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LOVE my LG washer!!!

Strengths: quiet, uses very little water (compare to top loaders), very easy to use function buttons

Weakness: price

Our old washer/ dryer combo unit (about 10 years old) finally went dead on us sometime in December, 2006. My husband tried to fix it (he used to own an appliance store and also does the servicing himself) and found out that the parts would cost couple of hundred dollars (not including his time & labor). So, we decided to buy new washer & dryer that is energy efficient.

Did some research on the internet and finally decided to purchase this LG washer (WM2487HWM). It may not have a big digital display & remote control option as WM2688 but the overall functions are the same.

The first day I used it, I could hardly hear the sound except for when it's spinning, it emits a high pitch sound. The clothes are very dry (comparison to my old washer) and it takes little time in the dryer to dry a full load of clothes. Also, when it slows down, it emits a low-tone sound like an engine slowing down. But the overall sound is soft (I have mine installed in the utility room - dryer was stacked on top, on the first floor level which is near my living hall).

I usually select cold/cold water and uses both SA8 and Tide HE. Clothes that have stains came out clean (even though I did not pre-treat the stains). The tumbling wash motion is also very gentle on the clothes but seems to be very effective in cleaning the clothes as well.

The washer even handled my oversize queen size comforter (96" x 100") with no problem. Initially, I was worried that it would not clean it properly when I stuffed the comforter into the washer as it filled up the whole washer. But when it came out clean and looks new, I had no doubt that this is the right machine for my home.

I've tried almost all the functions in the washer except steam fresh, sanitary and baby wear. I'll update my review later. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend to others.

By chami - Apr 28, 2007

So far so good

Strengths: Size, drum very large Steam Refresher Time Delay settings Fast dry spinning

Weakness: Price Expensive HE Detergent Long wash cycles

I got a great deal at my local Home Depot on this washer and the matching dryer. Finally received it about two weeks ago and so far, really like it.

I love the size, can stuff quite a bit into it which reduces the number of washes. It has a lot of bells and whistles to play around with regarding the various wash cycles and extra options. I do find that the wash times are a bit long, especially if you use the extra rinse cycle or stain removal options.

The Steam Fresh cycle seems to do its job fairly well. The cycle takes about 20 minutes and overall my pants did seem "freshened up," just don't jump in expecting dry cleaner results. I do think adding the steam feature to whatever wash cycle you choose is pointless since after the clothes are washed, what good will a little steam do? This is especially true if you choose the sanitary wash cycle which makes the water very hot anyway.

I do find the clothes seem to come out clean, which of course, is the point. I am not to fond of having to dry off the plastic tubing around the door after a wash, or leaving the door cracked open for a while since I have read this could eventually lead to mold. Though I believe this is a issue with all front-loaders.

I have read a lot of user reviews who say because this machine spins the clothes very fast so when done,clothes are damp and the dry time get reduced significantly. While it does spin very fast on certain/custom wash cycles, it still takes a while for the clothes to dry. Perhaps they did very small loads?

Overall, i am pleased with the washer though at full price I'm not sure the extra options can justify the price.

By ugabugay2k - Oct 10, 2007

The BEST rated LG Washer and Dryer!!

Strengths: steam wash - quiet - so many cycles of wash - 1/4 the amount of water usage - quality built products - cleaner clothes - and I LOVE the color CHERRY!!

Weakness: none

I belong to Consumer Reports and have researched washer and dryers now for about 1 year - I really investigate on line before I ever buy something! Between Consumer Reports and the wealth of knowledge I found on line while researching, I made my final decision. I found such FANTASTIC reviews and top grades on all the ratings for LG's superb performance. It does more things than you can imagine!! You have to buy this LG washer and matching gas's the BEST!!!!

By iambellasmommy - Jan 29, 2007

LG front Loading Washer 4.0 cft

Strengths: Doesn't seem to use a lot of water, very modern looking, can do huge amounts of laundry at a time this works good for a big family, can wash a conforter or sleeping bag easily.

Weakness: Instead of the usual 30 minutes to wash a load (my old washer), it takes between one hour and a half to one hour to wash one load.

I love this machine, it may take longer to wash, but I don't have to wash as many loads. It is quite and never gets out of balance. I love the stainless steel interior. For the first few loads we would run in there all the time to see if it was running or not because it is so quiet, we would turn the light on inside of it (yes there is an interior light) to see if it really is working. Love it!!!!!!!!!

By orsturgeon - Jan 22, 2007

Round and Round

Strengths: Huge drum, a cycle for every situation, steamfresh, quiet, Energy Star, water savings, handicapped accessibility, gentle on clothes

Weakness: Stays damp inside and smells mildew-y sometimes

The LG washer is a pretty good product! My electric bill has gone done, my water consumption has gone down and the clothes are seemingly cleaner -- except when the load is packed too tightly. If there isn't a pretty significant amount of room in the drum for the items to tumble around, I've found that I've had to wash stuff twice to get a particularly stubborn stain out. The high speed spin cycle gets the clothes so dry that sometimes it feels unnecessary to put some of them into the dryer! I'm short so having the unit on the pedestal makes it challenging to get the detergent, softener and/or bleach in without spilling. I find that I have to wipe the inside of the washer's door after getting through laundry for the day. If I don't, the large amount of water that stays on the little window gets to smelling like mildew within a day. I'm also afraid that if I leave it and there is any discoloration from mildew or mold that I'm going to get it on my clothing. The other thing I've found odd about the machine is that if I turn it on and start to turn the cycle dial before letting it sit for about 3 seconds, it trips its breaker. To reset it, you have to unplug the machine from the wall and in my utility room, that's a really tight squeeze. You may want to position the machine so that you can have easier access to the plug just in case. My husband is in a wheelchair and even with limited strength and range of motion he's able to easily move stuff from washer to dryer. Make sure the delivery people leave you not only all the paperwork that comes with the unit but the wrench used for leveling. We were without that wrench and have had to get the warranty repair people out 3 times to balance/level the unit so I could use the high speed spin function. LG customer service has been ridiculous: to get the wrench, they told me I had to fax them my receipt even though they already have all the information about the washer in their warranty database. That wouldn't have been so bad but after trying unsuccessfully for over a week I had to call back and wait 20 minutes for a rep who told me their fax was broken and I should scan and email my receipt. All for a stupid piece of metal. It's absurd, and they don't budge. They haven't made the process simple at all which is a shame because it's really a pretty good product overall.

By icebean - Nov 25, 2007

LG 2487 Washer

Strengths: Sturdy Steam wash Huge Uses less water and electricity $75 rebate from my electric company!

Weakness: Takes longer than conventional washers

Just got this set up in my home from Home Depot. The guys had it set up in about 25 minutes (two supply hoses, a drain hose and a 120V cord) If you do get this remember the washer needs to go on the left and the dryer on the right or the doors will open into each other(difficult to transfer the laundry between the two). First thing we washed was our King comforter. Even though it took an hour to wash (and an hour to dry), It came out smelling super clean. We used the steam wash cycle. As far as features go, this is a large washer - 50% bigger than my old one and is chuck full of various settings from kids clothes to cotton towels. The controls are pretty intuitive, except when you want to change settings you must pause the washer and change the setting you want (not written anywhere I could find in the user manual). The manual could give some more details on how to exactly use the washer. Other than that we are pleased with our purchase. The other reviews online are superb. We'll see how it holds up. One more tidbit, guy at Home Depot said you need to use a mesh bag for articles smaller than a tee shirt because they could get stuck between the two drums (if the gasket is pulled back near door this can happen) and rot..that is why people complain about their washers smelling!

By speechman - Jun 15, 2007

LG WM2487HWM Washer

Strengths: Front loading with many nice options. Pleasure to use.

Weakness: None

I've wanted a front loading washer for a long time. It is something I always used and enjoyed in Europe and was glad that it becomes more and more popular in US too. It definitely uses less water. It does not damage clothes. It washes well. Not much you can ask for. The steam wash feature seems to work quite well if you want to save some ironing time, although you may still have to touch up some areas of your clothes. I like also that the washer tells you how much washing time there is still left. The only thing is that it uses only HE detergent designed for front loading washers, but you cannot really blame the washer for it. Just use your old detergent before buying a front loading washer :).

By ezco - Dec 12, 2007

LG Electronics WM2487HWM Washer

Strengths: Unit is vey quiet and efficient.

Weakness: None

I relaced my older Kenmore Limited Edition with this unit and absolutely love it. It does a great job, handles larger loads and you can't beat the steam function. Unit is very quiet as well.

By joseph5749 - Feb 23, 2007

I LOVE My New LG Washer ! : )

Strengths: Easy to use, quiet, saves water and electricity and MUCH cleaner clothes!

Weakness: None!

My Kenmore Elite High Efficiency Caliypso Washer(top loader with rocker plate)went out over 2 weeks ago, it was only 7 years old, but the pump went out and refurbish the rocker plate and U joint at a repair cost of $969.00. NO WAY!!!

I started researching the LG front loader high efficiency washers and choose this model because of the stellar reviews. I purchased mine from Sears and I paid $1,100.00. I must say how pleased I am with this washer.

The buttons are easy to use and you have 9 different cycles to choose from. I love the LED display that tells you where the cycle is from beginning to the end. I even love the little jingle it plays after the cycle is completed.

The washer is fairly quiet. It does make a loud humming noise during part of the cycle and when the water is first released it shudders my water pipes because of the pressure. But in general it is quiet to me. I wouldn't even know it was on with the exception of the 2 previous sounds described.

You need to make sure you wipe out the front rubber gasket completely and leave the washer door open after you are done to prevent mold and mildew. Make sure both washer and dryer are level, very important so that they can run at their optimum best.

I put in 4 twin blankets at a time and they came out clean and fresh. It will easily take a large king comforter too. The capacity is absolutely wonderful! That means less loads and even higher efficiency. I did notice my clothes were cleaner than any other washer I have ever used.
Everything came out super clean with no pre-treating. WOW!!!

I have not used the steam cycle, but that is the only one I haven't used yet. I will give you an update when I do finally use it.

I would HIGHLY recommend this washer. It may be a little pricey for some people, but it is worth EVERY penny!
GET IT!!! : )

By CindyKCC - Dec 17, 2007

Great LG Washer

Strengths: Steam clean, easy operation, larg capacity, quiet and energy saver

Weakness: washing time is bit long and pricy

My wife wanted a steam washer and the LG Red Tromm washer was her first choice. We went to BrandsMart and found the white one was cheaper than the red one. So we decided to get white. It's very quiet and I can wash a big load at a time. Also, it uses less water than regular washer, but works great. It automatically calculates a washing time and shows on the display. Adding more options, such as, prewash or extra rinse, will add more time to the total washing time. The washing time is bit longer than other washer I have used, but it doesn't really bother me. My wife was so excited about the steam wash. When we first got it, she was trying to see the steam coming out, but it was very hard to see. You can also turn on the internal light while it's running. The predefined load types, such as, baby wear or sanitary, make it easy to operate. Overall, I recommend this washer. I'm very satisfied with its performance.

By grwolf - Nov 18, 2007

Works just as advertised

Strengths: Quiet, Energy Saver, Great Rebates

Weakness: None so far

We were one of the unfortunate ones to have owned a Kenmore Calypso Washing Machine. What a nightmare! The only consolation was that I was able to scrap the stainless tub and get some $$ for it. I was reluctant to buy another "state of the art" washer but after reading all the positive reviews, I felt I could not go wrong and so far it is working as advertised. However I will get the extended warantee just in case as the jury is still out. But fundamentally it is well engineered.

By wleeor - Oct 10, 2007