General Electric GHWN4250DWW White 27" Washer

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GE washers & dryers offers the ultimate in laundry performance and convenience. With energy-efficiency and water-savings at the top of the list, GE has created large-capacity washer and dryer products that not only clean your clothes with a gentle touch, but also give you more space for big (and therefore fewer!) loads.

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Green Compliance: Energy Star

washer type: top load


Product Title: General Electric GHWN4250DWW White 27" Washer

Manufacturer: General Electric

Power Score: 3.6 | 91 Reviews

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How can this be "Energy Efficient"

First, The machine will not fill with enough water to really agitate the clothes. I specifically bought this machine so I could control the water level. But with the minimal water the motor has to work that much harder to actually move the clothes around, (I think the extended warranty would be a good idea). Even though the machine has load size choices for water levels it still uses the minimum....
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By Suzie on Home Depot - Jun 16, 2013

Great washer, just different

This washer takes a long, long time to complete the wash cycle, as compared to my old machine. While the tub does hold more, I still have to separate whites, delicates, etc. into separate loads and my total washing time seems to be longer. Drying is quicker however, since the washer does an excellent job of wringing. My clothes are cleaned as expected, from delicates to jeans and sheets. I leave...
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By KC37 on Home Depot - Jun 14, 2013

Alot of specific features

This machine has great capacity and great features. I feel its the best after looking at all other models.

By tbbbt on Home Depot - Jun 11, 2013

fabulous value

We had 2 very expensive front loader machines (one German made one cost $1800) They both were trash within a few years. The drum breaks free of the supports that hold it horizontally and it cost more to fix than it's worth. So we decided to go "old school" and go back to a washer like the first one we had...a top loader. The clothes are just as clean, it's quieter than either of the expensive...
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By ALCH on Home Depot - Jun 7, 2013

silent and efficient

washer is dependable and efficient but onlt time will tell the durability of the stainless tub.

By jesse on Home Depot - Jun 4, 2013

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