Hoover SpinScrub WidePath F6022-900 Vacuum

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Vacuum Type: Upright

Bagless: Yes


Product Title: Hoover SpinScrub WidePath F6022-900 Vacuum

Manufacturer: Hoover

Power Score: 5 | 2 Reviews

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Easy to Use Steam Vac

Strengths: Very easy to use. Works well.

I bought it for my daughter who has a cat and dog so she could clean the carpets any time she needed without renting one all the time. It works great. I've borrowed it for rental properties that we have as well as used it for our own house. For a steam cleaner it's not that heavy. It has good suction pulling the water out of the carpets. I highly recommend it.

By anonymous; - Aug 25, 2006

Very Good Steam Vac

Strengths: solution and recovery resevoirs are easy to use; vacuum, while a bit heavy with solution/water onboard, is still easy to use and manuever (and I am only 100 lbs, 5'1"); excellent cleaning

Weakness: handle of recovery water resevoir not balanced well and you need second hand to keep it level when it's full to prevent spilling

We previously owned a Bissell Pro-Heat upright steam cleaner, and after 2 or possibly 3 years, the water pump went out on it. We only did our old house 1 time, lent it to 2 different friends who each did only 1 floor each, so the vacuum only really did 2 whole houses in that entire time--very disappointing after spending some $200 on it. I called around and no one would repair it, and come to...
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By crummel77 - Jan 2, 2006

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