General Electric Adora WHDVH626FWW Washer

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Green Compliance: Yes

Tub Capacity: 3.7 cu. ft

washer type: front load


Product Title: General Electric Adora WHDVH626FWW Washer

Manufacturer: General Electric

Power Score: 2.3 | 34 Reviews

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I purchased my GE Adora Washer as a scratch and dent at Home Depot. Was told that Home Depot Techs had checked it out and it was like new. we used it for 4 months. Very poor performance from day 1. Our clothes were always damp after the spin cycle and the washer made so much noise during the spin cycle we knew something was not right. We called in for repairs due to the poor performance and the...
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By harrisnorth@satx.rr.com_485723 - Sep 5, 2013

adora from home depot

Strengths: Nothing

Weakness: Hasnt worked since i bought it in november.

Absolute junk-i bought this at home depot in november and it has not worked right since.The was does not rinse or spin on any cycle 2 repair men have come out and still nothing.GE customer service is the worst i have ever seen in my life.Do not buy this or anything from ge you will regret it.

By corvette744 - Feb 10, 2013


Strengths: None

Weakness: The whole machine

We have had this machine for 5 years. Since the first use, the washer has always been bouncing around when washing the cloths. It takes long periods of time to finish a wash cycle. The repair technician has come twice to try and fix the problems, but nothing could be done. At 5 years, the machines' bearings were destroyed, causing a burning smell and lots of smoke. GE did offer to replace...
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By BBBBBBBBBBB - Nov 29, 2012

GE Adora Washer (WHDVH660HWW) long term review

Strengths: None at all...

Weakness: Reliability, product defects, lack of GE service, everything...

What a piece of junk we bought for $1000! We bought this washer and matching dryer for $2000 at Home Depot about 7 years ago. The problems atarted right away and were all "out of balance" related. The service guy came out, relevel the washer and pronounced it "fixed". Less than a week later the washer is unbalanced and even though it's on a level concrete basement floor,...
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By azasadny - Aug 24, 2012

Adora Reliability Questionable

Strengths: New Digital Technology, Large Capacity

Weakness: Low Manufacturing Quality Control

We bought our Adora pair at Home Depot. After just 3 washes, the agitator came loose in the spin cycle and caused major internal damage to the washer basket! My wife called me immediately after this incident and I assessed the damage. Apparently, a piece of clothing worked its way underneath the agitator assembly and pried it loose from its mount causing severe mechanical damage by grinding...
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By anonymous; - Jul 8, 2012

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