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Wind storm was like a toy

Strengths: None

Weakness: Does not make for a heavy cleaning as the small paper cup filter clott quickly and need a replacement to continue for effective vacuuming.

It's the same former purported "Singer" lazer storm who got caught up with a sue from Singer. This company subsequently drop its name and change it to Windstorm minus "Singer" logo on the vacuum. I bought one and was very dissatisfied with its performance. You need a few filters per vacuuming as it clots up quickly and does not perform unless you change a new filter. Filters are poorly made and expensive. They advertised 3 packs for $5.99 but on check out it's more then $25 with shipping. The ads is written to deceive. What a scam. Ordered mine when it was under "Singer"Lazer Storm name. Filters never arrived despite paying more then $25. I don't want to pay for the expensive filters but without the extra filters the vacuum cleaner is pretty useless. VISA gave me a refund eventually.

By ptsong - Nov 25, 2005

Wind Storm (Wind Gust)

Strengths: It Folds (Big Deal)

Weakness: I can't name them all. Oh, let's not forget customer service

Well, let's see this is a piece of junk. the worst purchase I ever made. It does nothing it claims to do on the infomercial I put it up to a suction test with my Kerby Gen 5 and it failed. oh, but if you want a good deal buy the suction cup used in the refrigerator demo on TV that's what's doing the lifting you can do the same thing with any vacuum that has any suction at all. Oh another thing Customer service is a JOKE. I had dispute the charge from my credit card company to get my money back.

By pete1963 - Dec 26, 2005

singer lazer storm

its not bad . but they are not made anymore and you cannot get any more filters for it so if anyone out there has got some extra filter they want to sell please contact

By anonymous; - Jun 16, 2007

Singer Lazer Storm Vaccume

Strengths: No messy bags to replace, Handy cleaning tools, unbelivable light weight

Weakness: NONE

This unbelievably light weight vacuum glides over my kitchen floor leaving it very clean. The clear view dust cup that replaces dust bags no longer makes this job difficult as it also folds easily in our garage. I am able to clean all corners and under furniture especially where the dust tends to hide. I bought one and received one more free vacuum that i think ill give as a gift. Im sure someone can enjoy the other vacuum as much as i enjoy mine.

By custcr - Oct 11, 2005