Danby Twin Tub DTT420 White 29" Washer

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The Danby Twin Tub Washer features a large wash tub and separate high speed spin extractor. Designed to save on energy costs, it uses less than 200 watts of electricity per load. It has a 10 lb. tub capacity and 2 wash actions (normal and gentle). It features a full size adapter, wash timer, galvanized steel cabinet, easy access lint filter, high speed spin dry basket (1400 RPM), quick connect to tap, safety lid, easy roll castors, and has a super quiet operation. Manual operation assures that every load is done exactly as you want it- nothing is left to chance!

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washer type: portable


Product Title: Danby Twin Tub DTT420 White 29" Washer

Manufacturer: Danby

Power Score: 4.4 | 2 Reviews

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Strengths: The washer is huge.. I was really expecting some tiny washer but its size came as a suprise. It's as large as some of the washing machines I use at the laundromat. Best of all It washes clothes well

Weakness: It is relatively quiet but its vibrations can be felt throughout the apartment. I would recommend you to put a towel under the unit to minimize the vibrations.

overall, a great purchase! I am so much happier now that I don't have to drag my clothes 4 blocks to wash/dry at the local laundromat. Well worth the $$

By jev84 - Nov 8, 2006

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By bestcovery.com - Jan 7, 2010

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