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Awful washing machine

If you want to save water, this is the model for you. If you want clean clothes, save your money and get an agitator model for 1/3 the price. If you load the wash exactly per instructions, it will at least get wet. If you don't, there will be dry sections after the cycle is done. We have to inspect every item closely after the wash cycle, and we find soil that would have been removed with our old agitator machine.

By Unhappy1 on Home Depot - May 11, 2013

Mixed emotions, but mostly disappointed.

While there are features I really like, such as the large capacity and ability to wash bulky items like a comforter, rugs and dog bedding, I have to say that my clothes come out more twisted and wrinkled than they did in my previous washer. I own several pets and I've noticed that there is still pet hair clinging to some of the washed items; this after hair-rolling the clothes before even putting them in the wash. I also find that there is a white residue that shows up occasionally on the darker clothes. I have tried using different settings and have even added an extra rinse cycle, (which defeats the purpose of buying a washer that is designed to save on water usage). I have contacted the company for some assistance with these issues, but have gotten very little help. If they would have taken it back, I would've gone that route. Unfortunately, I was told that returning it was not an option. I plan to purchase a different detergent to see if that makes a difference. I donated my other washing machine; I wish I had it back along with the money spent on the new one.

By luckylady on Home Depot - Mar 27, 2013

This product is a complete disappointment

The washing machine has so little water on most cycles that the clothes are twisted in agitation and are not untangled during the whole washing, spinning and rinsing cycles. We followed all guidelines on loading in "heaps". The washer does not appear to clean well on nearly all of the designations. Best seems to be "delicate", which seems unusual. We had Maytag repairman out and he found that it operates as Maytag intended. Total disappointment in this machine!!

By DDN370 on Home Depot - Jun 10, 2013

More features than needed for the average bear ....

First HE and was concerned about how it cleans. No problems at all so far.

By tlratwo on Home Depot - Jun 4, 2013

Wasted a lot of money we can't afford to lose

We bought a Bravos 3 years ago and I have not been happy with it at all. Only 3 years old and there is a bearing going out. The price quoted to fix it is very close to what we paid for the washer. SERIOUSLY??? We thought we were buying a top-of-the-line quality washer. It does not get the clothes clean, it won't wash large items or big loads without getting unbalanced, no matter how carefully I've loaded it. We opted for the extra large tub, hoping I could wash comforters, as well as just generally larger loads, hopefully to cut down on the number of loads I needed to wash each week. It doesn't get dog hair off clothes, again, no matter how much prep I do. Often the clothes don't smell clean and I've even pulled clothes out of there that have big dry spots on them.....I am terribly unhappy and so sorry we wasted money on this unit.

By disappointed on Home Depot - Jun 2, 2013

washer works great

washer works great, better than expected, i am did make the correct choice

By tkelly on Home Depot - May 22, 2013


I drooled over this washer everytime I saw it at the store. My old washer was on it's last leg. I finally replaced it with this one. I hate it. I have run entire loads of wash, which took about 45 min to 1 hour to complete, and have taken the items out and found DRY spots on them. How is it possible to run an entire cycle of wash, spin, rinse, and sometimes I've even added Extra Rinse Cycles, and have the clothes come out of the washer with DRY places on them???! I can't wait for this washer to die so that I can go back to a washer that actually uses water and an agitator!!

By Disappointed on Home Depot - May 13, 2013

Great washer - great buying experience

I really like my new washer. I mostly use the preset modes because there is a mode for everything I need. However, it's easy to modify settings (e.g. water temp or spin speed). Also easy to pause to add an item. Note, this is a BIG washer. I had to remove door parts to fit it into the basement of my older home. Also I need a footstool to reach small items in the bottom of the drum (I am 5'2"). But it handled my queen comforter as if it were a towel. :)

By catinshoes on Home Depot - May 7, 2013

I love this washer. First time for me with an HE washer and it works great.

I love all the settings. I just turn to whites or colors and towels and the machine automatically adjusts all the settings. I don't have to remember to change any water settings. I have a new laundry room on the first floor of my house and this machine is very quiet which was a concern for me.

By Lorrie on Home Depot - May 3, 2013

This washer saves me a lot of time

We've always had the standard "agitator" machine when it comes to washers, so it has been an adjustment. This machine uses much less water, and seems to do a good job. I still opt for the 'extra rinse" cycle most times. It does take longer to wash a load of clothes, however I'm doing less laundry because this washer holds so much. Time saver and good investment.

By Hawkeye69 on Home Depot - Apr 30, 2013

Hate it!

This machine replaced an agitating machine. I wanted large capacity to wash a king quilt at home. I load my quilt around the wash plate, but when the load is done, it has covered the wash plate and created a dome over the wash plate. It does not smell freshly washed. It is too large to be completely saturated with water to wash it properly. Very disappointing. Sometimes portions of clothes come out with dry spots on them, making me wonder how they are getting clean if they are not even getting wet. I wanted large capacity to be able to wash a lot of clothes at a time, to save time but clothes do not come out clean unless you wash smaller loads. This wastes my time (the only settings that get the small loads clean take 1 1/2 hours) and water (I am washing more loads than I used to). I used to soak my whites for a half an hour or over night depending on my schedule, but now I can only soak them in 10 minute increments (which takes away time flexibility) or the water will drain. And my whites are not as white as they used to be. Hate that!! Clothes do not smell fresh unless you wash small loads. I started washing my king flat sheet separate from the fitted sheet so my sheets would smell clean. This process takes 2 hrs.(sheet cycle takes an hour for each load) just to wash. Again, not saving time or water. Even after choosing to wash smaller loads, if I don't take the clothes out of the washer within 1/2 hour of getting done, they smell sour. In my old agitator, I could start a load before going to bed, and then dry it in the morning and I never had an issue of smelly clothes. Our old machine was 19 yrs. old. We've had this one for less than a year and I regret that I ignored the bad reviews. I told myself that since most of the washers in the stores no longer had agitators, that this must be better. I've tried to work with this machine to get it to do what I want, but laundry is now more time consuming than ever and I'm not getting good results. I will try to find an agitator style and get rid of this machine.

By nas93 on Home Depot - Apr 22, 2013

My Poor Clothes.

, I have to say that my clothes come out more twisted and wrinkled than they did in my previous washer. They come out so bad even after drying they have set in wrinkles. If you put a knit sweeter in with other thing it will come out all stretched out. Put 3 small winter coats in and one never touched the water and came out as dirty as I put it in and had to run it again through another wash cycle.

By corvette13 on Home Depot - Apr 16, 2013

Excellent Washer

I am very satisifed with my new washer. It is so large and deep I need a small stool to reach the bottom. I love the fact it automatically sets the correct water level. The HE factor is a great savings.

By Lori on Home Depot - Apr 16, 2013

Very Pleased

We could not be happier with our purchase of the Maytag ashing machine. It meets all of our needs. Delivery was prompt, on time and effient.

By Gman on Home Depot - Mar 27, 2013

Excellent product

Very quiet, easy to use, large capacity and last for a long time (my last Maytag dryer last for 22 years).

By MikeG on Home Depot - Mar 19, 2013


Don't like this machine at all. Wrinkles clothes so badly they all have to be ironed. We don't use dryer as we prefer to air dry clothes. Have requested Home Depot to pick up this unit and will replace with a GE washer.

By Barb on Home Depot - Mar 12, 2013

Broke within days; Maytag won't replace

Home Depot is replacing a washer that's done 3 small loads. The lid broke off from the base. I have extended warranty. Maytag wanted to send a new part (wait 1.5 weeks), and then schedule installation (another week). Forget Maytag dependability, and warranty.

By Ayla on Home Depot - Mar 12, 2013

I really like the capacity and ease of use

This machine has very nice default settings, that can be easily overridden as needed. I also like it being a top load and no agitator, so load is a breeze. I have only had the machine for a short while, so no real time on it yet.

By TL95014 on Home Depot - Mar 12, 2013

I hate this machine

I read the reviews and bought the machine. The next day I had to have a repair person here because I didn't feel the machine worked properly. Apparently, the machine works the way it is suppose to, but: It does clean well It tangles and pills clothes Whites are dull Takes too long Cannot wash large items without unbalanced load I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I read and reread the instuctions to no avail. I felt compelled to warn others as I sit here and wait endlessly for a mattress pad to finish washing after repeatly rebalancing, rerinsing, etc. Not only not worth the money, not worth my time. I do not understand the positive reviews. I have had this machine for almost 3 months and hate it more each time I use it.

By BravosHater on Home Depot - Mar 7, 2013

Great washer (and dryer!)

I bought this set and I love it! It is super quiet, washes very well and I love the huge capacity. I bought this after having a 12 year old top loader Maytag set. I love all the features and it is very easy to use.

By SCgirl on Home Depot - Mar 5, 2013

Great Washer!

This washer is great. Huge capacity, quiet, and relatively quick. Would definitely buy again.

By Tinky2 on Home Depot - Mar 5, 2013

i love my new washer .

The washer is so easy to use and does a good job and it takes bulky item so my washer isn't overloaded.

By Nikki on Home Depot - Mar 5, 2013

So far, so good

We've had this washer for about a month and have had no issues with it. I would say the only issue we have is that there's no clear setting for permanent press clothes so we just wash it on NORMAL setting and adjust the spin cycle setting appropriately. It uses alot less water than our old washer. It is generally quieter than our old washer (non-high effeciency) but still makes some audible noises that are nothing like our old washer, but you get used to that after 10-15 loads. And, lastly, this washer is BIG and can hold alot of laundry. I would definitely buy this washer again and highly recommend it.

By Paul on Home Depot - Mar 5, 2013

The product is amazing

I didn't realize what I was missing with my old dryer! The features are understandable and easy to use. I can't wait to dry clothes so to play with all the gadgets.

By DKT05 on Home Depot - Mar 5, 2013

great washing machine

love everything about the agitator free washing machine.

By pa16 on Home Depot - Feb 19, 2013

So far so good

If I can give this washer 4+ stars in 10 years then I'll know I chose correctly. In the meantime I haven't experienced the problems that others have reported and have really appreciated the size and efficiency of the washer. My favorite button-down shirt had "ring around the collar" before I put it in but not when I pulled it out. I'm happy with it so far.

By AvgAmerican on Home Depot - Feb 17, 2013

I wish it would work!

We yet have to experience the pleasure of washing more than two loads at a time. After the second load the lid will not lock any more and the machine will not start. We have had two repairs performed already, one of which replaced the assembly and the control board. What can I say, the same day the last repair was done, two loads later, the lid does not lock and the machine does not start. Very, very, disappointing!!! Installed 2/4/13 - Reviewed 2/15/13.

By needaworkingwasher on Home Depot - Feb 15, 2013

Worst washer I ever owned- HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!

This washer may save water doing a load of wash, but about every 10-15 washes the light comes on that you have to clean washer with afresh, which is expensive and then the washer fills to the top for an hour of cleaning and wasting water and money ....what a waste, every thing you saved, you lose anyway. It is poorly designed, residue in detergent and fabric softener rinse hard to get rid of if not impossible. Also along the top of the drum, residue builds and collects lint and dirt. I am a single woman doing only a few loads per week, I imagine this must be filthy with a family. Clothes do not come out clean, residue of detergent on clothes all the time. I then must wash over and over again. I hate this washer and I have only had a few months. I can see why it was on sale...this is so awful...what a waste of money and I am stuck with this thing I suppose for years. Absolutely despise this washer. I never feel my clothes and towels are clean. Stains never come out of anything even by following instructions.

By penny on Home Depot - Feb 9, 2013

Great Washer

This Maytag top load washer replaced a LG Front Load that had mold problems. We have had the washer for a month and everything about it is great. Doe's a nice job cleaning and is much more quiet then the front load during the spin cycle.

By Garyl on Home Depot - Feb 1, 2013

This machine broke in less than 6 years

We purchased this washer less than 6 years ago. We are a family of 3, and do about 6-8 loads of laundry a week. We have had 2 service calls on this washer in less than 6 years. This time, the service total was going to be over $400 to repair the machine (replace the central processing unit) I purchased this washer when my previous washer (of 17 years) died. I was expecting to get at least 10-15 years out of this washer, but that is not going to happen. Very expensive mistake to purchase this washer.

By Humvee42674 on Home Depot - Jan 28, 2013

I love the window in the top!

The first washer delivered was damaged, but they brought another one soon after that was perfect. Very happy with delivery and installation. Washer works great.

By Duny on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2013


I work in construction and needed a washer to handle very soiled cloths this machine failed. Would not clean, and spread the dirt in the machine rather and remove the dirt from the clothes.

By Unhappy on Home Depot - Jan 20, 2013

Factory Error Code F50 after first wash

How do the factory do quality control? Looks this is very common problem. The worse thing is you can't replace it, and had to wait for 3 weeks to replace the control board.

By jay111 on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2013

has just what I need

Big tub to wash king comforters,easy to use,washes great! I would always recommend a top loader over a front loader. Delivery and set up was fast and professional.

By djhw500 on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2013

Best Washer!

Recently purchased this washer and could not be more pleased. It runs very quiet, the spin cycle is so efficient, light items are almost dry. I find myself looking for things to wash now it's such a pleasure!

By Diane on Home Depot - Jan 12, 2013

We bought the Pair about 5 years ago NO GOOD

We have replaced the heater elements 3 times in 5 years, the washer has fits and won't accept comands and the barrings are shot ..

By BadWasherDryer on Home Depot - Jan 10, 2013

Exceeds all my expectations!!!!!

Oh my gosh!!!! I this is the best washer I have ever owned. Waiting for the matching dryer to go on sale.

By jenny on Home Depot - Jan 9, 2013

This is a Mercedes!

We previously had a front loading machine and it was fine for a while. It was 3.6 cu ft. It would "walk" terribly during spin cycle, even though it was leveled properly. The computer finally started acting up (only 5 years old), so we decided to buy another washer. After looking for a larger top loading washer, we decided upon this one. This machine is phenomenal. We can do 25% more laundry than before and it spins so fast that the clothes are nearly dry, thus saving me energy on drying. When in full spin, the machine barely vibrates. I can't recommend this more highly.

By Rocky on Home Depot - Jan 8, 2013

Frustrated but trying to stay positive.....

We purchased this washer in June, 2012, after extensive online research and reading all of the positive comments. It's now December, 2012. It is our first HE washer, so we had to get used to the different process of cleaning. Load clothes around the center even though there is no agitator tower, check. Choose the correct cycle..check. Be aware the cycles take longer than our old washer.. check. Use HE detergent (we use liquid)... check. Well, I noticed white blotches on dark cotton items. It was unrinsed soap residue, as I could rub the fabric together and they would disappear. I tried several other cycles in the next few weeks and the same thing. Unrinsed soap. And I knew if I saw it on the dark clothes, it was in the light colors too, but could not see it. I called Maytag. They said to make sure I was using the Extra Rinse and HE detergent. Yes, doing both. And with only 2 of us here, we wash moderate size loads, never full unless doing some bedding. Maytag sent out an appliance repair guy. I had saved several dark cotton items so he could see my problem. We went over EVERY detail of how I do my laundry. I ALWAYS use less soap than recommended, even in my old washer. I was doing everything correctly. The repair guy ordered a new control board and came back a week later to install it. The unrinsed soap issue continued. Maytag had the same (locally contracted) guy come out again this week, and while here, he spoke with a Maytag technician on the phone. Appliance guy said, "Good news, there's nothing wrong with your washer. We went over all of the diagnostic tests and it's all good. The Maytag technician told me you need to use 1/8 of the amount of soap recommended." Are you kidding me? To which I answered, "If I used no soap at all, we wouldn't be having this conversation." I've since washed some dark clothes (about 1/2 washer load) and used 2 Tbsp. of liquid soap (that is 1/2 way up to the first line on the measuring cap). The capacity of this washer is HUGE by the way, so that is VERY LITTLE soap... Guess what. White soap marks on a navy cotton long sleeved T were there. Only a couple, but there should be none. Appliance guy said if the problem persists, call Maytag again, as there is nothing else he could do. They said Maytag has them come out at least 3 times before Maytag considers doing anything more. As I said, I'm not for overusing soap, but I need to use enough to actually clean my clothes! I'm scratching my head wondering how so many reviews are 5 stars. Do none of them use soap? I'll be calling Maytag one more time, and look forward to them sending Larry out to tell me my washer is fine (if I cut down further on the soap!) I'm still hopeful for resolution, but my hopes are rapidly dimming. I wish our old washer would have hung in there....

By mitt59 on Home Depot - Dec 31, 2012

great value for the money

this washer is great. it handled our king size quilt very well, plus it does very large loads with ease. very quiet. uses small amounts of detergent as well. very pleased with my purchase.

By snakedoctor on Home Depot - Dec 4, 2012

Love this washer!

We moved into a new house last week -- ordered this washer and matching dryer after reading tons and tons of reviews on all brands. I've done 8 loads now and love, love, love this washer and dryer! I'm only 5'4" and it is a stretch to the bottom of the washer, but even I can make it work on my tiptoes. It is very quiet -- sounds like a spinning top with gears. I had read the reviews about it leaving wrinkled clothes, but our last set were front loaders and we had the same problem when we first got them. You have to actually read the instructions on how to load this washer and which setting to use. If you spin the load too fast, it will set in wrinkles that the dryer can't shake loose. I've washed everything from towels to dress shirts on the "normal" cycle and haven't had one bit of problem! The only negative I'd say is the length of time it takes to run a load -- averages a little over an hour. Otherwise, I'd highly recommend this set.

By JulieK on Home Depot - Nov 21, 2012

Not my mother's old washing machine

Once I got used to the cycle, rince, and other washing options, I realized how very specific this machine washes. I usually hang my cloths on the line, so the different types of rince cycles is a big plus for me. The HE feature and the no-agitater is awesome. And the fact the machine can calculate how heavy a load and how much is in the load and produces just enough water to handle the load is very nice. I am now doing my 'hand washable' items in this machine with confidence. Good job Maytag. I also took advantage of the 5-year extended service plan.

By bognvly on Home Depot - Nov 16, 2012

Great Product!

Very good product... Washer is louder than I expect but overall it is an excellent product

By Trinilynn on Home Depot - Nov 13, 2012

Google Bearing Noise for this Model

The machine works great great till the bearing wears out. I had 3 different people look at it and they all told me the same thing. it has a poor bearing design. the estimates i got went from don't do it to 3/4 the original cost of the washer. One of the repair shops offered me $5.00 if I left the washer there. The Cabrio has the same problem.

By Jesse on Home Depot - Oct 30, 2012

Made laundry bearable

Our laundry is in the basement. We now have it where we don't have to go up and down the stairs a million times.

By Luvthewasher on Home Depot - Oct 16, 2012

Great Washer

Overall appears to be great. I didn't realize that it was "low water", so a little weary about what it will be like over time. Those who have front load washers say that it uses too little water and clothes start to stink over time. Little worried about that but seems fine so far and clothes are clean. Can't expect more thant that.Also, pretty quiet except when washer first starts to spin - always seems a little off balance but it adjusts itself quickly. Delivery was super quick and Delivery men were very friendly.

By GoodbyeGE on Home Depot - Oct 16, 2012

Much needed upgrade

We were in desperate need of an upgrade to our old washer. After talking to 2 friends who had purchased this washing machine, we found the best price and had it delivered. I couldn't wait to do the first load of laundry! First off, the machine is beautiful, it has great features and was such an improvement over our 20 year old machine. I love the huge basin. I can fit my kids comforters in there, and with very little laundry detergent, and a little water, the freshness is evident compared to the old machine. I can do a small load or a super big load and the water level is automatically set by the washer. I love that feature! My only complaint would be the price. I figured since this was a top load it wouldn't cost the same as the front loaders that are so popular today, but I was wrong. But, if it lasts for the next 20 years, I can justify the cost!

By PhillyMaddie on Home Depot - Oct 10, 2012

Very happy so far.....

Excellent washer. High tech. Uses less water and detergent. Could not be happier.

By Poppy on Home Depot - Oct 9, 2012

this washer has evry thing it says and more!

was extremely worried about washers performance with so little water useage! could not believe the great job it did with so low water level! we had to replace a 26 year old maytag and i was astonished this new washer washed better by far than the old one!

By barrybeak on Home Depot - Oct 2, 2012

Excellent Purchase

This washer is very easy to use & does a wonderful job. Don't pay for the installation, the delivery guys only have a 2ft hose that if that's not long enough they cannot install it because it's a "non-standard installation". Whe you get the washer & dryer purchase 2 5 ft hot & cold washer hose with 2 extender attachments so you'll have 10 ft of hose to work with. It only cost me about $20 to get everything I needed but I would have liked to have known that when we purchased them & not when they delivered them. We had clothes & towels that got dingy from the old washer we had when we first purchased our home & one cycle in this washer got the dingy smell out. The simple design & installation was very simple, all I had to do was attach the hot & cold hoses & I was all set to go. Trust me, if I can install it anyone can. I can still remeber my wife coming home & being blown away that everything was up & running since I'm not a technical nut. Not having an adgitator is wonderful the large compacity even let us wash our comforter from our bed that we would have to take to the cleaners since it was so big & couldn't fit in our washer or dryer. This was a wonderful purchase, I just wish that we would have done it sooner if we could. Take the complaining people do on here with a grain of salt, I did the installation & we have had nothing but wonderful results...

By MegAdamK on Home Depot - Sep 25, 2012

Two defective products right out of the box. Seriously?

Maytag sent us 2, that's right 2(!) defective washers. Ball bearings in the motors were shot in both. Either that makes us the unluckiest people on the face of the planet, or Maytag makes below average quality washers. After we got the second bad washer, I realized that bad reviews of this washer were everywhere online. Why didn't I listen? Everyone says these washers are busted in less than 2 years. This is a serious warning sign! Do not purchase!!

By Jeremy on Home Depot - Sep 18, 2012

Huge capacity, does a nice job!

Very nice machine, auto leveling is great. It can do huge loads and is very quiet.

By Haufen on Home Depot - Sep 8, 2012


People, do yourself and your family a favor and DO NOT NOT NOT buy this machine. Bottom line, it does not get your clothes clean because it will not allow enough water to adequately saturate your clothes; much less cover them. I must wash each load, twice to even get close to getting them clean. Also, I discovered that I can only put in about 4 to 6 items MAX per load or they simply will not be covered adequately with water. They don't smell clean even after a complete cycle, right out of the washer. I have gone to work several times only to start smelling a moldy smell on my clothes about 1-2 hours into the day. If I use fabric softener, it only masks the odors left in the clothes. I finally decided to use regular and color safe bleach in EVERY load to try to get them truly clean, and remember, each load gets washed TWICE !!! The LARGE CAPACITY is a JOKE because you should never, NEVER, put more than a few items in at a time. This machine DOES NOT save time, water, money or anything. The only positive thing I have to say is that the high speed spin gets a great deal of moisture out of the clothes (not that there was a great deal to begin with) and so the drying time is less. Keep searching people. Do not assume, like I did, that the negative reviews were from competitors or "less than tech savvy" people who simply could not operate modern machinery properly. THIS ONE IS A REAL LEMON.

By kdangel on Home Depot - Sep 3, 2012

Returned this machine

We purchased this washing machine and returned after a few washes. My son wet his bed and we threw in his twin bedding along with his pyjamas. Since this machine uses such little water, the pyjamas being caught up in the sheets were not properly washed. After I pulled it all out of the dryer, his pyjamas still smelt of urine. In a seperate wash we threw in his baby swing cover. Because of the shape, under the straps was not cleaned. This machine spray rinses and so your clothes or blankets are not completely soaked with water. This allows for certain spots to be missed.

By Tash on Home Depot - Aug 31, 2012

Run, don't walk, away from this machine

Bought my old Maytag in 1988 and it is still going strong (gave it to my daughter), so I figured I couldn't go wrong with another Maytag. Think again! I love everything about it: the size, appearance, energy efficiency, ease of use, up until you actually wash your clothes. The clothes don't move for the longest time. Then when they do get agitated, they get jerked around with such force and literally tied into knots. They don't come out clean--just battered. Horrible machine that is going back tomorrow. Buyer beware!

By Sally on Home Depot - Aug 16, 2012

Don't waste your money

we bought this washer and matching dryer and both are junk. We've had nothing but problems. Their both loud and ineffient. I wanted the washer because it had an extra warm rinse for my towels but the temp of the extra rinse is cold. I just hate these machines and will be getting rid of them.

By Mochajoy on Home Depot - Aug 4, 2012

good buy

This product is a good buy...and goes with our other appliances at home. Maytag has a good range of products....

By Sushma on Home Depot - Jul 31, 2012

Washer leaks

this was installed when it was delivered by your folks, the washer leaks ????? I am not sure what is going on.

By rutiger on Home Depot - Jul 31, 2012

Excellent washing machine for the money

This washing machine is very simple to operate. Large capacity, well design, viewing thru top lid, excellent extraction of water after rinse cycle thus allow drying time shorter for clothings. Use this machine to replace a Whirlpool washing machine model 66KFCPJ (4C) that went defected after 10 years of service.

By on Home Depot - Jul 24, 2012

Great washer!

I've only had this Maytag a few months but it works great. I've washed king-size blankets and bedspreads and rugs with ease (haven't tried a king-size quilt). Gets everything very clean. I just hope that Maytag durability is real! Time will tell.

By on Home Depot - Jul 17, 2012

Great machine. You have to get used to the efficient, low water operation .

It is an efficient and effective machine. Not as quiet as advertised but for the price, a great buy!!!

By LwwH on Home Depot - Jul 17, 2012

Good washer with nice features

I'm very pleased with this washer so far, though I've only had it a couple of months. It's pretty quite and I really like the options for various wash settings. I used to have a front load washer, and I definitely prefer this top load to a front load, just more convenient. One thing I would mention is to make sure you measure your closet before buying any new washer/dryer, mine barely fit after a couple hours of adjusting the doors on my laundry closet.

By heightsLC on Home Depot - Jul 12, 2012

Excellent washer!

We bought the Maytag Bravos XL 850 washer & dryer set in white. It seems front load is the way of the future but we did not want that after reading the many horror stories. We love the top load Maytag washer and dryer!! We bought about 7 months ago and not one problem. If you load correctly, you will not have "balance problems". Also, the high efficiency takes some getting used to but it works and the clothes are clean! The dryer is excellent as well. Ths set is the best we have ever owned. Highly reccommended.

By randyw561 on Home Depot - Jul 5, 2012


I purchased the Bravos XL HE washer and dryer in Feb 2012, I have had 3 service calls and ea time I was advised that I had weak foors. I had my floors evaluated and that wasn't the case. However, the washer gets off balance 95% of the time, clothes are twisted up on one side, you have to stop the washer then untwist the clothes. When I first purchased the washer and dryer it was great. No problems, a few weeks later then this problem started. It hasn't stop yet, Home Depot came and place stabilizers on the washer and this never made any difference. So we are looking at other avenues at this time. Be aware of high spin speed washers for a secondary units. Washer might be great on a concrete floor but I can't honestly say. I was told buy a Maytag direct dealer that he has numerious problems with the washer, making numerious calls on the same problem even the ones on lower levels. SO buyer be ware!! Maytag is a terrible company, doesn't stand behind them. VERY RUDE PEOPLE AT MAYTAG SERVICE DEPT.

By Crazy on Home Depot - Jun 28, 2012

Will be my next set!

I stayed with my mom on vacation for a couple of weeks. My mom has this washer and dryer set and I was blown away with it!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on it for myself. I currently have a front loader and am not impressed. Not only was I amazed at the capacity size of the washer but the ease of use and how clean my clothes came out. No set in wrinkles, clean and like new! IMO - what a washer and dryer set should be!!!

By Ladyendo on Home Depot - Jun 28, 2012

Large wash size

Bought this washer after my old Maytag of 20 years quite working. Hooked up the new washer and it ran for 20 minutes. All the lights went out and would not power on. The best part is my cloth are locked in the washer because the lid release does not release when the power is off. Called Maytag and they have no clue on how to get the lid open.

By Roger on Home Depot - Jun 22, 2012

Outstanding Washer/Dryer BRAVOS 850 (In Granite)

Owned for one month now and have run approx 15 loads. Replaced an 11 year old Maytag. This washer's loading capacity is huge (4.6 CU FT) - wife thought our old Maytag handled large loads with ease (Neptune -Extra Large Capacity). This BRAVOS handles even more with out breathing hard! Easily handles a Queen size comforter. Pro's: - Definitely uses less water to wash a load; - Appears to wash faster (read: less electricity); - Quieter than previous Maytag - Appears to clean better - Like the separate disperser for the HE Soap, Softener, and Bleach. CONS: - Pricier than the "old school" top load washer. Did NOT even consider the "HE" Front Load - recommendations from my local washer repairman (who tried to resurrect old washer, but at the end it was deemed cheaper to buy new than to spend the repair cost), and from leading consumer magazine's convinced us to steer away from HE Front Loaders as being much less reliable (and the smell issue with old stagnant water). In addition, we purchased the companion BRAVOS Electric Dryer (both are GRANITE in color; lost the argument with the wife for the cheaper "white" option) - the dryer (BRAVOS 850) was a also a good buy - dry's the clothes in half the time of previous dryer. We bought our PAIR from Home Depot during their pre-Memorial Day Sale last month and saved over $400 from what is advertised here! (out the door with free delivery and setup - only catch is you have to purchase the dryer cord and stainless steel washer hoses and the dryer duct from Home Depot at time of purchase or else they will not do the "free" Setup - just the delivery). In addition, we are still waiting for the Maytag $100 Rebate they were running last month for purchasing the Washer and Dryer! Advice: Wait for the good sale, if your situation allows.

By cajunjake on Home Depot - Jun 21, 2012

Horrible washing machine!

I returned this washing machine today. If you want clean clothes do not buy!!!

By casey on Home Depot - Jun 21, 2012

Very good machine, love the capacity, great for pet households

We were uncertain of a HE washer having never had one. This paticular washer we have found to be great for all our laundry. We have lots of pets and we love that we can easily wash all the comforters off the beds without going to a laundramat. The same for the couch and sofa covers. This machine also does a great job on the regular luandry as well. We have seen our water bills go down because of the new washer.

By JoeF on Home Depot - Jun 21, 2012

vey happy with my maytag

Have only had our washer and dryer for about a month but so far very pleased. Our clothes are clean and have had no problems.

By Cathy on Home Depot - Jun 19, 2012

big machine

When we first did laundry it did make the clothes stink to me but husband didn't think so but we have had it now for a few weeks and the smell has gone away. You do need to load the laundry a certain way and it does take a while for it to wash your clothes but it is big and does a good job. It's also fun to watch since the top is see through. Our first load we stood there for over an hour watching it to see what happens, yes that was our excitement:) Over all it was a good investment

By on Home Depot - Jun 19, 2012

Great Washing Machine

I have done about 20 loads in this washing machine so far, and I have no complaints! We did some research before just buying a washing machine and this one does the job plus some! Extremely large and no issues washing our king size comforter! Great product!

By MichelleG2012 on Home Depot - Jun 19, 2012

Machine seems okay, but arrived damaged

The washer seems fine. The low rating is based on the condition it arrived in.

By ToddR on Home Depot - Jun 19, 2012

Love it

Love the new washer. Easy to operate. Clothes clean. After reading other reviews, we read the users manual. No problems.

By hazel on Home Depot - Jun 15, 2012

Maytag Bravo High Efficiency Washer

We purchased this unit a few weeks ago and we are very impressed with its performance so far. I hope it last for many years

By Jimbo on Home Depot - Jun 12, 2012

very quiet and gets clothes clean

This washer is very quiet, but gets clothes clean. My previous washer shook the floors in the adjoing rooms when it was in the spin cycle, and this one is awesome.

By tsommers on Home Depot - Jun 9, 2012

This product is very efficient

I read the reviews for this washer before going to Home Depot to get a feel for the machine in person. It is my first HE washer and I am trying to change the way I think of doing laundry and that more water is not better. It is a very big washer and I have to stand on my tip toes to get the clothes out. I would suggest reading the manual so that you know what all the bells and whistles mean. I love that my quilts fit easilly in the machine.

By freedeb on Home Depot - Jun 5, 2012

works great

This washer replaced a 25 year old maytag. It was a amazing improvement, has a digital display showing washer time remaining, tones for the on and off button, i really like the 1100 rpm max extract spin cycle the cloths go in the dryer for a fraction of the time. The only problem i had was when washing a load that uses hot water the lid condensates and with the slopped front of the washer the condensation runs down the front, nothing major but annoying

By argon on Home Depot - Jun 4, 2012

Couldn't be happier.

I was looking for the largest capacity washer I could find, to accommodate my family of seven. This washer has more than accommodated us. For three months my electric bill has been $7 a month lower than the same months of the previous year. Water consumption has decrease considerably. I only have to run half as many loads as I used to. I use less detergent and each load take about 12 minutes less to run (depending on the cycle selected). Despite having oodles of features, buttons and knobs, the washer is very easy to use. I really couldn't be happier.

By aksdjf on Home Depot - May 31, 2012

Great machine.

High quality and made in USA. The front load washers may be trendy, but these high efficiency top load machines are more user friendly.

By Hazel on Home Depot - May 29, 2012

Good washer

Had it a month, does a great job. Quiet, cleans well.

By Jimmy on Home Depot - May 25, 2012

Cleanest Laundry Ever

We opted to buy this model because we didn't need the extra 3 cycles or the delayed start that the higher model offers. Overall, I am happy we chose this brand and model. I wasn't convinced until I washed a load of whites. I have to say it gets the whites whiter than any machine I have ever used (over 20 years). My children's clothing comes cleaner and brighter after a wash in this machine. And I use a lot less detergent and bleach. I can't comment on the energy savings as we have barely had it a month. But just by watching how it works through the glass lid it uses A LOT LESS water than our old standard machine. Finally, it is super quiet and easy to use. I would definitely recommend this washing machine to anyone that inquires-in fact, I have!

By SLCHJ on Home Depot - May 24, 2012

Great Washer

We've had this machine for about 8 months now and have had absolutely no problems with it. If you read the instructions on how to operate the machine everything will work properly. Loading this macine is a little more time consuming but necessary for it to function as it was designed to. The clothes always come out clean even with regular detergent and the high spin cycle cuts down on drying time.

By sid1991 on Home Depot - May 23, 2012

Good value

We are using this in a high volume area and the people love it. You can use it for a larger load and being top load, makes it easy.

By Terry on Home Depot - May 22, 2012

Washer is not good

This product is just okay. It doesn't clean clothes very well

By Jyoti on Home Depot - May 17, 2012

I can not recommend

We bought this product (earlier version) in 2008. It's cost me more than 500 in repair and has just gone out again. Last time the electronics the time the balance on tub. If you really want this model, but the extended warrant, like I did not.

By Dave on Home Depot - Apr 29, 2012

Wonderful product.

Great for large households. Makes daily laundry a breeze.

By Vickie on Home Depot - Apr 28, 2012

Beauty Machine

I purchased a BRAVOS in November 2007 and purchased a three year warranty. Often I had to re wash my clothes because they didn't really look clean. I used the appropriate detergent and did not put a lot of clothes in the machine at one time; although machine size is pretty large. I am giving it three stars because 2 months after the extended warranty ended the machine would not spin (flashing: F 50 code on the machine) and the repair person told me it would cost more for the parts and labor than it would cost to purchase a new machine. So if you don't mind washing clothes twice and having the machine only last 4 years or less before getting F50, go for it. I highly suggest you review the rating on internet.

By FLASHCODE on Home Depot - Apr 26, 2012

Performance Even Better Than Expected. A Real Timesaver.

We were very impressed with controls and operation of this "new age" Maytag machine, which washes huge loads and big bulky items like bath mats in much less time than the front-loader we had before.

By Bill on Home Depot - Apr 26, 2012



By J1568 on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2012

Giving Maytag a Second Chance

This washing machine is for people who like a top-loading washer, but want energy and water efficiency. It is a techological marvel. The clear top allows you to see what is happening. It replaced a six year old Maytag that both the repairman and retailer said was a lemon model. We have only had it for a couple months, so reliability is unknown.

By Dick on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2012

I love my new washer. It's easy to use and large in capacity

This washer performs well with all types of clothes. From bulky to delicates, it uses the correct amount of water and predetermines the time needed to wash it.

By LLLBBB on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2012

This hybrid design twists, wrinkles and tears clothes and doesn't clean well

I bought this washer a year ago and have not been happy with how this washer leaves the clothes very knotted, wrinkled and torn up, especially shirts and sheets. The clothes come out so wrinkled, that when you dry the clothes, they dry in one solid ball and have to be shaken out individually before drying them (especially sheets). I use liquid Downy on my clothes yet the clothes don't smell clean and sometimes I will run the washer twice to try to get the clothes clean. I can't load the washer to full capacity because the clothes don't seem to get clean due to the low water level, and they come out dirty and don't smell clean. I have had many luxury sheets torn and I have had to set the spin cycle to low for all items, including towels, which greatly increases my drying time. I have noticed that the detergent leaks out through the detergent cup in the washer before the load starts. I don't recommend this washer - stick with either a traditional top loading washer or an true HE front load. Also, you have to baby this washer when loading clothes - you have to lay clothes in the washer so that the agitator at the bottom is visible, and try to visually make the load balanced. This washer does not hande mixed loads of lightweight and heavy clothing mixed together -- you can't just throw in a bunch of towels or you will get an error for unbalanced load. I have yet to see how this washer can handle 21 towels - maybe hand towels, but there is no way my washer can do 21 towels and clean them properly. I have to use alot of pre-stain boosters, Clorox and Resolve to help my washer get clothes clean so I don't think this washer does a good job of cleaning, maybe just on lightly soiled clothes. I have had many sheets ruined due to holes, shirts with missing buttons or shirts with holes in the sleeves. I have never had this problem with any other washer. I wouldn't recommend this washer for the money. If you do buy the washer, buy the extended warranty, because a simple repair will cost you more out of pocket than the entire cost of the 4 year warranty.

By tobycat on Home Depot - Apr 10, 2012

This is a great product with plenty of useable and helpfull features.

Bought washer and dryer approx. 1 year ago and my wife really likes both. They work great and gets the job done with no problems so far. Would recommend these products to any one. TK&L, Opelika, Alabama

By LTKJ on Home Depot - Apr 9, 2012

This washer works great!

When we put the first load of wash in this machine it was completely different from any other washer we had ever owned. We didn't know what to make of it at first. But, after seeing how much less water and energy it uses and that it cleaned our clothes very well, we were delighted. It measures the amount of water it needs for each load and tells you what it's doing and how much time is left before the wash is done. We like it a lot.

By Nate on Home Depot - Apr 9, 2012

Dont buy this washing machine!!!

It was delivered yesterday, I ran my first load today. I evenly distributed the cloths around the center, just how the description calls for. Then durring the spin cycle everything was on one side and the error code uL showed up. I pulled out the manual which said to relevel everything, which I did, and then repress start...which it didnt do. So after trying everything I could think of I pressed canceled and re ran the load. Then it happened again....and again. Now my husband is trying the same thing I did. And you know the frase "whats the definition of insanity?" yeah, I am in it right now! While this might be a fluke; It is still unacceptable.

By Frustrated on Home Depot - Apr 7, 2012

Great Washer

Had it for 2 days,works great,and cleans the clothes great.

By Reco on Home Depot - Apr 1, 2012

Love it!

It is hard to get used to watching the washer fill with such little water, but the clothes come out clean and smell great.

By MrsH on Home Depot - Mar 19, 2012

I love this Maytag washer. It gets my clothes clean using the water saver. I love the big tub.

I love my new Maytag washer. I big tub holds lots of clothes. The water saver gets the clothes clean while saving energy.

By katy on Home Depot - Mar 16, 2012

I like saving on water!!

I previously read some reviews that this washer did not clean well, not the case!!!!! I put in white towels that I used to clean my old place that were so dirty, they came out looking new! I like that I'm saving energy and still can get clean clothes. It is so quiet I forget that I'm doing laundry. Definately a good purchase.

By Patti on Home Depot - Mar 16, 2012

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Maytag MVWB850Y

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By - May 24, 2012