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Poorly Designed - Cheap Plastic

Strengths: Does a decent job of cleaning flat floors (not stairs).

Weakness: Poor design/construction. Cheap plastic parts that break. Difficult to maintain. Difficult to clean stairs.

The unit does a decent job on flat carpets. It is a little tedious to maintain - you have to make sure the filter in the catch container is clean every time you empty the dirty solution. If you don't clean that filter, the airflow will get constricted and it won't pick the water up from the floor. Fortunately, this is easy to detect because you won't see the dirty water moving through the clear channel on the front.

So far this is what has broken on mine:
- plastic tank is leaking
- plastic hook for the cord is broken off
- plastic tabs that hold the catch tank are broken off
- lower bearing on the motor/rotor assembly is rusted and getting extremely noisy

To make matters worse, you can't find these parts on the Hoover website. You have to locate a Hoover repair center to get the parts.

One of the reasons I chose this unit was for the special stair cleaning attachment with the scrub brushes. Those brushes are a joke - they are not powered by a motor, they rotate by the air running through the handle. Needless to say, they are very weak and stop turning as soon as you push the attachment onto the stairs. Also, it requires an extraordinary amount of work to clean the stairs with this attachment. Imagine cleaning your stairs, 6 inch at a time, with a handle that you have to move very slowly to do a good job. It takes me over an hour to clean 1 flight of stairs.

Because of the poor constuction and difficult stair cleaning, I would not recommend this unit to anyone. I would recommend you save your money and get something of better quality.

By eak1999 - Oct 1, 2006

good product but major drawback

Strengths: Cleans well and easy to use.

Weakness: The parts break very easily. The are very difficult to find and are very expensive. Would not buy because of this.

Our clean water tank has broken twice. It is nearly impossible to find (not even offered at and costs about $40 to replace. This makes the product comparatively expensive. Would not purchase because of this.

By anonymous; - Jul 18, 2005

My daughter has one, but it was...

Strengths: Wonderful cleaning. Easy learning curve. Ease of use. Automatic cycles

Weakness: Cheaply made! Expensive or inpossible to get certain parts.

My daughter has one, but it was broken, so borrowed it for the day to get it fixed and use it. The part i needed was "backordered" and would take several weeks to receive. Part was EXPENSIVE also. After the fix, set out to clean some carpets. The instructions were very easy to follow, and the cleaner itself works like a charm. Hard to believe the amount of dirt taken from carpet after already vaccuming. I liked it so much, purchased one online ($228.00 +22.00 shipping). The machine goes together very easy. There is also 2 bottles of detergent included, so you can start cleaning righht away. On auto cycle, all you have to do is move it back and forward. This is very nice, but you still have the option to manually clean. The only problem i have is it's VERY cheaply made. All the parts are plastic. My daughter dropped her's and that lead to the repair. Inside the box is a card with the option for 3 years extra insurance ($39.00) that starts after the 1 year manuf. I would recommend that you purchase the extra. Any repair or part on this machine will EASILY cost you $39.00. So, the short of it.. GREAT job of cleaning..but cheaply made. I still recommend this item. (I bought one) It will defintely make your carpets look better and at an affordable price.

By boltz007 - Nov 16, 2004

Wouldn't buy another

Strengths: Does a good job cleaning, until it breaks.

Weakness: Tank and other plastic parts are so flimsy and cheaply made that it doesn't work long before you have to lay out $50+ becasue some cheap little plastic piece broke off.

I've had to replace my tank 3 times in five years, during which time I used it only 2-3 times a year. Parts are VERY expensive. I'd never buy this model again - or any other Hoover carpet cleaner until I'm convinced they don't make it so fragile on purpose, so you'll have to keep buying new parts.

By lrslone - May 19, 2007

This thing is AMAZING!!!! We first...

Strengths: Cleaning power, cleaning ability, suction, attachments

Weakness: Hmmmm...nothing..

This thing is AMAZING!!!! We first bought the Eurka Alantis and it was ridiculous so we returned it and got the Hoover. We got it home and stared cleaning. I intended to do a small area of the carpet but the thing worked so well and was so easy I ended up doing the entire family room. My wife was amazed at the amount of dirt the machine was able to pull out of the carpet. My only complaint is that I had to empty and fill the water canisters 3 times. But I guess that it is a very small price to pay for soft clean carpet.

By tpendergast - Mar 13, 2004

avoid this machine

Strengths: does a great job cleaning

Weakness: cheap plastic material on the tanks and plugs

I just put mine in the junk - I had only used it a few times when the first clean tank broke at the seal ordered a new tank, which took weeks to come in and cost 50.00 and it came in made of thinner plastic and lasted a very short time. Email's to Hoover got you no satisfication - just a sorry - yeah sorry we have a bad product that we sell for over 200 bucks. I would have wrote a good review too - if I did the review after using it the first couple of times - but then the plastic parts start cracking and leaking water and it becomes unusable.

So much for Hoover quality

By formerbonham - Jan 25, 2006

Hoover SteamVac F7425-900

Strengths: wide path for cleaning, easy to use, cleans deep stains with little effort

Weakness: none noted

This is a great product. I have 2 dogs (one of which is not housebroken). This does a great job cleaning all stains out of my new carpet. Well worth the price. Easy to use. Would recommend to everyone!

By JC5025 - Sep 3, 2005

Hoover SteamVac Dual V Widepath

Strengths: Does a good job of cleaning when it works.

Weakness: Parts are very weak. The plastic water and soap tanks are so thin that they rupture easily.

The engineering appears aimed at limiting the useful life of a consumer product. I have an older model in which the water tank is much thicker. I don't know which brand I will purchase next, but it won't be a Hoover. I will hope to to find one that will hold up for more than 10 or 15 uses.

By Shopperboy32 - Aug 22, 2005

SteamVac Dual V is an outstanding carpet cleaner

Strengths: The unit is easy to use. The removable canisters make it easy and neat to add water, cleaner and remove the dirty water. It does an excellent job of cleaning the carpet.

Weakness: When fully loaded with water and cleaner the unit can be a little difficult to push on thick carpets.

Highly recommended. The strengths associated with this unit far out weight the on weakness. The ratings are of course are compared to other home unit.

It will not equal a professional cleaning, but does do a great job.

By bcsteves - Sep 8, 2005


Strengths: Great deep carpet cleaning and extraction of water

Weakness: Poorly constructed. Plastic parts are not durable.

I have had my cleaner for only one year. I raved at the marvelous job it was doing on the carpets. Then things started to head south. The non-stationary plastic handle detached and the plastic bucket hit the basement floor and cracked. I managed to gorilla glue the crack and with little leakage and I continued to use the unit.
Not long after that the spin brushes quit turning. The plastic rotating peg broke off. At the same time the rotors rusted and I needed to make a trip to the repair shop. I now have half as much as I paid for my unit in repairs. I window fan dry the unit so the new rotors don't rust and at that they are sounding different already 2 mos later. It saddens me that such a great cleaning product would be made this way. I will be forced to make a choice again and I would not buy this unit or maybe not even another Hoover.

By biblou - May 27, 2006

This is one of the best household...

Strengths: powerful, easy to use

Weakness: none

This is one of the best household steam cleaner in the market. It's really doing its job cleaning the carpet. You won't believe your eyes how much dirt it picks up. I also like its Auto Rinse feature. The carpet looks and feels clean afterwards.

By mat621 - Jun 23, 2005

Good Cleaner - Cheaply Made

Strengths: It cleans VERY well when you first get it.

Weakness: Cheaply made.

There is a trend among these reviews. It does clean VERY well. The first handful of times. Then it breaks. The latching mechanism on the water tank is flimsy and slips out easily. Meaning a less-than-good seal and it falls out on you. Since it is made of cheap, think plastic it breaks if it strikes anything harder than a cotton pillow. There is a tiny PLASTIC peg on the brush assembly which fits into a square drive hole. This is what turns your brushes. If your brushes seize for any reason the power of the motor twists this cheap plastic peg and snaps it in half. Your brushes no longer work. Many things could cause this. Strands of carpet fiber, pet hair, etc. Common things the brush will run into if you clean a carpet with it. :-) Hoover would probably say something like 'our instructions state that you must keep it clean'. It was almost freakish about keeping it clean and it got me about 8 uses before breaking versus the average 3 or 4 that I'm seeing on other reviews. I'm giving this product a 2 because it worked very well the first few times. The cost was high but a professional cleaning would have cost more. It would certainly not buy again because when I buy a carpet cleaner I'd really like to have it work for a couple of years before replacing it. I have one work for Hoover. Metal. Use stainless steel for high stess moving parts. If you just replaced the plastic with a couple ounces of metal in this cleaner you would have a wonderful product.

By redgar - Jul 2, 2006

More frustration than it is worth

Strengths: When the water tank wasn't cracked, this steam cleaner worked amazingly.

Weakness: The water tank cracks after 3 uses making the machine useless.

AFter 3 uses, the water tank cracks making the machine useless. We purchased the machine for $250+ and have spent a total of $200+ to replace the tank 4 different times over a one year period of time. We finally threw it out on the curb. It is too furstrating and disappointing to kee. Highly recommend, do NOT purchase!

By snydekr - Mar 11, 2006

Great cleaner, weak plastic

Strengths: Carpet looks brand new after finishing job.

Weakness: Plastic canister broke on mine after a few uses. I then had to order a new canister which took 2 months to find, and I'm still searching for the canister handle and cap replacements.

Love the finished look of my carpet after using this cleaner. However, it wasn't made to withstand a lot of usage. My 7-year-old son has asthma and I used it to clean the furniture as well as the carpet. Now, I'm eagerly searching for replacement parts after only having this item for a few months.

By belleqj - Nov 29, 2005

Almost as easy as the vacuum

Strengths: very effective and really removes water from carpet

Weakness: none that I know of

The Hoover performs as advertised. I like the heated water system plus the rinse feature. The results are
quite good with little effort and the carpet is dry in
a short time. This is a good value.

By bgammonb - Sep 14, 2005

Avoid this machine

Strengths: Cleans pretty well

Weakness: Cheap junk made to break

I purchased this machine 2 years ago. It does a great job of cleaning and is relatively easy to use.

However, the water compartments and seals are cheap plastic junk that break after a few uses. After about 5 uses, the water seal just broke making the machine unusable. It was within a year, so we eventually were able to exchange the tank for a replacement. But after another 5 uses or so, the same thing broke again.

I've given up on this loser, and am now looking for a new steam vac from a different manufacturer.

We paid around $250 for this beauty, so at only 10 uses to failure, it's pretty pricey to operate. AVOID!

By rrude - Dec 10, 2005

Looks like I'm not alone

Strengths: Carpet looks brand new after cleaning.

Weakness: Terrible construction - made of cheap, cheap plastic. I've had my cleaner about a year, and it started leaking water. I looked and the plastic was paper thin around the seals and has broken.

Yeah it cleans great, but if it only lasts a few uses what's the use. I would not recommend this unit to anyone. It's ashame they can't make something that lasts longer than 10 uses.

By weatherfodj - Sep 26, 2006

model F74256-900

Strengths: Cleans well

Weakness: Water tank and solution tank issues.

We have used this machine for about a year now with good resaults however the last time we used it started to leak out of the bottom of the water/solution tank.It appeared the valves were leaking but turned out to be the tank was paper thin where the check valves are located. Apparently the process of molding the tank streches the plastic very thin around the holes and leaves tiny cracks all around the hole thus eventually leading to the failure. I will order a new tank and put an epoxy layer around the holes to reinforce them before I put it in use. A fried bought the same model we have and it leaked the first time she used it. I have since looked for information on the net and found there are many complants for this same problem.

By WilliamMcCaw - Mar 28, 2006

Hoover SteamVac v Widepath F7425-900 Steam cleaner

Strengths: Easy to use, easy to clean

Weakness: Leaks water when you attempt to attach the clean water/detergent tank. It is a bit of a struggle to slide this tank in place

I have used this machine for 3 nights in a row cleaning my beige carpets in N.Y.C. I can't believe the filth that it picks up after using my Animal dyson vacuum. The carpets dry over night, are fresh smelling and very fluffy. The wall to wall carpeting looks as new as the day I moved in. So far I have had no trouble with the tanks, except it is a bit clumsy to attach the clean water tank. I do it in the kitchen with tile flooring so it is easy to wipe up any spillage of water. Easy to handle and move around. As of now I highly recommend the product

By SVCCCRN - Jun 23, 2006


Strengths: cleans well; wide swath for quicker cleaning

Weakness: cheap construction; parts hard to get; leaks water and cleaner so store empty

Recovery tank handle broke after 3 uses. The clean water tank check valve "popped" out of the cleaning solution tank and made a mess. No clue as to why it popped out but wouldn't stay in when reinstalled.

By dhagenbuch - Nov 6, 2005

Hoover A Tribute to poor quality parts, terrible service, and a useless warranty

Strengths: Very Few, the handle on the clean water bottle broke right out of the box.

Weakness: Almost too many to mention. This steam cleaner is made with many poor quality plastic parts.

If you want to purchase a product that is going to break on its first use and then slowly fall apart with each use, only to have the company laugh at you when you try to file a warranty claim. Please rush out and buy a Hoover.

Our Steam Vac's cheap plastic handle broke with the first use. Since then with only light to moderate use that handle has broken twice. Incidently the machine is unusable without that handle as it holds the clean water bottle in place.

After 6 months of light use, the clean water bucket handle broke 3 times, the dirty water bucket handle broke, the power cord holder snapped off, the clean water bottle assembly cracked, the soap dispensor detached, and the clean water bucket leaks so bad the machine is unusable.

We took it in to a two Hoover company stores. At both we were told any parts we had to pay for. Hoover had no intention of paying any warranty claims. Try getting a response from Hoover Customer Service. You can't even get through to anyone and they don't reply to email.

If you were thinking about buying a Hoover anything, take the $300 dollars and flush it down your toilet. You'll have less agravation.

By TomcatRyan - Oct 6, 2006

This is the best product that I...

Strengths: It is easy to use without any manual need.

Weakness: This product is too heavily.

This is the best product that I never think! Great product! Best product! The functionality is easy to use. Cleaning all my carpet without any drity part leave. Price is lowest than my burget.

By chaujoshua - Jan 6, 2005

piece of junk

Strengths: none, you lose your sanity thinking you got duped into buying such a worthless product.

Weakness: everything

I think there should be an infomercial channel to show consumers how products are not worth your time and money.

Very disappointed with Hoover mfg. and the way they treat their customers when you call and try to get some kind of resolution.

By hooray40 - Nov 22, 2009

Hoover Steamvac Dual V

Strengths: This is a powerful machine. I am impressed on the amount of dirt that it removes from my carpet. I like the 12 Amp motor. Even the upholstery attachment works great.

Weakness: Cheaply made. Plastic parts are very fragile. Replacement parts are very expensive.

The machine is made of very fragile plastic. First the handle attachments on my water tank that collects the dirty water snapped off. Then the top clean water tank began leaking. I found a hair line crack. The parts are very expensive. I believe I will just rent a Rug Doctor instead of purchasing the 100 plus dollars of plastic parts I need to get mine functioning again. If they would have only used a better plastic.

Sorry Hoover, I will not buy another product from you again!

By hooverbum - Nov 22, 2008

SteamVac Dual V Widepath F7425-900

Strengths: When the suction works, it works well.

Weakness: Cheap. Part break easily. Rplacement parts are expensive.

I received this as a gift in Dec '04. I will not re-buy this product. It is fragile, pieces break easily, and they are expensive to replace. For a cleaning machine, it is silly that it is so easily breakable. The gears inside the "Turbine Brush Gear Assembly" (that rotate the spinning brushes) are plastic-- the plastic teeth shear off easily. Replacement gears cannot be bought separately, you must purchase the entire TBGA for $40! The rotating shaft that connects the brush-assembly to the TBGA motor is a pencil-sized piece of plastic that also breaks. The stair cleaning attachement is so tiny it is almost useless. It squirts a narrow hand-held-spray-bottle sized stream, the suction path is only 4" wide, and the brushes rotate because of the movement of the suctioned air so they are extremely feeble against something like a carpet on the stairs. BTW: This is not a "steam" cleaner as named, but a water-extraction cleaner.

By anonymous; - Nov 11, 2008

Good cleaner - breaks easily

Strengths: Cleans fairly well.

Weakness: Plastic tank is flimsy and cracks. Valves leak.

Ditto on most everyone else's comments. Cleans well, but breaks too easily. Also the design on the tank sizes should be recalibrated. They don't hold the same amount, so you end up making more trips to the sink to empty the dirty water or fill the clean.

I've had it 4 years and repalced the vales once(leaking) and the tank once (cracked). Just went to use it today and the tank is cracked again. Frustrating.

They have newer models out. I might go look and see if the tank design is better before dropping $45 on another tank.

By kreff - Jul 13, 2008


Strengths: Cleans great for the first or second use and then breaking canisters, numerous trips backs to Sears for repairs and $$$$$$. Finally gave up today and trashed it.

Weakness: Cheaply made but expensively replaced parts. JUNK. I have had to have it repaired after every or every other use. Not kidding.

I am online now reading reviews to buy yet another steam vac. I have only had this one two years and it has been nothing but an expense.I will definetly not be replacing it with a Hoover.

By carpetclnr - Feb 27, 2008


Strengths: cleans good when it works

Weakness: As I have read in many of the other reviews, the water tank is CHEAP and EXPENSIVE to replace.

I bought this and it lasted through about 5 uses before the tank broke. It is very thin plastic. I bought a new one. Used that about 5 times and it broke. I waited awhile because I was sooo frustrated. Then, shame on me for thinking that they would have figured out that they made a piece of junk and I bought another one. Well, you guessed it this one only lasted 3 times. I am writing this now in search of a different steam cleaner all together. Unfortunately it seems that this is the problem with most household steam cleaners. I may just have to pay professionals that can back up their work!

By anonymous; - Feb 4, 2008

Pretty much an expensive piece of junk

Strengths: Cleans really well the first couple of times

Weakness: Really poor design, will actually fall apart in your hands, cheap plastic parts, pretty much a disposable machine. Toss it out after a couple of uses.

I only purchased this machine after I read a Consumer Report review saying that is was a superb machine. You would like to think that they know what they are talking about. All I can say now is that they must have used a special made machine just for their purposes. The one I have is junk. I am extremely careful with my stuff and take very good care of my stuff. I am sorry but there is no way this machine should have broken after 2-1/2 uses. Surely there should be a recall on this machine somewhere. The water tank fell off and nearly broke my foot. The brushes don't work because the little plastic piece that spins them broke. The cord handle broke the first time I used it.

By Diason - Dec 28, 2007

Excellent Cleaning for a Home Unit

Strengths: I've owned the Hoover SteamVac Dual V for about 4 years, using it every three months. The cleaning is outstanding and is very easy to use.

Weakness: My unit originally had some problems with the soap dispenser, but the unit was replaced by the store with no problems. The dirty water reservoir does drip slightly, but haven’t had any major difficult

Overall, this steam cleaner is much easier and more efficient to use than renting a unit from the store, or the expense of having your carpets professionally cleaned. I’ve found that mixing the soap (in the dispenser) half and half with water leaves less residue in your carpets and provides the same amount of cleaning power. I plan on purchasing another unit for my daughter for Christmas!

By anonymous; - Nov 7, 2007

Great product, fixed it three times myself. Hmmm

Strengths: It really cleans well. Lightweight. "Fun" to use.

Weakness: Plastic parts break. Handheld hose too short. Planned Obsolesence or do they make it cheap to keep prices down? I don't know.

I'm shopping for another one even though I've had to fix this one three times. The tank leaks and I can't store cleaner in it, so I have to use it all up or empty it before I put it away. The handheld hose is now useless as it broke and I can't fix it anymore. It developed cracks near the point of attachment and I can't duct tape it any longer. The handheld sprayer no longer stays inside of the holder. Just shoots out when you use it. And the handheld sprayer won't spray anymore. I'm sure the line is clogged with cleaning solution and I'm not interested in taking it apart any longer.

But...I have used this so many times I give it credit for longevity. And it saved me a hundred times while helping my poor old Rottweiler during his last days. Made quick clean up of his accidents. And cat puke is no sweat at all.

I see the newer ones seem to mention a longer handheld hose and this will help clean the stairs. It's either got to be at the top of the stairs or the bottom, and going half-way is a neccesity.

By the way, a neat maintenance trick I discovered is a sink hair remover tool that I got from Walmart. A plastic thing with teeth on can stick it in the water intake cow-catcher/like front of the steamer and pull out the accumulated dog/cat/wife hairs like magic.

Over the 5 years I've had it, it doesn't vacuum as well. I guess the motor is giving out, or the integrity of the plastic parts is giving way.

I have a metal housing Hoover carpet vacuum that I bought in the 70's. It's indestructable. I'd like to think that Hoover figured they could move more product for cheaper cost by changing to plastic, and therefore provide more people more products. But perhaps they're thinking I'll never need another Hoover carpet vacuum because they made my old one so well and there's no profit in quality. Hope not. But it's worked for over thirty years and I don't need a new one.

Sorry for the sloppy writing, but I've been working 16 hour shifts.

By anonymous; - Oct 22, 2007

Hoover Steam Vac V2 F7425-900

Strengths: Suction is good when works properly

Weakness: Cheaply made, plastic tank leaks even after purchasing a new very expensive tank. The brushes also have stopped spinning.

Would not purchase another steam cleaner made by Hoover.
Hoover Customer service just tells you to take it to a authorized Hoover repair shop which is very expensive if not under warranty.

By anonymous; - Sep 24, 2007

If yours is working well... Just wait...

Strengths: Did an alright job on the rugs, for a little while.

Weakness: A cheap piece of junk! Not worth the hassel

I'm hunting for the cheapest replacement tank I can find, which is still going to be $45 to $50. It leaked from the beginning, then after a year one of the plugs fell out of the soap container so we just mixed the soap and water in the water tank. After 2 years of very little use the second plug began to fall out, water dumps everywhere. And most recently the tank cracked! Now it's useless. Also, the hand attachment fell apart the second time I used it.
While online I have found almost every review says the same thing. IT WILL FALL APART!!! If you're lucky it will last a year but don't be surprised if it starts having problems within 2 or 3 uses.

By anonymous; - Sep 17, 2007

improved, thicker tank is available

Strengths: when it works, it works well

Weakness: original clean water tank is thinner plastic than a 2 liter soda bottle. Cracks easily. I had to replace mine one time.

There is an improved aftermarket clean water tank that is as thick as the plastic dirty water tank. Part number H12002549 or you could let engineers at Hoover know you fixed it yourself by replacing the clean water receiving valves with a hardware fitting that you can screw a 2 liter plastic bottle into.

By anonymous; - Jul 6, 2007

Waste of money

Strengths: Worked great when it was brand new.

Weakness: Mine isnow two years old. I've used it twice a year on my LR carpet. It now leaks all over the place and the brushes have finally quit turning.

This steam cleaner has been a headache for at least a year now and I will never buy another Hoover as the brand has gone downhill. I am very disappointed.

By anonymous; - Jun 20, 2007

Hoover F7431900

Strengths: Great cleaning power, easy to use and convert to hand held cleaning

Weakness: Heavy to carry on stairs

Cleans great! I've been using mine that I bought as a 'discontinued model' for about 8 years, through sons and cats. You do need to carefully place tanks in proper position. My husband just fixed our first valve, wore from use. Online this would cost $5.99. Saved me bundles on machine rental fees.

By anonymous; - Jun 10, 2007


Strengths: Cleans well

Weakness: Tank breaks every other time you use it.

I have had this for about 3 years and have used it about 10 times and the tank is thinner than a baby bottle and breaks about every 2 uses, especially if you use hot water. I have just emailed Hoover as I know this part is at least $50. We'll see if they give any satisfaction. In the long run, it is cheaper to just have someone come clean your carpets or rent a Rug Doctor!!!!

By anonymous; - May 9, 2007

Hoover Steam Vac Dual Path

Strengths: Cleans great when first purchased

Weakness: something is bound to go within 2 years I am on my second one and the water tank is cracked these are very fragile

the first one, my husband used it once, and after that the water would not dispense. So knowing that these are fragile I bought another one......go figure with being extra careful the product again does not last. grrrhhh

By anonymous; - May 3, 2007

Avoid this machine II

Strengths: Does clean fairly well

Weakness: Very cheap plastic parts

The 3rd time I used the machine, the handle on the clean water tank literally fell apart and the soap bottle developed cracks along two of the vertical seams allowing the soap solution to lead all over the floor and the machine. We don't use the shampooer often so by that time it was just out of warranty.

By ttwotees - Apr 30, 2007

Stay Far Away From ANY Hoover SteamVac

I have two different models sitting here completely unusable and without interchangeable parts other than accessories.

On the first SteamVac, the brushes won't turn once they make contact with anything whether it be carpet or bare floor. The compartment that holds the mechanism that is supposed to turn the brushes is plastic and weakened from the heat. I don't have a clue how much that would be to have fixed, but I'm sure it's more than the next SteamVac's problem.

The second SteamVac's detergent tank decided it wanted to pop its seal so the solution would run out of the bottom. Just a simple piece, but one cannot put it back in its place, so a new tank at $35-$55 would need to be purchased prior to it becoming usable once again. I'd be a fool to spend money that kind of money to replace the tank only for the same thing to happen again. The unit was used only a few times, but since it's out of warranty, Hoover will do nothing about it even though this now is a known issue.

Warranty or not, I was very pissed that knowing this is a problem, Hoover refuses to replace the faulty tank. I have been a loyal Hoover customer since 1969, but they will get no more business from me of any kind.

I bought a top-of-the-line Bissell and couldn't be happier. The Bissell is easier to use both with or without the tools. No need to remove and reattach the hose with the Bissell. The water and solution tanks are separate and do not need to be locked into place to be effective. The stair tool, although not powered, does an excellent job. By the way, there is a powered brush included with my Bissell, it just isn't designated as a stair tool.

Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X

By oaktownlady - Apr 28, 2007

So Much for Hoover Quality

Strengths: Love the rinse setting, Does a good job cleaning

Weakness: I've had it for 6 months and the plastic water tank is broken. It is made of very flimsy material, incredibly thin plastic.

For the first 6 months it did a great job cleaning. I like the separate water and detergent tanks and the rinse setting. From the beginning, everything seemed fine except the clean water tank. Sure enough, after only 6 months, the seal on the clean water tank is broken. A very, very thin piece of plastic holding it on has broken off. The clean water tank should have been made out of the same material as the dirty water tank. This is the last hoover I will purchase.


By keltnera - Jan 21, 2007

Great cleaner, shoddy construction

Strengths: Cleans carpets well, easy to use

Weakness: Plastic water tank useless piece of junk

This cleans great and I loved it until I just pulled it out to clean the carpets and the plastic on the water tank which holds the stopper broke and is now useless. I looked at reviews online and came to the conclusion that it isn't worth buying a new part for it to just break again...I'm cutting my losses and tossing it and doing research to buy a DIFFERENT brand!

By marymcq - Oct 6, 2006

Steamed by the SteamVac

Strengths: Cleans well, when it works. Sucks a lot of the water out, so your carpet dries quickly.

Weakness: Poorly made.

Mine has been to the repair shop twice in a year and a half, and needs to be taken in a third time. The brushes never work. You would think that for the $280 I spent on it and all of the good reviews it got, it would be a decent product. I am very disapointed in this product and in Hoover. I will not buy another of their products.

By anonymous; - Sep 20, 2006

Leaks & water tank is cheap & will break

Strengths: Cleans great the first few times

Weakness: Water tank and seals are CHEAPY made.

We've had this tank for a couple years & I bought it for $299 and now the clean water tank has a huge chip out of it making it impossible to keep water in.

The stair attachment broke last year & I've never replaced it. The plastic part of it chipped right off making the suction disappear.

I've generally liked Hoover products, but won't buy one anymore. And I'm now not investing any more $$$ in replacement parts for this machine if the replacement parts will do the same thing as the original parts - BREAK or CHIP.

By DietDrPepper - Sep 5, 2006

Hoover F7220-900 SteamVac V2 Steam Vacuum

Strengths: great cleaning tool

Weakness: brushes stop spinning

after several uses. just found out that brushes stop spinning. can not find a user manual on how to disasseble to get to the problem, not going to buy this machine,

By wamopa1960 - Aug 7, 2006

hoover steam vac v wide path

Strengths: Cleans well when it works

Weakness: Cheaply made

Out of the 18 months I have owned this steam cleaner I have used it a total of 4 times to clean two small carpeted areas. When used the third time, the cleaning head broke as it has 6 brushes and one plastic plastic piece that turns all of these heads. After having it repaired I got it out to clean the carpet and you guessed it, the head broke again. The closest repair center is a 2 hour round trip drive. I will NEVER purchase another Hoover product.

By anonymous; - Jul 28, 2006

Broken after the first use...and still in the shop...

Weakness: Too many moving parts

After paying almost $300 for it, I expected a durable machine, but it wasn't. I used it only once to clean a few rooms. Nine months later, I tried to use it again and the brushes would not move at all. I took it to the local Hoover shop and the replacement part was on back order. I called the shop twice and they still have not received the part from Hoover. It's been over three weeks and it's still in the shop. This machine has too many moving parts that it's really easy for it to breakdown somewhere. I would not recommend this machine unless you want to spend a few hundred dollars for it to work only one time.

By anonymous; - Jul 26, 2006

Looks nice - even worked well for awhile - don't recommend it though

Strengths: Holds enough solution. Cleans fairly well.

Weakness: Difficult to clean and the plastic parts keep breaking. This unit is NOT durable.

Cheap (and expensive) plastic parts that pop out provide a lot more heartache than any goodwill generated by merely satisfactory cleaning ability. Cleaning the front of the vacuum is an adventure too

By anonymous; - Jul 25, 2006

cheap plastic parts

Strengths: cleans well

Weakness: water/solution tank

the water/solution tank broke around the plastic which surrounds the water valve after only four uses. I just had to pay $60 with tax and shipping for a new tank. It does clean carpets well but I would have hoped the parts were more durable

By shan000 - Jul 19, 2006

cheap plastic parts

Strengths: cleaning ability

Weakness: water/solution tank

I only used the machine 4 times and the water/solution tank broke (the plastic around the valve). The machine does clean very well however I would have expected the parts to be a little more durable. I just had to pay $60 with shipping and tax for a new tank!

By anonymous; - Jul 19, 2006

Thank GOD for Best Buy Warranty

Strengths: Great cleaning unit

Weakness: leaks,wheel broke cheep.

We have 4 kids under six and this is a good unit but buy the replacement plan, you will need it. I just got back from best buy where the replaced it for the 8th time I now have the replacement model, I hope it better made. Makes you wonder why Large companies have thier products assembled in 3rd world countries other than the US....

By anonymous; - Jun 12, 2006

Hoover SteamVac f7425-900

Strengths: cleans very well, suction in good


I really like the steam vac when it works. I have had it for almost 3 yrs and have Replaced the water/chemical tank 7 times at 30 dollars and change a pop. News for thought every replacement tank I BOUGHT HAD NO WARRANTY. I was told by Hoover and the place they told me to to get the tank that there was no warrenty on replacement tanks. I really feel if they can re design the water/chemical they would have a awesome cleaner but , the lack of attention to the water/chemical makes this a piece of junk

By bubbie64 - Apr 23, 2006

Fresh water tank breaks easily

Strengths: Works well on carpet,tile and furniture. I like the scrubber option for the hand help upholstry attachment

Weakness: The fresh water tank (top tank) broke in less than a year. It costs about $50 to replace.

I have a high traffic household with three young children and use this often so mine my have worn out faster than what is typical. The seal on the water tank began leaking and then the handle broke. The handle broke with a full load of soap and water and cracked the entire tank open it hit the tile floor.

By anonymous; - Jan 13, 2006

Hoover SteamVac Dual V Widepath Steam Cleaner

Strengths: Heated cleaning and auto rinse do a good job of cleaning the rug. Easy to use. Good suction gets rug pretty dry.

Weakness: Poor quality. The machine isn't made to hold up. The parts fail and are expensive and difficult to replace. The brush motor burns out after a short time. Expenseive Repair

Unfortuantely, there is no really good, durable product on the market - unless you want to spend big money for a Kirby. The motor on the Bissel burnt out after one use! The quality just isn't there anymore. The machine is not cheap and should be made to last longer than the warranty period. I've had two Hoover SteamVac's and they both failed right after the warranty period.

By anonymous; - Dec 18, 2005

Don't buy

Strengths: Read all the reviews on how great it is

Weakness: solution tank cracks very easily.

I have replaces this part 2 times. At $50 a pop, it is expensive. Search E BAY. Hoover steam parts. Everyone is selling it because is is defective. Overall it works ok, but I would recomend a different brand.

By anonymous; - Oct 23, 2005