Amana NAV5800AWW Washer

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washer type: top load


Product Title: Amana NAV5800AWW Washer

Manufacturer: Amana

Power Score: 1.3 | 3 Reviews

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Strengths: It didn't explode and burn my house down.

Weakness: Leaks bad in the third and fourth year. VARY LOUD IN SPIN CYCLE I MEAN REALLY LOUD. Did I mention it leaks bad.

Attention!!! Buyer beware. MAYTAG,AMANA, WHIRLPOOL,AND 90% of all washing machines are made by the same company. They will not stand behind the main shaft leak problem that I have in my AMANA nav5800 aww. This thing is bearly 4 years old and it destroyed my floor. A service call is over a hundred dollars just to enter my house. The thing looks brand new and its going to be out with the junk at...
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By anonymous; - Dec 31, 2008

Extremely noisy - should have known better

Strengths: Cheap

Weakness: Cheap

Amana is part of the Maytag family. I thought it would have family traits of being reliable. Wrong! The price was attractive at approximately $300. As soon as we got it home it was making this very loud grinding noise when spinning. Should have returned it right then and there. But we thought, we can live with the noise if it's reliable. After less than 2 years of use for a family of three, it is...
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By dpyang - Jun 10, 2007

Not built to last

Strengths: Washes and spins clothes fine, and capacity is adequate.

Weakness: Not built to last.

After 1 year and 5 months of "family of three" use, this Amana washer started making high whining noises, like a jet firing up for takeoff. As soon as we started to notice moderate leaking on the floor after 1 year and 8 months of use, we called for repair. Washer repair is estimated at $200-$300. With further investigation, we have concluded the washer design is poor, and that the problem will...
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By MarthaMuth - Sep 4, 2005

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