Maytag Admiral AAV7000AWW Top Loading 3.3 Cu. Ft. Washer

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Tub Capacity: 3.3 cu. ft

washer type: top load


Product Title: Maytag Admiral AAV7000AWW Top Loading 3.3 Cu. Ft. Washer

Manufacturer: Maytag

Power Score: 2.0 | 4 Reviews

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Admiral AAV7000AWW you get what you paid for.....

Strengths: Cheap, steel construction, looks good, holds alot

Weakness: breaks fast, shakes alot

a very short term unit. will only last 5 years tops. cheap but cheaply made. I had nothing but problems like water leaking from the bottom, extreme shaking, belt smoking and loud winding noise. the list keeps going on.

By anonymous; - Jan 9, 2010

The Admiral AAV7000AWW to AVOID

Strengths: Keep the box, it's the best part of the deal.

Weakness: When new, My Admiral AAV7000AWW could only wash a half load clean, while walking the floor and hitting he wall.

My experience is identical to the first review: Same model, 2 years new and it squeals, won't wash, or spin out....shake like crazy when it did spin out. When new, I had to place padding around this washer to keep it from walking out of the room or braking through a wall. Yes, you have to babysit this machine. Don't leave home with it running, bad things may happen! My Admiral AAV7000AWW smokes,...
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By ChetTucker2008 - Jul 6, 2008

complete waste of money and a big piece of junk

Strengths: none

Weakness: everthing

less than 2 years old and it squeals and won't spin out....shakes like crazy when it spins out, you have to babysit the machine to make sure it will spin by actually opening the lid and moving the wash basket just so...then it reluctantly spins out, but NOT without squeaking and smelling like burning rubber...oh, did I mentioned the black rubber dust underneath the washer

By PETERCRISSGIRL - Feb 19, 2008

Great washer, Great value

Strengths: Maytag reliability; super capacity, 2-speed motor

Weakness: None

Pretty much knowing what I wanted, I was in and out of Home Depot in about 15 minutes, order placed for this and the matching dryer. Both arrived right on time, and professionally installed. I couldn't be happier. And I'm not saying this because I'm a Tony Stewart fan, either! I checked out Lowe's and others, but HD had the best deal.

By anonymous; - Jan 11, 2006

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