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Great features and performance - until well known issues crop up

We've owned this washer for one year and 11 days. The washer works incredibly well and we've been very happy until this morning when it broke. Luckily, even though it's 11 days out of warranty and repairs through maytag would be outrageously expensive, a quick search of the internet revealed exactly what our problem would be. Sure enough, upon inspection of the belt pulley, the nut was not properly secured or loctited at the factory, loosened, and resulted in belt failure and damage to the splines of the pulley where it attaches to the spultch (no kidding, that's what Maytag calls their splined clutch). I'm both pleased that the repair will be so easy and frustrated that it is so common there is a wealth of information about the problem. Maytag shouldn't produce and sell these until they get their quality control in line. Fortunately, this is otherwise an incredible washer. I can't get over how well the system works (when working). If you buy it, just make sure you remove the pulley nut, apply blue Loctite, and reinstall. That's what all the repair techs are reporting as the fix in their online forums and it's worked for me. That or get the extended warranty and when it fails (it will), the point out the suggested repair to the repair tech if they aren't already aware. It's the same fix for all the maytags and whirlpools with a spultch. You'll know this problem by the noise - it'll start to make a grinding noise during transitions from agitate to spin and back again. That noise is the spultch teeth grinding as they're unable to engage quickly due to the gap created by the loosening pulley bolt. Eventually the belt may work it's way up or down on the pulley and damage the pulley cover or eventually (as ours did) completely disengage.

By HandySeattleite on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2012

I Love This Set

First of all, they are beautiful. They work wonderfully well, I have washed blankets, comforters,and towels that had been in storage. All the items were washed in either cool or cold water, and came out clean and fresh. I have the washer and dryer,

By MsBonds on Home Depot - Dec 4, 2012

I am on the fence with my new Bravo X. Too soon to tell if it will last.

I love the look of my Bravo X. I am very concerned with how noisy it is when it is agitating. It sounds like it is grinding and working too hard. It uses VERY LITTLE WATER which I think stresses the motor. It does not have as many settings as I would like such as SHEETS but I do like the WRINKLE CONTROL and ALLERGEN settings. The price was excellent.

By bonnie on Home Depot - Nov 25, 2012

Great Purchase!!

I got them both on sale for $580 each, and you cant beat it! I actually like doing wash now! The time that it takes to dry is great compared to my old washer and dryer and i love how you can pick so many different selections on both the washer and dryer.

By Erika on Home Depot - Oct 31, 2012

Would give zero stars if option was available

New washer arrived and connected without a test. Would not take in water. Repairman sent out by Maytag who couln't resolve the problelm They wanted to send out a second repairman for a second opinion - put a stop to that nonsense and requested Home Depot take back the brand new, never used, faulty washer - which they did, thankfully. New exact replacement was installed and tested fine. Good delivery persons. Kudos to Home Depot and thumbs down to Maytag

By Franko on Home Depot - Aug 28, 2012

Zero water level

Not sure yet if clothes are coming clean, the water level "set by the machine with no user adjustment available" seems extremely low to me. Your clothes appear to just roll around in about 1 inch of water. I'll keep it a little longer to determine cleanliness. No children with really dirty clothes so it's difficult to tell cleaning is actually effective. So far, not impressed!

By Steve on Home Depot - Jun 18, 2013

Useless machine

Machine performs badly. Dont buy it, or you will regret it.

By Timothy on Home Depot - Jun 7, 2013


I am really displeased with the washer. Not enough water. Clothes look dingy. With just a few clothes in washer, so many wrinkles....can't iron them out. Tub too deep. I cannot use washer to soak items. Soo-o-o-oooo unhappy with this purchase. Wish I could just get a basic machine!

By Maytag on Home Depot - May 27, 2013

Excellent washer!!

I reviewed MANY different washers and read many reviews before deciding to purchase this washer. I couldn't be happier, love this washer! It cleans well, has many different settings and options, and even sings a song when the cycle is completed. I don[t usually rave about any appliances, but I am so happy with this Maytag (first time buying a Maytag).

By Samantha on Home Depot - May 19, 2013

Very pleased; Do your research

Recently purchased a new home and needed washer/dryer. I found the salesman at home depot to be very knowledgeable. The industry is moving towards the "agitator-less" machines and so far this unit has done an outstanding job. Does use less water, part of the economical design, and the fact that you can see whats happening through the window might be unnerving to some. Clothes come out clean and relatively dry so they spend less time in the dryer; which also saves you on energy. Home Depot FTW!

By Jwm0102 on Home Depot - May 13, 2013

A great buy so far

First time to own a washer and dryer myself. So far this washer lives up beyond my expectation. I was surprised how small amount of water it uses and its "massage-type" move in wash step is very interesting and low-noise. I was very pleased that homedepot can let me pick the date for delivery and installation.

By opticld on Home Depot - May 1, 2013

This product is one of the worst investments I have ever made!

Simply stated, my clothes don't get clean. Most of the time, they don't even get wet! I have to set the washer to "bulky load" just to get them wet. I am not happy at all. I wish I could return it.

By Abcteachmom on Home Depot - Apr 29, 2013

Water level doesn't adjust to load- total misrepresentation

The normal wash cycle on my machine does not get clothes clean. Water level is too low. I increased the "soil level" and buttons started coming off my clothes. When I called MayTag for service the customer rep AND the supervisor told me the water level would only fill 2-3 inches and I should use bulky or do smaller loads. I mention that in the Guide n page 3 it says "the washer automatically adjusts the water level to load size". That is what I expect from an HE machine. That is what I thought I bought. Maytag is grossly misrepresenting how this machine works. Pleas join me by contacting your States' Consumer affairs Department. They can't advertise and sell and put in writing what a product can do, and then tell you something else over the phone once you've bought it. Whether it

By Fleitas on Home Depot - Apr 22, 2013

Not enough water

I have owned this washer for almost a month and while its intentions are great it simply does not use enough water to get our laundry clean. For example, I like to wash all new clothes before wearing them, I put in a brand new clean pair of white pants in the wash with a small load of whites. Guess what my new white pants came out with a stain on the knee. Brand new pants, literally just cut tags off and threw them in wash and came out dirty. Not cool! Seriously all this washer needs is just a little more water in each cycle. I often check to see if how much water is in their and its never covering all of the clothes, I even tamp each load down. Extremely disappointed!!! And yes I read the manual. If I was on bulky it ads a touch more water but still not enough and it ads an additional 17 minutes to the cycle for a total of 63 minutes for one load. My last washer had a quick cycle that ran for 33 minutes and clothes came out clean.

By Sparkle on Home Depot - Apr 6, 2013

i love the washer!!

The washer is a little bit noisier than I like, but it works great!!!

By shannon on Home Depot - Apr 3, 2013

Product working great

I haven't had this product very long, but I am impressed with how it is working. I recently changed from a 24 year old Maytag. I washed a weeks worth of laundry in the first 24 hours that I got the new machine. I even washed my kitchen rugs - some of which had stains on them. The stains came completely out. Before buying this product, I read through the reviews. The most helpful tip was to read the instructions before using. Also, measure your detergent and fabric softener using the caps to the bottles. Even if I have a large load with a capful of detergent (or softener), I haven't come close to the max fill line on the detergent dispenser. I didn't rate energy efficiency as I haven't gotten power bill to compare yet although I am sure that it is more energy efficient than my 24 year old machine was.

By Susan on Home Depot - Apr 2, 2013

this product has great features

I really love my maytag brav. washer... It runs great and gets the job done..

By shawn on Home Depot - Mar 19, 2013

So far does the job

I have only used the washer for a week and like it so far so good. My only complaint would be when I washed a single set of sheets the washer became unbalanced so I had to pause it and rearrange the sheets inside the drum.

By rockrunner on Home Depot - Mar 12, 2013

Comprehensive features and a great value

We were apprehensive about purchasing a high efficiency washer due to the negative reviews. We chose the Maytag for the size, features and generally positive reviews. The clothes come out clean, fresh, well rinsed and spun dry. The pre-programmed settings work well, and we only over-ride them for pre-soak or extra rinse. While a consumer magazine was negative on the noise, this is not a problem. Our machine is located off the kitchen/family room and is much quieter than our old agitator model.

By AltamonteSpringsShopper on Home Depot - Mar 10, 2013

Stylish and efficient.

I got this as a gift for my mom and she loves it! It's sleek and stylish while getting her clothes super clean, will get her the matching dryer too. Delivery guys were on time and efficient setting it up.

By LaundryGirl on Home Depot - Feb 20, 2013

This product has great features.

Great purchase, excellent price, and exceeds our expectations.

By gclarke on Home Depot - Feb 19, 2013

Who knew a washer could be so pretty!

We ordered the washer and dryer for Christmas and love them! Home depot was great with free shipping and installation. The people who delivered them were so nice answering any questions we had and fast delivery! I love this washer, my clothes feel cleaner and smell fresher! They are also very easy to use even with all the settings, I didnt even have to read the directions (that's the first!) You can wash and dry an entire load in less than an hour with this washer and dryer!

By Jess on Home Depot - Jan 30, 2013

Getting Use to New Tech

The washer is beautiful, sleek, and has lots of washing options. It does seem to be very loud during the washing cycle and the hoses seem to jerk when water is flowing into. Will wait until I am use to it before giving it rating.

By Bunny on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

Great Energy efficient washser!

Great so far, uses very little water, yet clothes get clean!

By SusieQ on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2013

my beautiful new washer

I love my new Maytag washer. It takes a little longer for the entire process however I understand that it needs the extra time to consistanly check for balance. It has even removed old stains from my husbands shirts. they smell better. My last washer was clearly not doing its job.

By tj64 on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2013

We love it!

I love the way it decides what needs to be done to get the best cleaning for each load. It does the best job on whites of any machine we've ever had.

By Sherry on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2013

This product is easy to use.

I really like this Bravo washer. It is energy efficient and does a good job cleaning the clothes. It is a little on the noisy side in the beginning od the cycle but is more quiet as the cycle progresses.

By Pammy on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2013

Maytag Bravos X 3.6 cu. ft. High-Efficiency

We purchased both the washer & dryer and both are working very very well. Due to the large capacity of both units my wife is happy with them. And as siad earlier they can handle a lot of laundry, which means less washs. They are very quiet, I would highly suggest that you take a look at these units when needing a washer/dryer. We did replace our LG washer/dryer since we had many many problems with them both. Stay away from LG look at Maytag.

By vwjerry on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2013

Great washer

This washer does a great job at cleaning clothes and is very user friendly. All you need to do is add your clothes, detergent, and hit start. The only draw back is that the machine is really noisy. Luckily, it's in our basement, so it doesn't really bother us. If it were on the main floor, the noise might be a problem.

By kvale on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2013

So disappointed in Maytag!

Read all the reviews before buying and debated fixing old or dropping the big bucks for new..I went with new and am ssoooooo very unhappy with it:) It is noisy, doesn't get clothes clean, takes twice as long to wash, and now I notice tearing in towels:) My husband is ill and I wanted something to make my life easier, but this is not it...Is there any help out their? Also got the matching dryer, it too requires checking on, not usually dry first time and takes a long time to dry. How is energy efficient?

By Ruth on Home Depot - Jan 11, 2013

Solid product

Easy to use and looks great. Works well. You have to use high efficiency washer liquid but your saving on water/electricity with the machine so in the long haul it's a better deal

By Nelsonsvt on Home Depot - Jan 9, 2013


This machine was delivered on Monday. On Tuesday morning I was calling any number I could find for them to come and get it. I washed 4 loads and noticed only the clothes that were on the plate got clean. I watched a full load go through the wash cycle and noticed that none of the clothes on top ever made it to the wash plate/agitator on the bottom. I took pictures of the clothes to show Home Depot the job it did using the required detergent. Some of the clothes came out having only partially touching water (pictured) even after the rinse. I was left with detergent still on my clothes (pictured) and no fresh smell. Went back to Home Depot and ordered another brand with an agitator and none of the smart water sense nonsense. HE machines are a waste of time and money.

By Kelly on Home Depot - Jan 9, 2013

The biggest piece of junk I have ever bought

This unit has been worked on to many times. First there was a recall on the computer and then the unit will not drain and decides to run when it feels like it. Even the technician that work on it said that this unit and the Wirlpool Cabrio are garbage.

By Don1 on Home Depot - Jan 3, 2013

love it

since i bought this washer i can not keep my husband from using it so now i do not have to wash clothes he is doing them all, i love the water sensor and how it set the amount of water to use and how clean it gets the clothes with such little water.

By lisa on Home Depot - Jan 2, 2013

Works as described

We have had the item for about 3 weeks and everything is working. It was a little hard to get used to the small amount of water that is used to wash. Once figuring out all the options, the washer is seeming like a great buy.

By tz6p06 on Home Depot - Dec 28, 2012


I was glad that I jumped on the Cyber Monday discounts for this one. Works great and is a lot more quiet than my previous washer.

By Stephanie on Home Depot - Dec 26, 2012

very happy with this purchase

This washer was exactly what we expected---plenty of functions, easy to use, energy efficient, and stylish.

By rcapr on Home Depot - Dec 18, 2012

saves water and saves drying time

Much less water useage and the clothes are cleaner and the spin cycle does a great job of drying the clothes. This results in less time in the dryer which saves even more $$.

By NHMIKE on Home Depot - Dec 18, 2012

This is a great washer

This is a good-looking washer with easy to use features. It does a great job and we're very happy with it.

By Lindsay on Home Depot - Dec 18, 2012

Makes life difficult

I'm not sure if this cleans or not uses very little water but manages to wrinkle the most wrinkle resistant fabrics. Not just a couple of wrinkles but the while garment is wrinkled beyond belief. Dryer has no chance of getting these out and requires lengthy ironing of every square inch. You need a lot of time to iron these wrinkles out. Never had this problem with the old washer.

By pressedfortime on Home Depot - Dec 18, 2012

Got it cheap

This HE washer is a learning curve from your traditional water guzzling agitator models. Once you figure it out and READ the manual it is a beauty to watch in action ( hence the glass lid) Had a repair guy out after 3 rd wash come to find out it was Un balanced oops on us. Works great after that snafu.

By Armyguy872008 on Home Depot - Dec 18, 2012

Is different, but it works well, just have to adjust to it.

When we first put them to the test, we freak out! This washer doesn't use much water and we were like uhh ?? Should the clothes get completely wet in order for it to be properly wash? But later we realize that the washer applies water through out the cycle, so clothes comes out great and clean. But I do have to say is kind of noisy, but nothing that would be annoying. It sound wear when is washing like if it was breaking down. But is a good washer if u get a good deal you should definitely buy it

By Jorge on Home Depot - Dec 12, 2012

Very Pleased with this Washer!!

I must admit I was a bit nervous that I would regret getting rid of my good, old fashioned washer but I am delighted with my purchase. I have tested the washer with all different sizes and types of loads using the sensor technology. My laundry has come out clean and fresh smelling every time! No dirty sock smell, soapy clothes, excessive wrinkles or dry spots. I believe the key to my success was reading and following the directions on how to load the machine and what cycle to use. And also using HE laundry soap. Now that I am familiar with the process the machine is very simple to use and I love it!!

By Pamela on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2012

Great Washer, but Noisy

This has been a great washer so far. It definitely looks to be saving a ton of water. Once you figure out which settings to use to get what you want, it works very well. The only downside is the noise. During the wash cycle as the agitator whirls back and forth it is pretty loud. Even with our laundry door closed you can hear it through the wall. I think I am going to buy a styrofoam board to seal the bottom of the washer and see if that helps. Stuffing towels around the bottom seemed to make it better, so it might be worth a try. Other than that the washer is great. The matching dryer is nice, but we found the ECO setting doesn't dry the clothes all the way.

By G8rFtBall on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2012

Bravo for the Bravos

Very happy with this online purchase. I never would have guessed washing and drying laundry could be fun - but being able to watch the clothes get washed and dried with this set is like free entertainment for my kids. Does a great job cleaning, very quiet, seems very efficient, and very stylish.

By brian on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2012

Great Washer

Great washer, as stated however it is a bit harsh on clothing so if washing dedicates be sure choose the appropriate settings and use a clothing bag for extra protection. Clothes come out very clean. I have not had any issues with the mentioned low water levels. Every load I have done has had adequate amounts of water to ensure through washing. Overall extremely satisfied with this purchase.

By MMWWBB on Home Depot - Dec 5, 2012

Smart Washing Machine!

I've only had the machine for 1 month, and I'm already very pleased with the unit. It has a smart sensing feature that limits the amount of water used depending on the amount of clothing placed in the washer. It holds huge loads, and the knob is very easy to use. Some more expensive models may have more bells and whistles, but this machine is perfect if you have normal needs.

By jggonz on Home Depot - Dec 4, 2012

Good washer and easy to use.

Works great! Easy to use. If you need an extention drain hose like I did get a drain like the one that come with the washer and use as extension it was pretty easy to cut and attach.

By Eileen on Home Depot - Dec 4, 2012

Love this machine!

I love the color of this machine. I am reallly impressed how this washer can use so little water and clean the clothing the way it does. It is amazing! Would recommend.

By marley on Home Depot - Dec 4, 2012

Best machine I ever had

The color is perfect too. Clothes come out great-also delivery was early too. The installers did a great job removing my old machine. I would highly recommend this machine and Home Depot. (First time I bought an appliance from them and will definitely continue purchasing in the future!)

By CAROL on Home Depot - Nov 6, 2012

Nice washer

nice washer only complaint is trying to figure out what cycle to use for best results and efficiency

By Mike on Home Depot - Nov 3, 2012

I Love My Maytag Bravos Washing Machine

A great product. Energy efficient and nice looking! Does a great job in getting clothes clean with a minimal amount of detergent! I am saving a bundle on detergent! Great value for the dollar!

By sbjblj on Home Depot - Oct 16, 2012

Love my W & D

I purchased this set in June and Love both the washer and dryer. I don't have any problems with either cleaning or noise and would highly recommend purchasing.

By Suzie on Home Depot - Sep 13, 2012

Not impressed

Old cheap washer did a better job of cleaning. Wanted to get a "HE" washer/dryer for it's energy efficiency but when it doesn't clean well, it isn't efficient. It really is noisy as well, I had read that in other reviews but we have a separate laundry room so isn't a big deal. Twice it squealed badly (imagine mouse being skinned alive) it was unreal how bad. Hopefully whatever that was worked itself out. Definitely would not purchase again.

By SensibleGal on Home Depot - Sep 10, 2012

Works Great

Replaced 20 yr old Maytag. It uses allot less water and the trick is to use less detergent than is recommended. The spin cycle is a tad noisy but the speed can be turned down if you want. Works great, all automatic. On normal setting the timer says 40 min, but depending on load, time goes down while its washing so it can be faster. Easy to get cloths out with its large top glass lid, no hitting your knuckles.

By whatsamatteru on Home Depot - Jul 23, 2012



By HOOVERETTE on Home Depot - Jul 20, 2012

not impressed

Really disappointed. I've had the washer and dryer set for about 3 months, I previously owned a different brand that I loved but did not use it the right way and 6 years later broke. Back to Maytag pair, I have to was clothes up to three times to "clean" and what I really mean is I get tired of washing the same load over and over so I just deal with it. Also whites are like I never even washed them. Socks still look dirty and still in the shape of a foot.

By jscallions on Home Depot - Jun 11, 2012

Absolutely love it!!

I was hesitant to purchase this unit based on some less than favorable reviews but am truly happy I did make the purchase. My laundry comes out so clean and with little water consumption. This washer makes me look forward to doing laundry!

By Varela3 on Home Depot - May 15, 2012

Washer doesn't wash.

Nice price. Nice looks. Nice energy and water use. It's a shame that it DOESN'T WORK. The design just hasn't caught up with the demand for an HE top loader. The clothes scarcely get wet, and this is only if when loading you ball them up individually and stack them around the outside of the basin, leaving a hole in the middle where the tiny agitator is. Even when using the smallest amount of proper detergent, dark clothing comes out with a white film on them, knotted, twisted, and wrinkled, not a huge problem if you machine dry them, but awful for line dry. The only way to prevent this (only some of the time) is to use the "bulky" setting and add on the extra rinse, which wipes out any water use efficiency. Maytag came out twice to look at it, and kindly let us know that we don't know how to use a washing machine, and then said that my wife's clothes are too big for the machine to work properly. Nice. TERRIBLE WASHER. We are now in the process of attempting to get a refund and pick another one, this time a front loader or old style top loader.

By Bummed on Home Depot - Apr 9, 2012

Good - with some issues

We just bought our washer and used if for the first time. The look and feel of the washer is pretty slick. However, the machine makes an incredibly loud noise during the washing/agitation phase - so loud I can even hear it with the laundry room door closed. Not sure if that's how the product works or if I'm missing some insulation. In addition, all of the controls are computerized - when starting a load it takes a few minutes of stopping/starting and beeping noises. I was told this was because the washing machine was "sensing" load size and adjusting to it. Again, not sure if this is really how its supposed to work. The washer has a lot of great features and it washes the clothes well. The noise factor is something I dont' think I can live with.

By Terry on Home Depot - Mar 15, 2012

Love this washer!

I've had a front loader set for 7 years but really missed using a top loader. Our son and daughter-in-law are using them now. I did research to find people seemed to like this model so I ordered it online.....and it's a Maytag. It's met all my requirements: good tub size, ease of operation, clean clothes, attractive appearance. It even has a pleasant chime sound to indicate a finished cycle. I'm glad I invested in the glass top model because I love seeing whats going on in there. Though I've only had it a short time I would say "Yes, buy this."

By sedonagirl19 on Home Depot - Jan 31, 2012

Works Wonderfully!!!!

My Bravo washer and dryer was delivered to me today. I decided to wash one load of clothes to test it out. I was skeptical at first because the water level was lower than what I was accustomed to seeing, it seemed like it would have been impossible to clean a load of clothes. I was amazed to see how clean my clothes were afterwards. It's been 14 years since I've had a new washer & dryer set. I am very pleased with my purchase. If you follow the directions, you should have no problem operating them!!!! Love Love Love it!!!!!

By Renbrks4 on Home Depot - Jan 13, 2012

BEST washer I've owned!

Wanted to wait to write this review until I'd used it long enough to be certain of my opinion...has been over a month and have had it running almost nonstop. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this washer (and matching electric dryer)...has cleaned our clothes perfectly (busy family of 4, 2 small kids) and faster than others I have owned. It has even taken out set-in stains my old machines left! Took a chance with Maytag as it offered the 10yr warranty on the washer deal out there. (Loved my basic 12yr old Kenmores, but when we moved we inherited newer pricey LG Tromm HE front loaders that were Junk. After hundreds of dollars in almost impossible repairs, 2 in less than 3 mos...we decided to go with these Maytags.) The washer is VERY quiet, have an upper floor laundry room and when the door is shut you hear Nothing. The delivery service HD subcontracts with didn't install the sound shield (styrofoam piece that goes on underside of washer), called HD customer service rep and it's coming FedEx. Have been using it and enjoying how quiet it is Without the sound shield, so I'll probably be floored when I get it & pop it into place. (My old LG used to sound like a helicopter was landing on the roof!) This is surprising as it spins SO Fast that the dryer time is never more than 40mins on low. I have had no problems with loads coming out of dryer wrinkled, but I use common sense and shake out the items before tossing into the dryer. Had only 1 issue with it going off balance...I washed a King sz blanket that absorbed like 40lbs of water! Paused the machine, rearranged the blanket, started it back up, pulled it out, and was Amazed at how dry it was! Only took 40 mins to dry and was washed perfectly. I have used every setting and combination and they all work great. Pushing the fabic softener button every time takes some getting used to, not a big deal. I rank doing laundry right up there with cleaning bathrooms...but actually have been LOOKING for things to wash since getting these. Doesn't get any better than that. I have recommended these to 2 friends who have also purchased them, and they are as THRILLED with them as I have been!

By COMom on Home Depot - Jan 6, 2012

This washer not only looks great but has many great features.

Delivered just before Christmas, very happy with this top load washer in liquid silver ( a smart shade). Clothes come out super clean and damp dry. Has many safety features and glass top a nice feature. Purchased as a set, at a great price, delivered on day promised with great install service.

By Diana on Home Depot - Jan 4, 2012

Excellent product, above what I expected

We did alot of research before purchasing this washer and are completely satisfied with its performance. If you read the owners manual completely before using this machine you will have absolutely no problems with either getting clothes clean or clothes being tangled at the end of wash cycle. It is fairly simple to operate and runs smooth and quiet through all the cycles. We are totally satisfied with this product.

By sid1991 on Home Depot - Jan 4, 2012

New technology works great

Picked this unit up on clearance love the low water usage and technology used in creating the different cycle selections. Extremely quiet great overall unit.

By Anthony on Home Depot - Jan 1, 2012

very efficient washer

This washer holds a lot of clothes, it very quiet and uses much less water. The only complaint I have is that the detergent dispenser doesn't completely empty and there is always a little bit of water in there when you start the next load.

By wilkie on Home Depot - Jan 1, 2012

Bad Choice

I discarded my 20 year old washer for this good looking unit. Big mistake. In the guise of a water saving washer, it takes three tries before my laundry load gets clean. Special detergent adds to the drama. Don't fall for the hype.

By Lincast on Home Depot - Dec 17, 2011

So Far So Good

I am happy with the quality of this product. It has met my expectations. I studied reviews and read the manual when it arrived. It has performed the way I expected. The cleaning process is very different from my previous top loader. The loads have been clean. Noise and vibrations are lower than my previous machine. Read the manual and follow directions and you should be happy with this machine. The value of the machine is great. It a lot of machine for the money I paid.

By birdman on Home Depot - Dec 15, 2011

Not Quite Satisfied

I had the Bravos pair for three days and exchanged them for a "traditional" washer. Exchanging appliances is a bit of a hassel but I was not happy with the performance of the washer. Not enough water and clothes were knotted and balled up. There are no options for increasing water levels and I just don't think the clothes can get clean if they are rolling around dry. I did try several settings and the only one I was happy with was the hand wash cycle because it had enough water to cover the clothes. Not so with the other cycles. Call me old fashioned, I like my laundry wet. :)

By GM46 on Home Depot - Dec 14, 2011

So far so good

Clothes still get pretty tangled up --- not sure if it's because of the low water usage or the agitation-less concept. Cycles, temp and spin settings are preset however you can override some selections. No option is given for water level as that is determined by the machine and cannot be altered. We got lunar silver and it looks like stainless -- very nice.

By 2washing on Home Depot - Dec 10, 2011

Love this washer!

Easy to place online order & delivery/setup was great! I've washed towels, sheets and even a king size quilt - uses less detergent & water per load and clothes come out smelling so fresh! Love the liquid silver color and the sensor/chimes have captivated my black lab!

By Pinotchick on Home Depot - Dec 7, 2011


First - the delivery was very quick and precise. Very courteous and helpful workers. The washer itself works wonderfully. It uses much less water. You just have to get used to the new noises this style (HE) washer makes. Just follow the instructions and you shouldn't have any complaints.

By czintnc on Home Depot - May 6, 2011

Great washer!

We are very happy with the washer. We were surprised at how little water it uses. Very efficent and environmentally friendly. It also is nice looking. We ordered it online and it came the day they said and the delivery people were great. Overall, would highly recommend.

By Washerman22 on Home Depot - Oct 16, 2010

Best Budget HE (High Efficiency) Washing Machine

Bestcovery experts have rated the Maytag Bravos X Series MVWX700XL Silver 2" Top Loading Washer as a best pick for the Best Budget HE (High Efficiency) Washing Machine. Bestcovery's experts recommend the best products and services for a particular need based on extensive research and evaluations. Click below to see Bestcovery's full review of this product.
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By - Jan 23, 2013

Maytag MVWX700X

Eco-rate gives the Maytag MVWX700X 3.5 stars based on its energy efficiency (95% above Federal Standard); water efficiency (5109 average gallons of water consumed annually); current purchase price; and other environmental and economic considerations...
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By - May 24, 2012