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Awesome power!

Great hoover vacuum! Tools with lots of suction and strong beater bar on main unit! Over all great vacuum! Just a bit heavy but not overly heavy.

By flanny on Home Depot - May 1, 2013

Just perfect

I searched and searched for a vacuum that is strong enough to pick up cat hairs on my rugs yet is good for all my hard word floors. This is the one so far it works great and a breeze to use. Gets my rugs cleaned with lots of power and gets the dust bunnies and crumbs from the hardwood floors without blowing it around or scratching them.

By Nona on Home Depot - Apr 9, 2013

Great vacume for the money

Bought this as a second vacume so we did not have to cary one up and down the stairs. It is the same as the one we already have only a several years newer. The old one was great so we pretty much new what we were getting. Only issue is that it squeals if you try to pull it back too fast. If you just pull the handle and let it come by it self it seems to stop the noise. We had the same issue with the old one.

By sparkman on Home Depot - Apr 3, 2013

Great product with many features

Have had this vacuum for less than a month. It is as would be expect still working extremely well and the 'clean' light on it is telling us that the old Hoover was well past its' prime. The self propelled feature is excellent, both the wife and I have back pain and this feature makes it so that neither of us have to take prescription drugs to vacuum. A potential problem might be that the self propel mechanism is making a nasty noise when it goes in reverse on occasion. Time will tell how that works out.

By Pathfinder on Home Depot - Mar 20, 2013

Suction great, design not so much

This suction is so good it could take the tarter off your teeth and it glides across the floor like a featherweight. The problem is with the design for tools on the back. My old Hoover cord wrapped back neatly and all the tool heads packed into a compartment on the front and I could unravel small bits at a time if I had only small areas to vacuum. I defy anyone to do the same with this cord unless you stuff it back behind the hose which means you have to unravel the entire thing and detach the hose to start work. I'm not even sure that's how it's supposed to fit. The manuel instructions and diagrams are vague to positively frustrating. Also, not nearly enough wands to reach our ceiling and we have a low ceiling! Luckily I had my old Hoover to cannibalize but all those wands sticking up makes for awkward storage. Other pieces fall off while you're vacuuming.

By Marvin on Home Depot - Feb 1, 2013

no problem

This product vacuumes well. Motor drive works good

By Rick on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2013

Hoover keeps getting better

Strengths: Dual Hepa Filters, Amazing cat/dog hair brush that really works, self propelled So no strain, Gorgeous color (these things matter to a woman)Cost HALF what I paid for thIS model 15 years ago,AMAZING!

Weakness: I haven't found any yet.

I know electronics are getting better and cheaper, but who would have thought the same true of a vacuum cleaner?! This is a replacement for a self propelled Hoover that was about 15 years old which got a lot of rough handeling. This one cost $200 vs $400 for the old one. This one has hepa filters (2) that really work (ask my asmatic husband) and there is this little attachment that actually removes cat hair from virtually anything. (we have three cats) NOTHING I have tried before does THAT. This is lighter, easier to handle, and just plain does a superior job. I don't know if this one will last through 15 years of rough handeling, but the way things are going at Hoover, I'm looking forward to my NEXT one. And NO I don't work for them. Just like the brand because of such good experiences. And did I mention the GREAT blue color. Whoever did that deserves a star. And for half the price, same vacuum but not self propelled. Just get one. You'll thank me.

By ASH3144; - Dec 11, 2009

Hoover - Do Not Buy

Weakness: Failed after two weeks

This vacuum will NOT vacuum up pet hair. It will quit and burn out. After two weeks of vacuuming it failed. The motor quit, would not reset and the belt broke. In the two weeks the vacuum was used no more than four times for less than an hour each time. Hoover admitted it would not handle pet hair. They refused a refund or repair or replacement of this vacuum. Our Hoover case # 00677611. Do not buy this Hoover Vacuum no matter what Consumer Reports review says.

By alaskandww - Jul 24, 2012

Outstanding machine

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the tools/attachments could be better secured to the body. Their current mounting scheme does work but it's a little flimsy and sometimes a bit of a bother. Otherwise, the suction power is outstanding and the carpet beater/whisker does an excellent job. The motorized assist was a pleasant surprise and the wife uses that function constantly. The trigger for it being in the handle makes me wonder how long it will work well ... but time will tell. So far, so excellent.

By drdrop on Home Depot - Oct 4, 2011

Much better than I thought it would be. This product definitely has great features, and I'd highly recommend it.

The Windtunnel vacuum I purchased is definitely of high quality. It is easy to use and very effective--certainly much better than my previous vaccuum! I like how it easily glides across the floor, and picks up dirt very effectively. Doesn't take long at all to clean the floors! For anyone who needs a new vacuum, I'd tell them to invest in this.

By Dave on Home Depot - May 24, 2013

over all it is good

It seems to work good. It took some time going over the floor before the green light would come on. That is probably due to the fact that my old vacuum was over 20 years old and was probably not doing a good job.

By stan on Home Depot - Apr 26, 2012

Windtunnel Self-propelled

Have used three times in the past couple of weeks. Easy to assemble; so far vacuums great; pleased with purchase; Home Depot customer service great to work with.

By ps12 on Home Depot - May 28, 2013

All accessories are on board-nice feature.

This vacuum has much more suction than the one I have been using. Quite easy to maneuver. So far a good buy.

By douplady on Home Depot - May 28, 2013

This vacuum sucks" literally"

So far this is the best vacuum I've purchased; great suction and the self propel feature makes it a breeze to go back and forth the different attachments are very useful. Changing the bag is simple and easy with know mess unlike a bagless one. Performs better than expected.

By bigron64 on Home Depot - May 21, 2013

The Hoover wind tunnel vacuum cleaner is awsome.

The performance is great. I always love Hoovers products. This vacuum really cleans the carpet and the floors.

By all455 on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2013

Seems to be a good product for the price.

The handle with the on/off switch is a little 'wiggly'. It is installed correctly and hopefully it will hold up okay. I noted other reviews warn not to pick up the cleaner by the handle as it will break the on/off switch; good information to have. The handle is critical as it also engages the self-propelled feature; otherwise the unit is heavy to push. These are the reasons for the one star reduction in quality. I purchased this model mainly because of the ability to turn off the brush roller in order not to damage hardwoods and the binding on area rugs. I don't have any carpet but quite a few area rugs that it seems to work very well on.

By Kate on Home Depot - Apr 16, 2013

New Hoover Vacuum was an excellent buy.

The Hoover vacuum was not in stock at the store but the clerk quickly ordered it for me online and I received it in a timely manner. Very good service.

By chub on Home Depot - Apr 9, 2013

Noisy but good performance

Good to excellent at cleaning carpet, I do recommend the product.

By Vivian on Home Depot - Mar 27, 2013

Works well, pushes easy

Replaced an older model Hoover. Hadn't realized how bad it was working until tried the new one.

By plom on Home Depot - Mar 19, 2013

This is a great vacuum!

I thought my old vacuum was great until I got the Hoover Windtunnel. I love the little electric vacuum head attachment.

By BKMorgan on Home Depot - Mar 19, 2013

Very good product

I'm very happy with our new Hoover Windtunnel..we had one for 30 years and so ordered this one, when that one wore out. It is wonderful to have self propelled again...that is what broke on our old vacuum...we are both over 70 and it saves so much energy we don't mind vacuuming now.

By bbc1023 on Home Depot - Mar 12, 2013

So light and powerful

Great lightweight upright. Self-propelled feature makes vacuuming so easy. Great suction even on pet hair. Easily converts from carpet to hardwood and ceramic floors. Filters are washable and easy-to-change bags.

By WindtunnelFan on Home Depot - Feb 14, 2013

Great Product

Great Value as per recommendation from Consumers Reports!

By Phil on Home Depot - Feb 5, 2013

Love it

Didn't know what I was missing until I got this vacuum. Did a lot of research before buying this one. The research was right, I just love it!

By jds1943 on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

The product ratings match the performance.

I purchased this vacuum at Home Depot online. The package arrived in decent shape: no damage to the unit. I am happy with the performance of this machine and would recommend it to anyone with large spaces of wall-to-wall carpeting.

By Bilbarb on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

Excellent product, low price

I had a 10 year old vacuum that still worked, but my wife wanted a new one so I did some research and found that the Hoover Wind Tunnel had excellent ratings and low price. She loves the self propell feature, and I couldn't believe how much better It cleaned over our old vacuum.

By FLSTNI on Home Depot - Jan 2, 2013

Excellent product! Home Depot had the best price in town (and I checked everywhere)!

I love this vacuum cleaner - especially it's self-propelled ability which makes it very easy to maneuver! I also like the lighted dirt finder, extra long cord and adjustment for vacuuming the floor. It's the best vacuum cleaner I've ever had!

By Janice on Home Depot - Jan 1, 2013

Fast service. Excellent product.

Ordered this vacuum online since I could not find it anywhere locally. It arrived several days before I thought it would. The vacuum works really well. I use it on carpet and hardwood floors and it does an excellent job without any marring of the wood. The “Dirt Finder” feature is especially nice since it helps you know you have cleaned an area. The vacuum is not as heavy as my old Hoover, unlike what some others have said. It also does not seem any noisier than any other vacuum. Definitely very happy with the vacuum and with Home Depot’s quickness.

By Quibble on Home Depot - Nov 21, 2012

Very Pleased!

I am very pleased with my new Hoover vacuum cleaner! The self-propel feature is delightful, making it so easy to vacuum! I have carpet and tile and area rugs and the cleaner does a very good job of picking up dirt, dog and cat hairs, dust bunnies and crumbs. I highly recommend this cleaner!

By leela on Home Depot - Nov 13, 2012

Great product, great price.

Great product, great price. Would recommend this product.

By on Home Depot - Nov 13, 2012

Great product, performs & handles great, selfpropelled, easy to operate

Great product, had problems online, called HD & a customer service rep ordered it on her computer( made the transaction very easy)charged to my HD card,shipped to my house, came sooner than expected, easy to install & operate immediately--would highly recommend to friends, etc. Comes with a bag & I haven't used the extra bags ordered. Love that I don't have to struggle with pushing & pulling after having back surgery. Overall great product, good HD experience.

By shaysepe on Home Depot - Nov 12, 2012

Great vacuum for the money

I bought this vacuum to replace an older Hoover model. The features are exactly the same, except the color and the onboard placement of the tools. I would rather they had left their location in the front rather than move them to the back. However, the vacuum is powerful and easy to maneuver. These features out weigh the placement of the tools. Home Depot's pricing was better than any other place that sold it. Yah!

By MaryAnna on Home Depot - Oct 30, 2012

My Faith Restored with Hoover!

I wrote two previous reviews. The second review I wrote was not a good review as I was very displeased with my vacuum as the switch broke that moved the vacuum from Hard to Carpet. Then the Self-Propelled switch broke. The vacuum sat in a box a few months before I even started to use it. When the Hard to Carpet switch broke I had only used the vacuum two months. Took it to the repair shop and they scratched my vacuum and the suction doesnt work like it use too. Then the self propelled switch broke and stays on the self propelled feature. The best part about this is....Hoover made things right by me and resolved my disapproval into an approval. Hoover has restored my faith in them. I will continue to recommend this product! Thank you Hoover for making things right!!

By Hula on Home Depot - Oct 29, 2012

This Vacuum makes me extremely unhappy

I purchased this vacuum in February. I wrote a nice review in March based on what I seen looking at the vacuum. My vacuum sat in a box for over two months until I moved to my new state. I used it for two months and the switch that moved the vacuum from hard to carpet broke. Took it to the repair shop and they scratched my vacuum and the suction doesnt work like it use too. I called Hoover and they will not help me. Then last week the self propelled switch broke and stays on the self propelled feature. Yes, I was the one that wrote a review on March 20, 2012. I'm sorry to all those that read my review and bought this vacuum. It's poorly made and I dont have money to get a new vacuum right now. Its a shame that companies don't make their products like they use too. I loved this vacuum for two months during the time it worked well. Now, I have a junkie vacuum that isnt even a year old!!!

By Hula on Home Depot - Oct 10, 2012

Great vacuum!

I love this vacuum. Has great suction for the floor and the hand tools. The self propelled feature is wonderful too. I wish I would have bought this vacuum sooner than I did!!

By KPTX on Home Depot - Sep 18, 2012

My 5th Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

Great features. Lightweight and easy to use. I am happy with the Hoover product. I have 3 in my home for each floor. Will buy nothing else.

By Win22 on Home Depot - Aug 28, 2012

Easy to use because of power drive. Easy on my back.

Had an older windtunnel which we had to replace. It has made the task of vacuuming easy and taken a load off mine and my wifes back. Power tool for furniture is a very nice update from the former Windtunnel.

By buddy on Home Depot - Aug 9, 2012

This product has many good features, but lacks a couple.

I like the "self propel" feature to make it easier to push around. I wish it had a longer hose for detaching to vacuum stairs, etc. I like the on board light to see while in darker areas. The smaller attachments make it easier to get into the smaller areas that require deep cleaning. Overall I feel it's a good purchase.

By Burfur on Home Depot - Jul 31, 2012


Maneuvers really well because of the self-propelled feature. The green (clean) and red (dirt still present) lights seem to work well since the red light was on in the spots I expected to be dirtier. Pretty loud but I knew that going in so it's not a problem. Good side suction when going around walls, etc.

By noexpert on Home Depot - Jun 26, 2012

Very good for the price.

The handle is cheaply made, but the vacuum does a great job. It is certainly worth the money we paid. Having to vacuum daily with 3 dogs, this has made it easier.

By Jimmy on Home Depot - Jun 25, 2012

Very nice in all respects

We had an identical sweeper previously, but this one seems lighter & has the features we liked. The ease of ordering & the quickness of delivery was great. It was a surprise to have it delivered the day after ordering.

By Vince on Home Depot - May 22, 2012

Very pleased Love the strong suction and soil indicator

Bought it for my Fl. beach rental home. The fine sand clings to everything! My carpets were prefessionally cleaned the day before its arrival. I had to use it even though I knew it was clean. The little red sensor light popped on indicating it was pulling soil up. I checked the bag &indeed it sucked up sand! I like the dirt sensor, headlight & self propelled feature. The hose is shorter than I would like. It is a plus that it is heavy. It doesn"t tip over easily as my other one did. It is loud but if it is doing a good job that is ok.

By MMMM on Home Depot - May 15, 2012

The on/off switch didn't work properly; turned off but you had to unplug to turn off; returned

Lightweight; couldn't really review because returned the product due to malfunctioning on/off switch; would like to try another but skeptical due to first experience

By Coloradodeb on Home Depot - May 15, 2012

Wind tunnel upright vacuum cleaner

I love this product!!! It truly does multi floors like hardwood, tile, and carpet. I used a dyson before this and it said it would do multi floors but it does not. I highly recommend this product. I love the self propelled feature and the clean light indicator that tells you that the carpet is clean. The only thing I can complain about is that it is heavy if you have stairs would not recommend it for you but other than that its great!!!

By Sarah123 on Home Depot - Apr 19, 2012

Windtunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Love, Love, Love this Vacuum!! Shopped all over and Home Depot had the best price! I want to buy another one just to have it for down the road. Seems to be that all manufactures like to make, and market bagless vacuums. Bagless vacuums get more dirt in the air than bagged vacuums. Funny thing bagged vacuums are hard to find in stores yet they are sooooo much better!

By Hula on Home Depot - Mar 20, 2012

Very Powerful & Self-Propelled is a Plus

Took a little getting use to the self-propelled feature, but it is very nice to have considering the vacuum cleaner is a bit heavier than average. Overall very pleased with its performance. It took up quite a bit of dust and debris from the carpet that the previous vacuum cleaner was just not getting.

By HooverFan on Home Depot - Feb 21, 2012

Very happy with the product and the Home Depot service

An employee at my local Home Depot spoke with me at length, explaining the features of various vacuums. His recommendations were backed up by a consumer report that I read. I ordered the Hoover Windtunnel and have been very pleased with its performance and ease of use. The hose, with its extensions and attachments make it easy to reach all areas of my home, both high and low. The Home Depot price was the best, especially with free delivery directly to my home. Both product and store service were excellent.

By Sandy on Home Depot - Feb 21, 2012

Stick with what works

I got my first Hoover Windtunnel bagged upright 11 years ago and it served me well so when I needed a new vacuum I chose the one that I knew I liked and would not disappoint me. I prefer the bagged vacuum because I'd rather have all that dust and dirt neatly contained and it's cheaper than replacing filters or the hassle of washing them for the bagless kind of vacuum. My old vacuum still works and I keep it in the basement to vacuum down there, easier than dragging it up and down the stairs everytime. Compared to other vacuums, especially these new bagless ones, the price for this one is very reasonable and I trust the Hoover brand for durability and quality. It is heavy but it has the self-propelled feature and so that isn't an issue. A longer hose for the attachments would be my only suggestion to Hoover if they wished to improve the model.

By BelleBerit on Home Depot - Feb 1, 2012

Very Pleased

I did my homework before purchasing a new vacuum and this model was rated number 1 by Consumer Reports and Home Depot's price was cheaper than the price Consumer Report's had listed. Very pleased with my purchase! We have 2 dogs and a cat so it has to work!

By Cindy on Home Depot - Jan 17, 2012

My Second Wind Tunnel

When my husband asked me if I wanted to give my Wind Tunnel to my daughter and buy myself another one, there was no question that I wanted another Wind Tunnel. I love the self-propelled feature because it puts no pressure on my back. The second feature that I love is the embedded dirt sensor. I am confident my carpet is clean. I also like the bag because I DO NOT want to see anything I have vacuumed up. There are a couple things I don't care for on the new model. The attachment on the front keeps falling off. There is no door to hold it and the small hooks do not hold it. Also, the cord pulls off the attachments on the back of the vacuum.

By PMSD47 on Home Depot - Jan 1, 2012

Excellent for the price!

Hoover continues to produce excellent products. Need self-propelled for my wife.

By Buddy on Home Depot - Dec 6, 2011



By DKESS on Home Depot - Nov 19, 2011

Hose doesn't stay connected in upright position

Has great suction until the hose comes loose. I have only had it a couple of weeks, I hate to see how loose it will be after a couple of years.

By KKJ5 on Home Depot - Nov 9, 2011

AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!

I vacuum a lot; I have killed many vacuum in my day. I am terrible about picking up things I should not with them . This vacuum can take it all, It is amazing. The suction is ridiculously strong. I have no complaints , it has lasted me three years and I am only on here because I wanted to order one for my MIL.

By megs on Home Depot - Nov 7, 2011

HD sent us previously returned defective product.

It was obvious when we opened the package that the vacuum had previously been returned. Self propelled feature would not turn off and there was something wrong with the mechanism. I was very surprised that HD would send it out to us in that condition. We returned to local HD with no problem.

By MJS62452 on Home Depot - Nov 1, 2011

overall I am satisfied, but not elated

Sweeper is as described, but it is difficult to lift up from bare floors to thick area rug. It is a heavy sweeper, and even with the self-propelled adjustment, it is awkward to move around; but it does the job satisfactorily.

By Jeanie on Home Depot - Nov 1, 2011

Back To Hoover

I like this vacumn cleaner. I had a Oreck with all those attachments and the vacumn was not picking up and did not have edge cleaner.

By Lady1 on Home Depot - Oct 22, 2011


Great value for the cost...bags are a little expensive, but I hate emptying a bagless vacuum and dealing with the dust. Fast shipping from

By Nina on Home Depot - Oct 22, 2011

Not worh the value.

I had this vac delivered and assembled and brought it home with excitement. When I plugged it in, it was loud, unstable, as I was vacuuming, defective and was difficult to push. Not worth the money, nor my time. I returned it the same day of delivery. I do not recommend this product, as it is too costly. The vacuum has a nice contemporary appearance, but the performance is horrific.

By keys on Home Depot - Oct 21, 2011

Excellent vacuum!

This is a GREAT vacuum. It has terrific suction, has brush roll on/off, and it actually cleans near the edges of the wall. I like that it is bagged - I hate cleaning the bagless containers. The only drawback is the hose -it seems like its extendable but when you pull on it alittle to reach an area the vacuum tips over.

By mfsan on Home Depot - Sep 13, 2011

WindTunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Nice Vacuum and all, just not exactly what I was looking for. I am so use to mu old kirby and I can find nothing that compares. Although this one is much lighter and has great suction power...there is just something about it that doesn't add up to the price.

By lhubbard on Home Depot - Apr 30, 2011

Easy on the back!

This is the second one I bought,,I have one myself, and when my daughter's old vac broke, I bought this one for her. The self-propelled feature is excellent because it self-propels forward and back, which not all self-propelled vacs do. My one wish is that in the future this same vac is made in a bagless model. Does a very good cleaning job, too!

By auntiems on Home Depot - Jul 24, 2010

Hoover WindTunnel Self-Propelled Bagged Vacuum

I have had this vacuum for about a month. I am very pleased how it cleans on all type flooring, mainly on the carpet. I like the self-propelled feature, but I had to get use to handling this. It would be very heavy to push if it did not have this feature. The on-board tools are wonderful. I truly like the attachment with a powered brush for cleaning upholstery! I am very pleased that I decided to purchase this particular machine.

By Babalu on Home Depot - Feb 6, 2010

Excellent vacuum for the money!!

I wanted a bagged vacuum that didn't produce alot of dust and wasn't going to break the bank. After several days of research I went with this Hoover. I've been using the product for a couple of weeks and I'm very impressed. The only complaint I could stretch out would be to say that the self propelled feature is a little hard to control... not a smooth as one would like. My fiance likes to ram it in to things when she uses it, although I have learned to master it well at this point. It's also quite heavy. The onboard attachments are excellent! The suction is excellent! Maintenance, via practice runs, doesn't seem to be that hard either. Overall, I think it was a GREAT purchase. When compared to other overpriced units out there I couldn't be more pleased. If you hold a light up while vacuuming... no dust! I would recommend any day for the price.

By srknova74 on Home Depot - Jan 23, 2010


I must admit this vacuum has the power and the capability to pick up the dirt. I haven't tried picking up a bowling ball with it and have no desire to do so. The onboard attachments help out a lot. This self propelled unit is wonderful as if it drives itself forward and reverse.

By TESCHIEF on Home Depot - Aug 17, 2009

Rated #1 by consumer reports!!

I was so tired of wasting money on vacuums that did not work well. So I purchased a consumer reports magazine and knew I was not throwing my money away on this one! It is the best, I love it, have recommended it to everyone. The self propelled feature is awesome. It has green and red indicators that tell you when the floor is clean, 3 filters and the bag is also a filter and is cloth. I have always had paper bags. The only downfall is I could not find it in the store I had to order it off the net and pay shipping. But it was worth it. Also I checked around and home depot had the lowest price.

By Laura72 on Home Depot - Jul 29, 2009

Hoover U6485900 Bagged - Great Vacuum

Great suction and maneuverability. I've had this vacuum for 2 months and love it. The self-propel feature makes it easily glide across the carpet; the electrical cord is nice and long. Because of the self-propel feature, it is a few pounds heavier weighing in at 21 lbs. But it's definitely the most powerful and best Hoover I've owned. The vacuum hose could be longer, but you can buy an extension on the internet for about $35.

By Toni18103 on Home Depot - Mar 5, 2009