LG WT1101CW White 27" Washer

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Green Compliance: Energy Star

Color: White

Tub Capacity: 4.3 cu. ft


Product Title: LG WT1101CW White 27" Washer

Manufacturer: LG

Lowest Price: $419.99 from Sears Outlet

Power Score: 4.3 | 67 Reviews

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Product Reviews (10)

Works better than my Maytag Bravo

This does not ball up my clothes or sheets like my Bravo did! The only drawback is that the bottom of tub is hard to reach and I really have to stretch to get a sock off the bottom. Im 5'3. May get a step if I really feel a need. Other than that I love it.

By Linda on Home Depot - Jun 17, 2013

So far so good

I spent way too much time researching a new washer and dryer. I was in the enviable place of NOT being in an emergency situation, so I could wait til something felt right. I liked the controls being moved to the front, the direct drive and the 10 year motor warranty. LG gets good ratings, although I was scared by some folks' stories, but there are horror stories for all makes. I've run a few...
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By NCGal on Home Depot - Jun 15, 2013

My clothes have never been so clean!

This is a great value for what this machine can do and handle. I absolutely love it! It can so many big beach towels at once and tackle a king comforter with ease. This machine is super quite and cleans my clothes so well. I went from a horrible LG front loader to this top loader, I will never go back to front loader. This spin cycle gets clothes almost completely dry and never had a problem with...
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By Rockstarmama17 on Home Depot - Jun 13, 2013

Stumbled at first but recovered superbly

My 1st washer leaked from the drum. I called and got a very pleasant and efficient customer service rep. Since it was Saturday and the holiday weekend she asked I call back Tuesday. When calling back I spoke to another very helpful rep that arranged to have my leaking machine picked up and the new one installed. The second delivery man was extremely helpful and made certain everything worked...
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By JimB on Home Depot - Jun 11, 2013

I won't buy another HE washer unless they improve somehow

I checked customer reviews before buying, and none had warnings. First red flag should've been the no-return policy. Normal/cotton setting runs for nearly an hour (inefficient). It goes thru all these gyrations to determine washer load (inefficient) without actually washing. Then the water level is so low that clothes at the top of a normal-size load stayed dry for the first 10 minutes of wash...
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By nana on Home Depot - Jun 8, 2013

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