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G.E. Washer

Strengths: cheap

Weakness: bad quality

I purchased this 4 yr old machine with the understanding that it had a loud noise
and vibration in high speed spin after only 3 years of use. With over 30 years experience
in the maintenance field, I disassembled the drums. I found that bolted to the back of
the stainless steel inner drum was a cast metal support for the center shaft. This cast
support had corroded away and cracked in numerous places. Chunks and pieces of it were
caught in the discharge filter screen. I assumed that part number WH45X10079 had to be a
defect in engineering and some kind of recall or stainless steel replacement had to be
available. I could imagine that all that corrosion and decay had to be causing a nasty,
moldy smell to the previous owner. I tryed to contact G.E. to see if there were any recalls
or upgrades to this $400 part. G.E. customer service was not helpful or interested at all.
They said I would have to call a authorized G.E. service rep at a $75 house call that I
would have to pay, just to state the obvious that a 4 year old machine should not have
had this problem. I would not put the same part back in even if I could.
I am appalled that G.E. does not stand behind thier products or correct them.
Do not buy their machines. They take your money and run.

By mpolzin - Dec 28, 2009

Total Frustration

Strengths: washes

Weakness: smells bad, leaks, detergent build up.

I would not buy a front load washer again. This is nightmare of an appliance. It leaks water from the bottom and allows debris in the wash to clog the filter.
If you want an unhappy wife buy this washer.

By anonymous; - Feb 2, 2010

This machine really sucks Please do not buy this machice

Strengths: It sucks. It's a brand new machine and not working. I called GE and they send technician and he asked me to use high efficiecy detergent. I used it but still it not cleaning my cloth.

Weakness: Very difficult to use. No customer service from GE. I think GE is following the path of GM. I stopped buying american car long ago and now I think I should stop buying american appliance too.

My old washer was much better than this one. GE technician does not even know what to do and led me no where. I wasted my entire investment. It's a month since I bought it and I think I have to buy something else

By ripaishtiaq - Jul 11, 2006

GE Washer

Strengths: nil

Weakness: is unable to wash cloth

I agree this machine is really bad. I have owned the above machine for 5 months. I am extremely disappointed with the washing ability. My clothes are becoming grey and faded. Everyday family stains are not removed, even using a prewash stain remover (I have never needed one before with our family washing)I have tried every HE washing powder in our local supermarket. I have tried every wash cycle. The machine is rubbish.

By anonymous; - Jun 28, 2007