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Don`t buy it .I got 5 years...

Strengths: nice look front loading,quite

Weakness: really bad customer service from Equator.Including managment Don`t buy it

Don`t buy it .I got 5 years protection plan for this washer/dryer .During first year of using it broke 3 times.
Repair service can`t fix it because they can order parts only from Equator.
Equator warehouse is out of stack for that parts .
Probably they are breaking so often so they are unable to have enough to provide them for all customers.
Once Again DON`T BUY IT.
If you need washer get American brand .

By mariuszek69 - Jan 21, 2005


Strengths: Absolutely nothing good about the Equator EZ3612CEE -- it has spend most of it's time with me being inoperable.

Weakness: HORRIBLE machine, has broken down 5 times in less than 2 years--now it can't be fixed!! HORRIBLE customer service from India, they barely speak English and are clueless on how to help...more below.

Let me preface this by saying I spent a good deal of time after buying this machine reading the manual thoroughly to make sure I knew how to operate it properly. I made sure it was level...I emptied my pockets before putting the clothes in...I made sure I never exceeded the load limits...I used the recommended detergents, etc. When I received the machine and tried to run it the first time the dryer function was broken. Got it fixed, then 2 months after that the machine ceased to operate and the dials started clicking around and it fixed again. Then the motherboard burned up and had to be replaced (this was all within the first 8 months I owned the machine!). Then the pump it fixed again. The machine then worked for about 6 months, which was the longest period of time it would ever work, THEN it burned up the motherboard again! After that was replaced it worked for about 3 months, then something went POP! and all the electric lights went off and it smelled of smoke. The serviceman came over, worked on the machine for over 2 hours, then told me he couldn't fix it. So now I'm waiting on GE (they're the ones who maintain the extended warranty) to send me a check for a replacement.

I've read reviews for this on other sites as well as this one and they are ALL bad. Knowing this, it is absolutely incredible and inexcusable that Equator NEVER issued a recall for this pile of junk. This, along with the fact that they obviously released this machine without thorough testing it first proves Equator is a fly-by-night company that should be sued and put out of business. If you buy this machine, buy a table cloth to put on top of it, because you are NOT going to be able to use it for your clothes.

By lostinbaldwinpark5 - Feb 27, 2006

One more no vote for this machine it's manufacturer and field support

Bought this machine about 3 years ago in Berkeley at General Appliance Store.
This has been a consistantly poor experience. The machine has needed multiple repairs both in and out of the one year warranty. There is only one repair person in the entire Bay Area and although hardworking he is unable to repair the machine. The store where I purchased it is unwilling/unable to give me a refund. The lone repair person has had my machine at his shop for over 6 weeks and will not respond to my calls.

By 132343 - Feb 4, 2006


I have owned this machine for three years now. During that time it has broken three times!! The first time it broke it was under warranty. The pressure control switch broke and it took one month before the company finally got someone to come to my home to repair it. The motor broke the second time around and it cost me $350.00 to have it repaired. Recently, it broke again and the dryer now does not work. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE!!! I expected this to be a reliable machine. I read all the reviews and everyone ranted and raved about it. I especially thought it would be a great machine given the hefty price tag on it.

By smeli75 - Dec 4, 2005

If I will be know – I will be NEWER purchase anything from Equator

Strengths: NO

Weakness: Poor engineering solution

I purchased this laundry machine in October 2005 with warranty. Unfortunately, the machine wasn’t working properly since. Extremely poor engineering solution, lot of plastic parts, which not hold weight, spinning cycle forced machine to move from place, lick of water, motherboard burned… It seems like every single part stop working after while. Customer representatives from Equator NEVER return calls, there is no way to talk with somebody who can help solve problem. They simply ignore problem for more then 4 month. I can’t believe!
If I will be know – I will be NEWER purchase anything from Equator – totally unethical company!

By ice794160 - Mar 3, 2006

Do not buy this machine!

Strengths: Small, doesn't need a gas line

Weakness: Takes very long to dry. Breaks easily. Customer service practically non-existent.

We bought this machine for about $900 in 2003. You can't open the door while the machine is running - it locks and there is apparently no way to unlock it. Our door handle broke off the door within a month and the latch is so complex that the clothes were stuck inside until we could use a knife to physically force the door open. When we called the company, we got an answering machine. We left a message. We had to call back a week later and leave another message. Finally we got through to someone who sent us a replacement latch for the door WITH NO INSTRUCTIONS! If the latch was simple to install, we would have had it done by now, but it's quite a complex door handle and now we've been trying everything to figure it out. The dryer is nice if you don't have a gas hookup in your home (it runs on electric), but it takes SOOOO LONG for the clothes to dry in it and it smells like a melting plastic when the dryer is run and causes the clothes to smell, too. Do not buy this machine. Stick to regular washers and dryers.

By anonymous; - Jun 27, 2006

Think twice

Strengths: compact size, ventless

Weakness: service

compact size is great. Machine has broken down 3 time in 1.5 years. It took months for parts and this 3rd breakdown the dealer I purchased it from refuses to work on it. He says they can get no parts, no customer/dealer service and has removed the machines from his sales floor. First repair was water leak, 2nd - washer timer, 3rd - washer timer again.

By anonymous; - Mar 5, 2006