Kenmore 3.6 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer - White Less than 4 cu. ft.


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Kenmore trusted in the homes of more than 100 million AmericansGet the energy and water savings of a high-efficiency washer in a top-load style with the Kenmore 21302 high-efficiency top-load washer. It uses 75% less water and 82% less energy, for an estimated savings over 2 years of $390*. And because this 3.6 cubic foot capacity Kenmore washing machine has a wash plate instead of an agitator, it has room for 30 extra-large T-shirts in one load.The high-efficiency white Kenmore 2130 washer has 11 cycles and the StainBoost option, which extends the wash cycle to help remove stains. Its stainless-steel wash basket is super-durable.The high-efficiency Kenmore 21302 washing machine requires HE laundry detergent.


Product Title: Kenmore 3.6 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer - White Less than 4 cu. ft.

Manufacturer: Kenmore

Lowest Price: $425.99 from Sears Outlet

Power Score: 2.9 | 7 Reviews

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HATE this washer. It broken down...

HATE this washer. It broken down completely after only 2 years of normal use. Now Sears wants me to spend another $240 for an extended warranty and repair. The washer was loud and took forever to do a load even on the express cycle. I am going back to a regular washer.

By btr101@hotmail.com_5503317850 - Jan 14, 2014

Within two days of the warranty...

Within two days of the warranty expiration, my Kennmore 2130 quit working properly. I do not think the washer fills properly and even using spot remover, clothes do not get clean. The spin cycle does not work at all. The washing cycle shows it is complete and the clothes are soaking wet. If I turn the dial to the spin cycle, it will spin. However, the clothes are not clean and it takes more than...
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By hope4u2.4@gmail.com_6920900192 - Aug 11, 2013

Hate my model 2130

Strengths: can't think of any

Weakness: just about everything

I bought my model 2130 Labor Day 2012 and I hate it. It takes me all day to do laundry and its just 2 of us! When I wash just one set of sheets they kinda Mushroom over the center and the rinse cycle just keeps going & going, I have to stop the machine and move the sheets around so the rinse cycle will finish. I'm afraid to wash anything larger than sheets, like bedspread or rugs, can't...
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By saugergal - Feb 9, 2013

Horrible Washer!

Strengths: None that I can think of other than the exterior.

Weakness: NOISY and ANNOYING!

This machine has a ridiculous amount of noisy, annoying clicking and humming sounds. Just got the washer today, Election Day, and will be calling Sears to have them pick it up ASAP! Not user friendly because immediately you think the noises you are hearing may be something had been broken within the washer. The humming sounds are reminiscent of a car needing major maintenance. I placed the washer...
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By TikiToo - Nov 6, 2012

Kenmore 2130 WASHER

Strengths: When new, it worked well.

Weakness: After a year and a half, the washer has quit working. None of the options work right, doesn't spin as fast so the clothes are still soaking wet when finished, repeats the wash cycle over and over

Would not recommend this washer to anyone. After 18 months it needs major repairs. Of course the warrenty expired after 12 months. I live alone and use this machine three times a week.

By Roger2012 - Sep 19, 2012

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