Fagor White Front Load Energy Star Washer

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The Fagor Front Loading Energy Star Washer (FA-5812) brings technology to laundry. This standard-size washer can handle up to 18 lbs of laundry in one load, so you'll run fewer loads and spend less time. With the Turbo-Time Plus system, these are the fastest-working washers on the market. They also have the highest ratings for wash quality and energy efficiency. Fagor's commitment to efficiency and environmental responsibility is indicated by its Energy Star rating. The washer's interactive LCD screen allows you to control and monitor the wash cycle with RPM selection (up to 1,200), delayed start, time remaining, ending time, and a child safety lock. An instant opening system allows the hatch to be opened at the end of each cycle, so you don't have to wait until the end of the washing program. The door even opens automatically with the push of a button. An oversized 13 hatch opening with 180° door opening makes loading and unloading much easier, while a tilted drum washes clothes more thoroughly and adds to ease of access. The Advanced Balance System cuts out vibrations, dramatically reduces noise, and extends the life of the washer. A multi-purpose detergent compartment accepts either powder or liquid detergent, and it detaches easily for convenient cleaning. An optional washing machine stand adds drawer storage beneath the washer. Interactive LCD: The convenient interface provides constant information about the wash cycle, including remaining time, program duration, selected functions, and selected RPM Variable spin speed: Adjust the spin speed from 0-1200 RPM to suit the application Optional stand: Keep unsightly laundry supplies hidden until needed with drawer storage space beneath your washer Hardware included with set: When you purchase this item along with the Fagor White Condensation Dryer (SFA-8CE) you'll also receive a column kit with hardware to facilitate safe stacking as well as a 220V dual outlet splitter box Purchase the Fagor FA-5812 Washer AND Fagor SFA-8CE Condensation Dryer and qualify for a $200 mail-in rebate. Click here to download the rebate form.


Product Title: Fagor White Front Load Energy Star Washer

Manufacturer: Fagor

Power Score: 3.4 | 2 Reviews

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Fagor FA-5812

Eco-rate gives the Fagor FA-5812 2.5 stars based on its energy efficiency (64% above Federal Standard); water efficiency (5197 average gallons of water consumed annually); current purchase price; and other environmental and economic considerations...
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By ecorate.com - Feb 6, 2010

Fagor FA5812

The Fagor FA5812 is a mid-cost front load washer. With a two cubic foot capacity, this washer measures up at least two cubic feet smaller than comparable front load washers in this price range. To get a load going on the FA5812, you need only select white/color and then indicate the soil level of the garments you have put in the washer. The FA5812 will analyze the fabric type and garment...
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By productwiki.com - Dec 12, 2011

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