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Reviews for Pro Shock Shark Np319 Lift around Vacuum


Product Reviews (1)

This is the best portable vacuum

Strengths: Light weight, great suction, good variety of tools

Weakness: Crevice tool could be longer (for getting under furniture.

I just bought this vacuum at Target two days ago. It's EXACTLY what I've been looking for since moving into a house with all hardwood and tile floors. We have two cats, and this vacuum is light enough to carry around the house to spot-vacuum cat fur, dust, etc. The hose and extension wand also make it handy for dusting the MANY louvred shutters and doors in our house. We have a Dust Buster, but it's really not adequate for much of anything, because it has very wimpy suction and no extension tools. The Lift Around has GREAT suction. I tested it in several areas that are hard to clean, and it actually even works better than my large Hoover with extension tools, but is just so much easier to move around. I'd recommend this vacuum to anyone with pets and hardwood floors. It's not big enough for carpet, but I think it's good for any other surface.

By anonymous; - Apr 2, 2012