gravity!!!!

By lindamom - Sep 6, 2004

Circuit boards components...

Strengths: None

Weakness: Inherently unreliable design. Circuit boards. Door seal. Top deck.

Circuit boards components repeatedly fail, causing spin cycle failure and door lock mechanism failure. Door seal retains water causing mold and mildew, even after factory upgrade and modification. Machine top rusts around area of detergent and bleach fill cups.

DO NOT buy this albatross. Class action suit filed on this machine.

By hwax - Oct 9, 2004

Yup. It finally happened to us....

Strengths: Convenient to use.

Weakness: The lawsuit prevents any repair work at this point.

Yup. It finally happened to us. After owning one of these "upscale" appliances for just under 6 years with no apparent problems, two weeks ago the spin cycle stops working. Maytag Priority One service is called, and a repairman is dispatched. He replaces the support struts and a control board. Over $200 charges for non-warranty parts and labor (remember it has a 5 year warranty on parts and we're out of warranty). He declares it "fixed." We do a load of clothes, and less than an hour later, call in to the center - no spin cycle. He comes back yesterday and says, "hmmm. I cannot proceed without an authorization number from Maytag, as I think this may be part of the pending lawsuit." We got the notice last fall, but since we didn't experience any of the problems at the time, thought nothing of it, but filed it away. I contacted the lawsuit hotline yesterday to see if I could obtain an authorization number and was told basically to "pound sand" as Maytag appealed the decision back in December and will not authorize any repair until the lawsuit is settled. Period. So now I have a "high-end" appliance that I put another $200 into that I cannot use and Maytag won't do anything about it. All I can do is pay for the repair myself (getting the cost), submit a claim for reimbursement, and hope that I'll see my money back someday (yeah, right). It wasn't so much that the machine broke down, it was the total way I was handled by their hotline and lawsuit claims operators.

We're going to look at new washers this coming weekend... and they won't be a Maytag; ever.

By lleopold - Feb 23, 2005

Maytag customer service, HA more like Diservice with attitude

Strengths: not a bad washer


My washer was purchased at Sears Outlet and someone else had registered the washer in their name, prior to our purchase. Maytag never contacted us in regards to the class-action. When I merely called to find out about that, it was too late. But the attitude and disdain I got from their representatives was something I have never experienced. If you want to be treated like garbage then buy Maytag, otherwise I would recommend any brand but Maytag. Absolutely the worst customer service.

By slashcroca - Jan 14, 2006

Don't buy this machine

Strengths: Works great for a few years

Weakness: Then it dies and you have expensive repair bills

We originally had problems with mold building up inside, and now - - just past the 5 yr warranty - - my control panel has died. We are now trying to decide if we should repair this one or just buy something else.

I will never buy Maytag again.

By crowningtouch - Jan 30, 2010

Buyer Beware

Strengths: None

Weakness: Too Many to count

I purchased this item(Maytag Neptune MAH5500B) in Feb 01 to replace a 15 year old Maytag top loader which had performed well. The new Neptune was only 2-3 years old before it started exhibiting control panel malfunctions. I received the law suit info and joined the claim in 2004 about the same time I was contemplating calling a repair man since the washer was still under warranty. The law suit claim resulted in Maytag sending a repairman to my home in Nov. of 04 only to tell me the things that were wrong with the machine,(moldy door gasket, door latch would not open unless machine was unplugged and every button on control panel was repeatedly pressed until it responded and I could get wet wash out) was not covered by the law suit and fixed nothing even though they were on the claim. He then left. I moved the washer to the back shed for a once a month use for animal blankets and rugs. I then purchased a Whirlpool Duet which has been fine and does not lock wet wash in it. In June of 05 I was called by Maytag (because the law suit then forced them to)and they sent a new gasket and motor to my home and the same repair man came and installed them. I told him how the machine was still behaving and he said it was not the control panel but the door latch which was not under warranty and told me where I could get one. He also put on the recite for that day (which I did not check)a door latch and door gasket. But it was the gasket and motor that came in the box from Maytag. Of course Maytag won't tell me how to get a hold of the repair man to ask for his records and ask him why he kept saying it was the door latch and not the control panel that was broken and why his recite was wrong even though there was no charge on it. The control panel continued to get worse and ceased to function at all, it just goes beep beep beep. Well with a new door latch installed a week ago the control panel still goes beep beep beep. The repair man was wrong and the control panel was under warranty until a few weeks ago after all. He was either very incompetent or a liar. I was a fool for taking his word and not researching every thing. We were dealing with the damage from Hurricane Charley at the time and I was too busy to doubt the repair man and now Maytag said that since the warranty is up it is my tough luck even though the repair man was here twice and was not competent enough to give the washer a good exam and fix the parts that were covered under warranty. So we have a 1000.00 piece of junk in the shed. I called the lawyer representing Neptune owners today and they are looking into it. So if you love misery and throwing away $1000.00 plus and a lot of precious time on the phone on hold, buy a Maytag.

By Shadowfaxfan - Mar 1, 2006


Strengths: NONE


Do a little research prior to spending on this purchase. The Maytag Neptune is flawed and will break down more than once in less than 5 years of ownership. The washer drum is guaranteed for life, yeah! The bearings are not, but guess what? The drum and bearings are one piece $$$$
Then lets talk about the dreaded Lr error code that WILL come up. Locked rotor???? yeah you have lost your control board $$$$$$ Now the smell of mold, to get away from this you must leave your door open when not washing, how nice is that? Don't bang your leg walking thru your laundry room

By Delta_drop - Apr 18, 2006

MAH5500BWW Front Loader Washer Beware

Strengths: cleans my clothes when it's not flooding my house

Weakness: Whirlpool Corp

Neptune Washer MAH5500BWW. Purchased 6 years ago.
The water valve inside the washing machine broke, filling up the tub and then busted the door wide open and spilled out immense amounts of water onto my wood floors...the carpet in the next room.... through the ceiling...into my basement office..onto the wood floors in the office...and down the walls. We spent the next several hours using every single towel, blanket and anything else that could soak up water in our house as well as a floor squeegie to push the water out and a wet vac. And then leave the front and back door open and have multiple fans blowing in the middle of winter in Denver, Colorado.

After multiple phone calls to customer service and Emails to the executive offices and Investors(I'll tell you how to reach them in a second)Jessica from Mr. Fettig's office called me back. Jessica's response was that I should assume in 6 years that some repairs might be needed. I agree. However, this was not a "repair" issue. Up until this machine flooded my house, there was no indication that repairs were needed. I was not even using the washer at the time it happened.

Whirlpool's final offer was to pay $68.00 for the replacement Water Valve while I am to incur a total of $1,171.60 in Diagnostic and Labor charges($171.60) and my homeowner insurance dedcutible($1000.00. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to move all my furniture into the garage while my wood floors and carpet gets repaired. And having the basement ceiling fixed.

Whirlpool's investors website says this:

Whirlpool Corporation is committed to building products that consumers around the world can depend on to meet their daily needs. This commitment to quality begins in the concept stages and continues throughout the lifetime of the appliance. The result of these efforts is a sustainable and competitive advantage for the company.
Globally, Whirlpool Corporation manufactures products using principles of lean manufacturing and operational excellence to ensure continuous improvement of processes and to produce products that meet the company's high-quality standards.

Share this story and/or your own story with your friends and family. We as consumers need to demand better customer service and quality products from a 100 billion dollar corporation.

If you have issues of your own or you want to voice your annoyance or disapproval with the way they have handled my situation, you can send your Emails to the executive offices and investors:

You can call the executive offices at:

By anonymous; - Dec 9, 2010

Problem machine do not buy

Strengths: ?

Weakness: Mold in door and constant problems

Last experience is bearings machine here I come.
Circuit board issues.... mold in door....thought Maytag was the best but sadly no more.
LG seems to be the highest rating now

By anonymous; - Jul 28, 2007