Eureka Boss 3670G Vacuum


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• Large disposable easy-to-change paper bag designed to hold plenty of dirt reducing cost and time• Packaged with standard filtration paper bags• Compact and lightweight small enough to be set easily on a stair step• Clean Path In.=11

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Vacuum Type: Canister

Bagless: No


Product Title: Eureka Boss 3670G Vacuum

Manufacturer: Eureka

Lowest Price: $89.99 from Studica

Power Score: 4.4 | 10 Reviews

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Manufacturer Design Flaw

The handle has a bend in it. Inside the tube, there is a little metal bar which runs across the inside of it, blocking dust balls, cat fur, paper and a lot of things from ever reaching into the tube. I am sick and tired of having to stop and use a coat hanger to try and get twisted dust and cat hair out of the inside of the bend in the handle. This is a design flaw. Otherwise, the unit is very...
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By greta@gretalint.com_2558601089 - Aug 24, 2013

light weight, easy to use

Strengths: disposable bag

Weakness: none

great value for the money and the dirt is contained in the bag instead of shook out all over again when you empty. Long live the dirtbag, a necessary thing.

By amymin; - Jan 9, 2010

Decent Vacuum, just doesn't last very long.

Strengths: Good power and suction, easy to use and maintain, light weight, compact.

Weakness: Not built to last.

I am probably about to buy my third Eureka Boss Canister vacuum in about 6 years because although it is a nice vacuum it just doesn't last. I do vacuum a lot (sometimes every day) but the load is light - mostly bare wood floors with nothing more than pet hair and food crumbs. Even still this vacuum should be able to last much longer. My last Eureka Boss lasted about two years and then the motor...
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By anonymous; - Jan 19, 2008

Powerful little bugger

Strengths: Good suction, very light

Weakness: No automatic wind up cord, only has two attachments

We had a hoover canister that worked well but the attachments did not fit properly. This little unit does it all, very light and compact. Easy to use and very good suction. This is a unit a would definitely recommend to others.

By comsense2035 - Nov 24, 2007

Boss 3670G Vacuum

Strengths: The suction

Weakness: The hose

The suction power on this model is great. I have four dogs and this vacuum has no trouble picking up there hair. I also love the length of the cord. I am not fond of the plastic hose it kinked up several times.

By Linda1963 - Sep 5, 2007

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