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GE Adora washer ~ I can help!

Strengths: Now that it works again, cleans well. Spins most water out of clothes. Holds large load.

Weakness: GE does not stand behind their products.

I fixed my own washer!!! I had problems just 1 year after I bought this. GE would not help becuse even though I had it less than a year, I purchased it over a year prior to the problems. The washer would not drain, had very long cycles, would pause throughout washing, smelled bad. Turns out all I had to do was unscrew 3 screws from front lower panel and unscrew round drain plug. Be careful, use a cookie sheet to catch water and drain it slowely. I had quite a back up of water. The filter was completely blocked. I cleaned it out, ran 2 empty loads with vinegar. Works like new now!

By anonymous; - Sep 22, 2007

GE Adora gives Duet a run for the laundry

Strengths: SANITARY CYCLE STANDARD, NOT an "option", Super large capacity, Very Quiet, Easy to operate, Less noisey than competitors! SUPER CLEAN LAUNDRY!

Weakness: None about the Adora... The Duets had a LONG list... glad I let my X have them!

I thought it was only fair for me to share my experiences with both the Whirlpool Duet (Sanitary model, the $1,300+ washer) with the GE Adora. The GE Adora offers a sanitary option on most cycles, and they do not charge an additional $400-500 for this option. Also, the duet would only wash a total of 2 hours maximum, and often need an addtitional load or TWO run, to feel "clean". (there goes the 1/3 savings). The only major difference is the "high-spin" rate, in which the water/detergent/etc. is extracted from the clothing. The Duet does offer a higher spin rate, but this really is not that much. Considering the Adora's high spin rate is 1000+rpm... I would also consider the Adora to be the LESSER of the two as far as noise. The Adora sounds more or less like a regular washer, when on the HIGH spin cycle only... The duet sounded like a 747-400 taking off, and shook the entire house accordingly. I also noticed that using any "ordinary" detergent in the duet caused a "suds" feature to activate. Which basically spent more time, water and energy rinsing the items over and over. In the Adora, I have been using regular Gain ( I love the smell) with nothing but excellent results with the GE adora. The Adora spins the items at 1000+ rpm, which is almost "dry" when ready for the dryer. I spend a lot less time using the Adora than the Duet. Also, I really like being able to "change" the wash settings in the middle of the cycle on the Adora vs. the Duet. And to be honest, after giving the Duets to my X... I feel so much better with the Adora's.... I made out with the better end of the deal! Since I paid for the Duets, I still get all the service problems sheets. So glad I went with the Adora!

By Adrezeel - Sep 30, 2006

Super Washer @ Dryer Set

Strengths: Washes loads super clean regardless of load size. Quiet, very easy to use.

Weakness: Balancing the washer can be tricky, but if you follow instructions is possible.

Love this set. Very easy to use. Washes clothes super clean and spin cycle gets clothes almost dry, saving energy on drying. Machine is very quiet, but it has to be balanced correctly. I use almost all the cycles available, and find the pre-wash cycle very useful. One tip, keep washer door open in between washing laundry to avoid moisture build-up and smell. Cycles are longer than top loaders, but due to the small amount of water usage, the longer cycles are necessary.

By ebr1973 - Jan 11, 2007

Not Happy with this product

Strengths: It looks nice. It washes well when working correctly

Weakness: Does not work correctly very often. Smells like mildew. Filter clogs easily and often.

This machine does not work correctly very often. It costs almost $1000 and is not worth the money. It smells like mildew and the filter clogs often. When it clogs you have to take the front off the the washer, open the filter and suck it out with a shop vac. (A little trick I learned from the repair man) The problem is that you have to do this about every 6 to 8 weeks. If you are not a handy person with some tools this will be a huge expense in having the repair man come out 6 to 8 times a year. The bottom line is do not buy this product. It is not worth the money.

By skijaypeak - Apr 26, 2012

ge adora

Strengths: clothes are clean

Weakness: too long to wash and shreds clothing

We bought the set at Home Depot and was told they were our best option. Got them home and it seemed to work well. We noticed right away that no longer can you wash a small load quickly. You put it on speed wash and is says 38 min but still takes an hour to complete the cycle. The biggest complaint we have is that it has ruined about 30 pieces of clothing over the 2 years we have owned it. The funny thing is that it has been mostly brand new first washed clothing. I think it knows. Last straw it that it just tore up a brand new designer swim suit and now we are looking to get rid of theses and get something that will work. We should have never upgraded from our old set that worked fine.

By anonymous; - Apr 20, 2010


Strengths: Washes Great

Weakness: only lasted 3 years

I have had this washer for 3 years It has broke down on me and I have found out that there is a bearing in the back of the drum that wears out and you have to spend 500 dollars to replace the whole tub. I can buy a new washer for that price. Have had it shred several pices of clothing and have to empty the filter every 5th load of clothes.

By amatejowsky - Sep 19, 2009


The cycles are extremely long. Sometimes the washer will not spin out the clothes. They are so wet when I take them out, the water can be squeezed out. I thought the problem was because I had such a small load, but I did a full load and the same thing happened. When it does spin properly it sounds like a jet engine taking off. I have had service out and they cannot find any fault codes coming up. I would not recommend purchasing this item.

By anonymous; - Jan 25, 2006

GE Adora Washer and Dryer

Strengths: Gets clothes clean, uses less water than a top load. The dryer does and exceptional job. When they are operational.

Weakness: Reliability, and delivery of repair service

We have had our GE Adora less than a year. In the first 6 months the seal in the washer had to be replaced, and it took TWO WEEKS to get the part and have it installed. By the eighth month the drum in the dryer had to be replaced, it took TWO WEEKS to get the part and have it installed. Now at month eleven we have had the computer board go out in the washer, and the door latch fail as well. Time to get parts and repair TWO WEEKS. None of these failures were caused by misuse or abuse. All are being covered by warranty, but to have this much trouble with a new washer and dryer pair in this length of time is unacceptable. My last washer and dryer pair was purchased new and was used for 23 years! DO NOT BUY A GE ADORA!


By Beckjuardo - Apr 27, 2007

GE Adora from Home Depot

Strengths: Very Large, Cleans well, Energy efficient

Weakness: Takes a long time to wash a load of clothes, Spin cycle on high is noisey

I haven't had the pair for very long but, I was really amazed at how long it takes to wash the clothes with this system. My biggest surprise was the 59 minutes it took to wash a load of delicates which I use for about 12 Bras. The default setting to dry my delicates needed to be ran twice and they still were not dried. Luckily there is a setting on the dryer to just run for a duration of time.
For a normal load the cycle is 75 minutes and the drying time is a little less than my top loader. But it is still 36 minutes. Tack that onto the 75 minutes and it takes a little less than 2 hours to wash and dry. You can modify these settings a little and the run time can be a little faster but, I can't get anywhere near the time it took for my top loader. I asked a couple of people who have new front loaders if this is the norm. The response I got back is it appears that front load washers do take longer to run through a cycle than top loaders but, the GE Adora is really a snail.
I do not want to be totally negative. The clothes are very clean an there is a nice cool down feature on the dryer so, when I get the clothes out immediately after the buzzer, they are not hot. I can also say that in my older washer and dryer which were over 16 years old, it wasn't unusual to have to run the dryer a number of times to get certain clothes dry. The new one I only had issues with were my delicates.
I couldn't beat the price when I bought it from HomeDepot because I applied for a credit card to get an additional 10% off and they had a special to get a gift card with it. I really have to compare it with other washer and dryers in the price range which I paid for it. As much as I wanted a Whirlpool Duet I wasn't going to pay $1400 for just the washer. So, I tried to get the best Washer and dryer for my money. This may be it. I just have to be patient with the wash cycle. I just need to put a load in the washer and go find something to do for an hour or so. Maybe go for a nice long walk and when I come back they will be clean.
I am looking forward to getting my water and electrical bills. Than I think I will be more satisfied with this purchase.

By clvbrnfn - Feb 4, 2006

GE Adora from Home Depot

Strengths: larger loads very quiet energy star sanitary cycle dryel cycle less drying time because the spin cycle is so fast get the clothes rather dry

Weakness: takes a little longer for a wash but the loads are rather larger so it balances out in the end

We noticed after months the washer would keep running and would not drain. We found out after a Tech came out that you have to clean the trap of the washer every so often (it is not mentioned in the manual. You take off the front bottom panel and you will see a round trap door to the right turn it and pull out and you can clean the trap make sure you put a pan under because water will come out as well. After this was done my washer worked great. When the trap is full the cycles won't run

By Magane - Dec 6, 2006

GE Adora From Home Depot

Strengths: Quietness, load Capacity, features for the money

Weakness: Length of time to wash a load of Laundry

I got the GE Adora set just recently. The one thing that has really surprised me at this point is the time it takes to do a load of laundry. Do not get me wrong the washer cleans really well. The average time for a load of whites is 75 min, but once you start adding any additional features, like Extra rinse, Heavily soiled, and a pre-wash the time grows to an astonishing 110 min that’s 1 hour and 50 min for a single load of laundry! That’s a LONG time.

Now don’t get me wrong, in the grand scheme of things the time is the only draw back to the washer. The Dryer works really well, took only 40 min to dry the load of whites. The dryer also has a special setting for the “Dryel” Dry cleaning system. This is good for your dry cleaning. The dryer and washer also features a unique personalized setting called “My Cycle”. You can set a washer or dryer cycle that customized to your settings. I thought this was a unique option. One other option on the Washer that’s nice is the Sanitize setting. The washer has a built in Heating unit to raise the temperature of the water to 160 degrees (if your hot water from water heater is 120 degrees)

Another great feature about the washer is unlike many Front loader sets that require a solid foundation to control vibration, This set can be set on the second floor of a house or a house with a crawl space without vibrating things off the wall. For extra vibration protection it was suggested to me to place a piece of “Wonder Board” under the set. I went one step further and put 2 pieces under them (my washroom is on the second floor). The vibration even on High spin is minimal or equivalent to a top loading washer.

Over all I would suggest this pair to anyone. It’s a really good set for the money. I paid $899 for the Washer and $649 for the dryer and then $149 for each of the pedestals (rises both washer and dryer 13” off the floor and provides a large storage drawer on each). The delivery, set up and takeaway of my old set was only $55 (with a refund available for this service at the time I bought the set) and 0% interest and no payment for 12 months on my Home depot Credit card.

By fr8bearz - Mar 21, 2006

The Adora is great

Strengths: very clean clothes, whitest whites we have ever had. Nice to watch operate, nice to add all liquids at the start of wash, Internal Heater

Weakness: none yet

It's amazing.. We were really not wanting to spend 900 on a washer.. but it's exceeded every expectation.. amazingly clean clothes.. uses very little energy and water.. Super quiet.. low vibration.. hardly any. Internal Heater.
The cycles are longer.. but they are worth it..

By VirtualElvis - Feb 6, 2006

Not adoring my Adora...

Strengths: Hold a lot of clothes, uses less water, child lock for the buttoms and the "Add a Garment" feature.

Weakness: Time...time...time. This machine takes FOREVER to wash a load of clothes. The softener NEVER seems to make it's way to the clothes. The spin cycle is very loud.

I was completely sold on this Adora when we purchased 10 days ago. It looks great, has the internal heater and holds lots of clothes. But I was very disappointed after the very first wash. Maybe I was expecting too much, but for the price I was expecting more. The clothes came out hard and didn't have that normal clean smell. So I looked into the detergent/bleach/softener tray to see if there was a problem. That is where I found my first problem. The same amount of softener I added to the clothes at the beginning of the wash was still sitting in the tray. So I just figured I did something wrong and started the next load. This time I added a little more detergent to see if that would make a difference in getting that clean smell. Well this time the clothes came out smelling cleaner, but the softener did not work again. I called GE for help, but they didn't seem to understand why this problem was occurring. So offered to send out a repairman to see what was going on. The only problem was that this was going to take a week to get someone out.

I was also diappointed with the time it took to wash a load of clothes. Even my smallest load (a set of sheets) took 1:14 minutes to wash. I also attempted to wash a few stained shirts that I pretreated and added to the "stain" cycle. Those 4 shirts took 2:44 to wash, but I figured if it took out the stains it would be worth the time. Of course after waiting all that time ALL the stains remained.

So overall I am not happy with the machine and instead of waiting to have someone come out a repair a less than 2 days (at the time)machine I decided to have it returned. I picked out another machine and hope I have better luck with that front loader. I also hope the next one is a little quieter. This Adora was VERY loud when it is spinning the clothes. It vibrates the whole house.

By Washingmama - Apr 1, 2006

Not a happy camper!

Strengths: Washes big loads. Looks nice especially with the pedastals & gives me extra storage.

Weakness: Loud, smells, bleach spots on clothes, clothes don't get clean, malfunctions.

Purchased washer & dryer, 6mths afterwards a horrid mildew smell & the repair man took the filter off & cleaned it. The smell came right back, so I used a rag dipped in vinegar & wipped out around the rubber seal. Then after each use, I leave the door open & empty the water from the drawer/detergent area. Now a year later, after washing whites & adding bleach, I noticed bleach stains on my towels & clothes! So I thought maybe I should do the extra rinse after adding bleach, nope this hasn't helped either. So I do a complete rinse & spin cycle, which helps but not completly. Now I've owned them 3 yrs, still unhappy but cannot afford to buy another. Well yesterday the washer stops working completly! The door locks, then unlocks, water comes then it's "pauses" itself, over & over! We called to see what the repair or warranty was, I would be better off buying a NEW washer! husband thought to unplug the washer & let it sit & see if it will reset itself. IT DID! I've washed 3 loads so far! Hopefully that won't happen anymore & I will NEVER buy another frontloader made by GE. The dryer is fine & never one problem!

By brianshny - Feb 17, 2010


Strengths: Uses less water

Weakness: A washer that doesn't wash? Long wash time, spin cycle noisy and HE detergent a little more expensive.

I purchased the pair three months ago. I was impressed with it for about a month then after some loads the clothes were soaked at the end of the spin cycle. I called for service and after a couple days the service tech showed up. He told me that GE only offers an on-line training video, not a hands-on training class which the other manufacturers do. He had to read the service manual while servicing it. He took the front panel off and removed an adult sock from the drain. He did not understand how an adult sock could get past the seal. It worked for another month then the drain pump would run at the beginning of cycle instead of fill with water. Another service call. Different service tech same result, reading the service manual while on the phone with GE. (Both techs have been servicing appliances for 20+ years.) The error codes indicate a defective fill sensor and door lock although the door lock works fine. GE will not allow the service tech to purchase the parts from the local parts distributer who they could get the parts in two days. They have to order them from GE's warehouse in Texas and it will take 7-10 working days. I called GE's consumer support number to see if they could expedite the delivery but they told me that was just how it works. So it's been over a week and still waiting on parts. Owned for three months unable to wash 3 weeks and counting.....will never buy a GE product again!

By ja42000 - Aug 3, 2006

I love the Adora pair!

Strengths: Clothes are SO clean,Wash cycle & spin are quiet,They look wonderful. Dryer works like a dream. I have 3 kids and do day care & I just LOVE them!

Weakness: None yet

The washing is long but My clothes have never been cleaner!!! Im totally sold on these I think they are the best in their price range! Im a happy Owner!

By Brianswife00 - Apr 20, 2006

GE adora washer

Strengths: worked for less then 6 days

Weakness: broke down after 6 days door wouldnt stay closed tightly

I went to home depot and bought the GE adora washer dryer pair. I will NEVER BUY from HOME DEPOT AGAIN! 1st they didnt bring the gas dryer which I ordered, said i ordered an electric one. My adora washer worked great for 5 days then began to leak detergent from the door. The door wouldnt stay tightly closed. When the dryer came it was without the drawer and didnt work at all. I fought days to get it returned. They wanted to repair it but I didnt feel I should have paid for 2 lemons. Run away from this store and adora

By njt - May 3, 2006

GE Adora Washing Machine

Strengths: None

Weakness: the entire unit

If you are in the market for a washer/dryer, this model is nothing but trouble. I am searching for parts now but the price of the part is more than the washer is worth. The part that is to last the longest has broke into many pieces and the cost of repair is 500+. To keep your sanity please do not buy GE products you will be left with a huge repair bill.

By Kengoetz - Apr 14, 2012

GE Adora washer

Strengths: Absolutely none!

Weakness: Too many to mention

Biggest load of ....that has ever been sold in the guise of a washing machine! away fast!

By anonymous; - Jan 12, 2012

General Electric Adora WHDVH626FWW Washer

Strengths: faster spin

Weakness: Everything, and I don`t complain much

Replaced tub and complete housing tub is in, control board, door lock, and now broke down again today.I did all these parts myself and got a descent price online for the parts, but !!! I think I found a nice target for my rifles to take care of. What a piece of junk!!!! O yea the laundry does smell terrible some times and doesn`t come out of the clothes, so i had to throw them out.

By anonymous; - Aug 12, 2011

adora from home depot

Strengths: Nothing

Weakness: Hasnt worked since i bought it in november.

Absolute junk-i bought this at home depot in november and it has not worked right since.The was does not rinse or spin on any cycle 2 repair men have come out and still nothing.GE customer service is the worst i have ever seen in my life.Do not buy this or anything from ge you will regret it.

By corvette744 - Feb 10, 2013

whdvh626fww front load washer

Strengths: none

Weakness: will not spin all water out on large loads or single item loads.

Washer leaves clothes too wet. Does not have a way to just respin. Have had repair man out twice in less then six months with no reselts. Wish I had never bought this washer.

By anonymous; - Jan 2, 2007


Strengths: NONE


I bought my GE Adora less then a year ago & start to noticed that there are leakage everywhere. I thought maybe I overload it but after another couple times the problem was not mine but it was the machine. Same thing with my clothes being ripped, first I thought it was due to the aging of the clothes but when it ripped my brand new favorite Ann Taylor sweather then the machine is no longer an innocent appliance but a very poorly designed machine. Beside that, my children complained about their smelly clothes even after we just take it out from the dryer.

Overall this machine should not be recommend to anyone and the builder need to reconsider their design because it will ruin GE name in the long run. I will never recommend this to anyone even if it cost $100 to purchase a brand new appliance because to see the result after each load after 4 months into purchasing then you began to judge your own sanity vs the appliance and it is definitely not worth it.

By vivitrans - Dec 28, 2006


I purchased my GE Adora Washer as a scratch and dent at Home Depot. Was told that Home Depot Techs had checked it out and it was like new. we used it for 4 months. Very poor performance from day 1. Our clothes were always damp after the spin cycle and the washer made so much noise during the spin cycle we knew something was not right. We called in for repairs due to the poor performance and the noise. The tech said the clutch was bad, the drum had fallen and it was not worth the repair costs. Home Depot replaced the washer, with a top of the line LG. No problems. Never GE again.

By harrisnorth@satx.rr.com_485723 - Sep 5, 2013


Strengths: None

Weakness: The whole machine

We have had this machine for 5 years. Since the first use, the washer has always been bouncing around when washing the cloths. It takes long periods of time to finish a wash cycle. The repair technician has come twice to try and fix the problems, but nothing could be done. At 5 years, the machines' bearings were destroyed, causing a burning smell and lots of smoke. GE did offer to replace the parts that cost $700 as a goodwill gesture, but we would have to pay for the labor, which was about $400. Not worth it. GE should have considered paying the whole amount. We paid $1,100 for this machine and it should have lasted much longer. We took it out of its misery and put it to rest. No problems with the dryer, it works great.

By BBBBBBBBBBB - Nov 29, 2012

GE Adora Washer (WHDVH660HWW) long term review

Strengths: None at all...

Weakness: Reliability, product defects, lack of GE service, everything...

What a piece of junk we bought for $1000! We bought this washer and matching dryer for $2000 at Home Depot about 7 years ago. The problems atarted right away and were all "out of balance" related. The service guy came out, relevel the washer and pronounced it "fixed". Less than a week later the washer is unbalanced and even though it's on a level concrete basement floor, I cannot get it to stop walking all over the basement floor dutring the spin cycle. The washer has actually destroyed the laundry tub and the metal cabinet is now torn on both front corners as this washer literally tears itself apart as it spins.The technician was called again but this time he refused to come out and claimed that "this is the way these front loaders operate". We've lived with this junk all this time and I have to removev the front panel once a month to clean out the filter (great design there, GE!). Now the washer is starting to randonly shred clothing and we're fed up with it!We have had our GE Profile microwave oven ($500) and the GE Profile dishwasher ($500) die within a few years and we'll NEVER buy anything from GE ever again!

By azasadny - Aug 24, 2012

Adora Reliability Questionable

Strengths: New Digital Technology, Large Capacity

Weakness: Low Manufacturing Quality Control

We bought our Adora pair at Home Depot. After just 3 washes, the agitator came loose in the spin cycle and caused major internal damage to the washer basket! My wife called me immediately after this incident and I assessed the damage. Apparently, a piece of clothing worked its way underneath the agitator assembly and pried it loose from its mount causing severe mechanical damage by grinding inside the tub. It also created very loud grinding noises as a consequence. We returned the machine to Home Depot where they swapped out a replacement right away.The jury is still out on this Adora pair we purchased. I suppose only time will tell.

By anonymous; - Jul 8, 2012

GE Adora Front Loading Washer--JUNK

There is a basic design flaw in this machine. The lint trap is not accessible except by entirely removing one of the front panels on the machine which would be OK, I guess, if you only had to do this about once a year. Unfortunately, you have to do this after practically every load or the machine does not drain properly and you are left with soaked, unwashed, smelly clothing. I have removed hoses and cleaned them in hopes that this would remedy the situation. I notice that a lot of people have this problem with this machine. I suspect that the drain pump is probably the real culprit and GE really should "Company Up" and place a recall on the part.

By anonymous; - Jun 8, 2011

GE Adora is horrible - shredding my clothes!

Strengths: not a single thing

Weakness: the whole thing

I've had this washer for almost 2 years, but started having trouble with it within the first 6 months. The first problem was that is shredded, I mean absolutely SHREDDED a pair of shorts. I called GE service - they didn't know what caused it so they replaced the boot. Several months later, shredded another pair of shorts. To date I have had the boot rip (and replaced) 5 times. It has shredded 12 shirts/shorts. It chooses not to spin sometimes, or it spins so hard it shreds clothes. I've had the controller replaced. Bottom line - this is a piece of crap product. GE service is even worse. Don't waste your time or money on this.

By neveragainGE89 - Jan 27, 2008

Tears clothing and have had dryer repaired 4 times in 6 months

Strengths: Clean clothes

Weakness: Tears clothing, very long wash time

We have had our GE set for just under 6 months and have been very disappointed with the reliability. We had many pieces of torn and burned clothing and assumed that it was caused by the dryer until we washed a shirt and got it out to hang to dry and saw the same tears we had been experiencing in other clothing peices. We assume the burn marks are caused by friction with the clothing getting stuck somewhere in the machine. The dryer has a piece of insulation like material around the drum that keeps coming out and has now been repaired 4 times. We have also experienced infrequent problems with the dryer not completely drying the clothing. I am very disenchanted with any GE appliance at this point and will not even consider the brand for future appliance purchases.

By anonymous; - Aug 27, 2007

Don't do it!!!

Strengths: Looks nice... I guess.

Weakness: Reliability poor (Complete breakdown within 3 months). Field service availability poor (2 week wait for GE rep), Parts availability poor (10 day wait), Customer Service poor.

Major machine malfunction (rear drum cracked) 3 months after purchase. Service reps need to disassemble entire machine to repair (2 man job!). GE Customer Service... Poor, Poor, Poor. 2 week wait for GE service rep, 10 days for part delivery. Nothing like a month staring at a brand new unusable washer! When asking about getting the machine replaced under warrentee I was transferred to a rep who was confrontational with me before I even explained my problem. Zero concern for customer satisfaction.

GE never again!!

By tripCDs - Dec 14, 2006

Mildew smell clothes and spin cycle that leaves clothes soaking

Strengths: Look nice...clean clothes great...when working properly!

Weakness: Leaves clothes smelling like mildew after about 6 months. Also washer is moody and often will wash and not spin all the water out...leaving clothes soaking.

We had had these machines for almost 6 months and have had them serviced 3 times. Finally, GE is willing to replace the washer completly plus offer us some insurance for our damaged Mildewy smelling clothing.

If I had it to do over....I would not get a front loader....It makes me sad to write this...because I really love the way they look....but mildew smelling clothes is a deal breaker! And having to wring out my laundry in the sink before I put it in the dryer is a deal breaker.

PS. Dryer works awesome!

By smdearmas - Dec 9, 2006

Door Leaks 2 Days After Delivery

Strengths: Couldn't tell you yet

Weakness: Doors leaked 2 days after delivery. GE Service refuses to return imediatly to service or exchange for 1 week!!!

Just purchased the GE Adora from Home Depot. Two days after delivery the front door of the washer began to leak. I have tried to play nice. GE service refuses to return to repair or exchange after delivering a faulty product. Buyer Beware !!!!!!!!

By mpkuczynski - Nov 27, 2006

Liking our Adora

Strengths: Quiet, clothes come out almost dry, cleans very well.

Weakness: Longer cycles can be a pain.

My wife and I bought this when our 6 yr old Mayjunk TL died for the fourth time.

Did some research on various FL's and decided we could not match the GE's features/pricepont with anything else out there. Plus we have owned a GE refridge and stove set for years with zero problems.

To date we have been very pleased with the washer, it has taken some time to learn how to use it efficiently though.

We have adjusted our washing methods to better use the FL's capacity (Exceptional) in that instead of 10-12 loads per week we now do 6-8 max. This makes up, to a great extent, for the longer cycles. You can also use the speed wash setting to minimize washing time.

For really long cycle loads we use the delay feature and have them ready to go into the dryer in the am when we wake up.

We have dropped our soap useage by about 60% w/o compromising the clothes cleanliness. (They are actually cleaner)

All in all, to date, we are extremely happy with this machine. Hopefully it will give us years of satisfaction, if not I will update this review.

By ishmael2k - Sep 23, 2006