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The Animal is Awesome!

OH MY GOD! I am just like some of these other reviewers. ..Totally amazed at all the "stuff" this Dyson got out of my carpets after having just vacuumed them with another vac. I have 6 dogs, 1 cat and live where it's very sandy. Needless to say everything ends up in the house on the floors. I actually enjoyed vacuuming today after assembling my new Animal. It is worth every single penny. No kidding. Get it. You will be thoroughly pleased!

By dogmommy on Home Depot - Mar 1, 2008

Worth the money

This vacuum can get dirt out of a freshly vacuumed carpet, i swear, its wonderful, its not terribly heavy and is quieter than any vacuum i have ever owned. I have 3 dogs and they have access to the back yard via a dog door so dirt, leaves and hair are everywhere, this vacuum effortlessly cleans it all up. Its quiet enough so the Jack Russells don't want to attack and kill it. The wand reaches everywhere i need it too, I have no stairs, and no trying to find any hose, it is conviently part of the vacuum. I wish i had it when the carpet was new, I am enjoying vacuuming for the first time in....ever. Emptying it is a breeze, no more wondering if the bag is full, if there are any more bags, no more vacuming the carpet after emptying the bag, no more bags!! I can't recommend it highly enough.

By sunkat on Home Depot - Mar 14, 2007

trailing a Bouvier

I own a 5 year old male Bouvier des Flandres he's an intact male which means he very active. To placate that activity I installed a doggie door in my door wall custome made for his size. So he's in and, out in all kinds of weather through my pine trees and, maples dirts and, grime all brought inside the house via his hairy coat. And when I'm not around he plops his hairy onehundres pounds into a easy chair. Results, some major house keeping issues. Enter the Dyson DC14 animal it trims all these house keeping night mares in managable task. I've worn out one vacuum and, was at my wits end on what to try but the Dyson Animal does it all. I only wish I had purchased one a long time ago. GO ANIMAL! The vacuum that sooths the hairy beast!

By bouviermurph on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2008

It's Awesome!

My daughter used her Dyson Animal vacuum on my livingroom carpet, and I was amazed at it's suction, it picked up more than any other vacuum I've ever owned, so I immediately purchased one. I love the on-board hose, wand, and accessories, eliminating the need to haul separate attachments from room to room. I'm still getting used to using the wand, but love the job this machine does picking up dirt and cat hair. I recommend this product to everyone!

By cyndie on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2008

dyson dc14 animal

I love it. I have 3 dogs and 1 cat. I also have 2 teenagers at home. I honestly didn't know how dirty the floors were till I used it. My God, the dirt!! I use the wand, which by the way comes out with a simple pull. 17 ft. this thing will stretch, I do the stairs with never having to lug the base up the stairs with me.

By banhawk on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2008

Great Vacuum

I have 4 dogs, 2 Borzois, 1 German Shepherd, and a Border Terrier, 4 cats, one of which is a longhair. I can't say enough good things about this vacuum. I have never owned a vacuum where the upholstery attachment actually works. This one does! And the wand goes all the way up the steps without taking the vacuum with it. Nothing has ever stood up to my animal's hair, but this one has! And it is so easy to empty! Whoo-hoo! A five year warranty?! I've never had a sweeper last THAT long! Worth the price. Only wish I'dve bought it before I wasted $250 on the Hoover I bought a year and a half ago, which is now dead! Only drawback....throw rugs, BUT, the attachments work on them, so how much of a problem can that be? Highly recommend it!

By 2manypets on Home Depot - Jan 13, 2008

Definitely worth the price!!!

This vacuum does everything it says it will do and more. I love vacuuming my floors. It does a fantastic job on my Berber and on my kitchen tile. It picks up EVERYTHING. The only thing I wish would be more functional is the hose part of the machine... it is not very flexible and is somewhat awkward to use at times. I love this vacuum!!!!

By ERice on Home Depot - Jan 3, 2008


I have two dogs and very tired of dog hair everywhere. I have four other vacuums; one cost more then this Dyson. I did a home test with the Dyson after I used the other four and was amazed at how much dirt and dog hair the Dyson picked up. The Dyson is relatively quiet compared to others I have. The few draw backs. Dyson could have done a better job with the wand. The wand is not 17 feet. The wand is only 3 foot; the hose will expand to about 17 feet. You will have to hold the vacuum because the suction of the hose will tip the vacuum over. Attachments: The mini-rotor-OK. It would be nice if there was a short metal attachment from the hose to the mini-rotor. Remember the wand needs to be fully extended in order to use it, without wrecking the hose. A storage bin for the attachments that do not fit on the vacuum. This is by far the best vacuum I have used and no more bags. Buy it and try it for yourself, you will not be sorry.

By thor0424 on Home Depot - Nov 30, 2007


This is the best vacuum that you will ever own. I have 2 dogs and one cat and the wonders this vacuum performs is a miracle. Finally a vacuum they came out with that actually works and does as it advertises it will. The suction is amazing and is still as strong as the first day I used it. One of the other great features is the push a button to release the canister from the body of the vacuum then another push button to empty it.......Did I mention how wonderful this vacuum is?

By Cheryllk on Home Depot - Nov 25, 2007

I love my new Dyson DC14 Animal!

We purchased our Dyson just 4 days ago and I have already seen a world of difference in our carpet! I cannot believe how much "stuff" was left in my carpet with my other vacuum cleaner - I've vacuumed each day just to see what else is going to clean up! The long wand and hose has allowed me to reach the top of the ceiling in my stairwell with ease. Also, it's quieter than a regular vacuum cleaner which is nice. The low-reach floor tool is really handy on my bare floors. I haven't used the Zorb yet that came with it, but will within in the next week or so. This vacuum was easy to put together, and you can feel and hear the quality in how everything "snaps" in place - it just sounds and feels solid. Truly amazing and I recommend to anyone!

By PennyE on Home Depot - Sep 15, 2007

Dyson Animal

This is the best vacuum I've ever owned. It's easy to push, attachments are easy to use, cannister is easy to empty and clean, overall a fantastic item for housecleaning. AND, it's GREAT for pet hair!

By dawnnut1 on Home Depot - Aug 29, 2007

Animal House CLEAN!

I just played with my new vacuum and with 5 cats and 2 dogs,inside, need I say anything about hair! The couches look great. The bedroom was vacuumed before I got The Animal, and I got a whole tub of hair up with this vacuum in that same room ! It is truly a great product and worth every penny! And can't wait to show my friends.!

By Anniem57 on Home Depot - Aug 25, 2007

Super suction and worth every penny

Two dogs, a cat and 4 kids..we've been through countless vacuums. This is the last one I'm ever going to have to buy. Gets every bit of pet hair off carpets. The hose is long enough to leave the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs to reach the top. Super easy to empty the dirt canister and it has yet to clog up on me. My husband thought it was nuts to spend this much on a vacuum but he's now more in love with it than I am. Comes with all the attachments you need.

By ShelH on Home Depot - Aug 25, 2007


I have a cat and a fiance who is very allergic to animals and this vaccume helps his allergies and keep our place very clean. Whenever I vaccume the rooms, it seems as I can make another cat out of the hair that it picks up. This is a great product and will recommend this to everyone.

By cleanisgood on Home Depot - Aug 5, 2007

Dyson DC14 Animal

Wow!!! My roomate's mom had this vacuum and would bring it to our house every now and then and it was awesome. Therefore, I had to buy one! We have three indoor dogs and they all shed like crazy. It's amazimg how much hair it picks up. You can vacuum a room and fill the vacuum up full of hair and dirt. Our carpet is older and warn, but it looks GREAT after you run the Dyson over it. Even when you think the floor is clean, it still manages to collect a good amount of dirt and hair. My parents ask me to bring my Dyson home with me when I go and visit because they see the difference it makes. So, I have now just bought them their own. This vacuum almost makes it FUN to clean!!! I love it!-

By Kim0116 on Home Depot - Jul 29, 2007

Finally a vaccum that lives up to it's promise!!

I bought the DC 14 Animal and it is amazing! It does everything it says it will and more. I don't know how I ever lived without this thing! We have a dog and two cats and I hate pet hair! My other vaccum doesn't even compare and I paid close to the same price as my dyson. I am still just stunned over the suction of my dyson and all the hair that I picked up after using my old vaccum. Another thing I noticed right away is that my carpet stands up like it is brand new! The telescopic reach is amazing and I love the mini turbine head for our stairs. If your shopping for a new vaccum look no more. Get a dyson you'll never regret it!

By Hanson on Home Depot - Jun 1, 2007

It Really Works!

Laurel came home and immediately asked if I had cleaned the carpet. Smiling widely I said "No, I used the Animal." We recently adopted a Heeler and I have nicknamed her "Fuzzy". Her hair floats in the air, it is so fine. The Animal picked up about 10 bins of dust and fur in a quick run around the house. Gross, really. It is quiet, light weight and what I like best is the fact that I can plug in to one outlet in the living room and get the whole house! The box conained the carpet cleaning kit and a low reach tool, which I did not think I would get. I also like being able to turn off the beater bar on hard floors. I have ordered the Flexi-tool and the dusting brush. There is one thing that I do not like and that is the fact that the hose (when extended for attachments) is pulling back to the machine because it is collapsable. This is a machine that is well designed and really works.

By Twisty on Home Depot - Apr 12, 2007


This vacuum is worth every penny ! I use it almost daily because I have 2 dogs , I am amazed every time I use it when I see all that pet hair in the canister ! Also my 2 children want to use it too so they can see all the stuff they get out of their rooms !

By Bdog on Home Depot - Apr 6, 2007

The Best Vacuum Ever!!

This is the ultimate in vacuums and I've owned Kirby, Electrolux and the highly touted Rainbow (you know the one that had water in the tank, so you ultimately emptied mud out of it), all costing at least $1000 each. I gave up and started buying Hoovers, Dirt Devils, or any type I could find on sale, and with pets and kids, I was buying a new vacuum cleaner every year or two. Then, along came the Dyson! It is more than worth the $550 cost, I will never be without a Dyson vacuum for the rest of my life. This is the most wonderful appliance I have ever owned! It's easy to use, easy to empty and works like a miracle at getting dirt and animal hair out of your carpets and upholstery. My advise??? BUY ONE, YOU'LL NEVER REGRET IT FOR A MINUTE!

By suesm on Home Depot - Apr 5, 2007

This thing really is an ANIMAL

I was more than skeptical when it came to spending $500 on a vacuum. I mean, come on, can it really be worth double the price of a competitor's unit? The answer, plain and simple, is YES. We have a dog and 3 kids and an immense amount of dirt, dust, and food ground into our floors. The animal takes no prisoners. It works well on hardwoods, but the real value is once you get on carpet. It sucks everything up. We did the typical, "vacuumed with our old model, and then used the Animal". Sure enough, the Dyson sucked up just as much if not more than our other model. I should note, however, that the Animal is so powerful, you can't use the "carpet" setting on area rugs. The suction is so strong and the pile so short the bristles can't move. If you've got hardwoods and lots of area rugs, pass on the model and get a regular Dyson. If you've got carpet, you gotta get the Animal.

By TomL on Home Depot - Apr 2, 2007

Great Vacuum

I researched the Dyson products for many months before purchasing one. We have 3 dogs and this vacumm leaves our house looking like we have no animals. I love the ease of using it and the no filter technology is wonderful I strongly recommend this product to anyone with animals!

By TammyS on Home Depot - Apr 2, 2007

The purple power house

I have to admit that I tried to be cheap and buy the yellow Dyson first. I am not sure why but I was a little disappointed with it. It seemed to not handle as well and since I have a lot of Persian Rugs it was too powerfull to vaccuum them, it would make a horrible squealing noise and I would have to cut it off. I remembered that the purple Dyson had attachments meant for different surfaces, so I returned my yellow Dyson and bought the purple one. I absolutely love it! It is the best vaccuum I have ever had and well worth the money! I have a black hand knotted rug in my kitchen that I used to have to vaccuum for half an hour to get all of my yellow Labrador's hair off of. Now I am done in less than 5 minutes. My house used to be very dusty and now it stays almost dust free! I would highly recommend this vaccuum to anyone with pets! Thanks Dyson!!!

By Boomom on Home Depot - Mar 28, 2007

Dyson Animal is an animal

We have been using this vacuum for about 3 weeks now. It pulls as much animal hair and soil out of our carpets in 1 use as our old vacuum would in a month. We thought our Eureka upright was doing a pretty good job. We were wrong. It is worth every penny of the steep $550 price tag. If you like to buy the best, I can't imagine a vacuum getting any better. Now quit reading reviews and buy the thing! You know you want it.

By Dandyman on Home Depot - Feb 4, 2007

My new love is an Animal!

The first time I used my new Dyson Animal vacuum I fell in love with it! This is the best vacuum ever! I have 3 cats, a long haired dog, & 2 kids, so needless to say I have a lot to vacuum. The Dyson Animal has excellent suction, that lasts throughout vacuuming the whole house. It is very comfortable to use,easy to add the attachments, and very easy to empty. The cord is extra long so it doesn't have to keep being unplugged & plugged into different outlets to go where i need to go. The hose and wand also stretch a great distance, making it easy to clean hard to reach spots. It actually made my carpet look newer it cleans so well! I've gone through 3 other vacuums in the past 5 years, so I was excited to see that the Dyson Animal comes with a 5 year warranty, at no extra charge! I feel like a vacuum salesperson, as I've brought my Dyson Animal to relatives houses to show them how well it works! I strongly recommend this vacuum! You won't be sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By valbal on Home Depot - Jan 19, 2007



By JJGJ on Home Depot - Jan 18, 2007


I purchased a VERY expensive vacuum about six years ago. I was told it was the very best, top of the line. At that very moment, I wasn't concerned so much with the cost. I live on a farm off a dirt road so it's always dusty. I had two dogs, two cats and a bird. Within a week of that purchase, I truly loathed that vacuum. But I was stuck, so I made the best of it. For years now I've seen the commercials for DYSON and didn't give them too much thought. After all I'd been burned before! But as the years went on and I saw more commercials then started reading more about DYSON vacuums, I decided to really do some research. I was very impressed by what I read. Then around Christmas time, I received a 10% off coupon from The Home Depot and found an offer of no payments and no interest until January 2008. I could hear the DYSON ANIMAL calling my name. I purchased my Animal brought it home and after 5 minutes of assembly, I was vacuuming. I have lived in this house almost 10 years with a total of six dogs, two cats and two birds (down to three dogs and two birds). I thought my carpets were relatively clean - WRONG!!! Within a 6' x 6' area, I had filled the dirt chamber. I ended up emptying the dirt chamber 3 times for just the living room! I'm positive I was vacuuming dirt and hair from the previous owners. I found the DYSON Animal made carpets look a lot better than what they were. I could vacuum the kitchen without shooting rocks across the floor. I could actually watch the vacuum pull the hair balls toward it then stuck them up into oblivion. Emptying the DYSON Animal is just as easy. Take it outside, hold it over the trashcan push the button then watch all of the nastiness fall out. You don't have to touch anything icky. Push the bottom plate until it clicks and you're done. Replace the dirt chamber back on the DYSON with one more click and you're ready to go. It really is that easy to have a clean house. My only complaint if you can call it that, is that the hose and attachments are a little difficult to use in the sense that the suction is so strong it contracts the hose up. But it's workable and if that's all "struggle" I have for a clean house, then bring it on! Now the only question I have is will it last longer than the 5 year warranty? I'm willing to find out. Thank You Home Depot and Mr. DYSON!

By RebeccaOfSunnyBrookFarm on Home Depot - Jan 7, 2007

The Dyson Animal is Amazing

All I have got to say is that everyone should buy this vacuum. Sure it's pricey, but is is best vacuum I have ever owned. For the last two years I have been using a high-end $2,000 vacuum I bought on impulse from an in-home demonstation. It was nice, worked well, but nothing, i mean NOTHING like a Dyson. This machine is amazing. The pile on my carpet has never looked so good. I swear it was pulling dirt through the sub flooring. This vacuum is easy to use and emptying it is a snap. This is the best investment on a vacuum one could make.

By Corbett on Home Depot - Dec 16, 2006

Steel/Purple Animal

This vacuum is worth every penny. My husband is allergic to the cat, so either he had to move or I had to get a new vacuum. My 20 year old vacuum ($300 then) wasn't cutting it anymore, so I decided to spend the extra and am very happy I did. (And so is he). I love that you can see what exactly you are picking up - surprising how much there is in there. So if you want the best vacuum ever - definitely go for this one. Good luck!

By Mare on Home Depot - Dec 14, 2006

Could not believe it!!!

This vacuum is absolutly amasing!!! I could not believe how much it picked up even after vacuuming with our old vacuum. We will never own any other brand except Dyson!!!

By Kendall on Home Depot - Dec 10, 2006


I went and bought this vaccum because I was sick of trying to vacccum with my old one. My husband and I were thinking about putting new carpet down, but after using this for a week, it looks like a brand new carpet. It's AMAZING!!! I have never seen anything like it. It is worth EVERY penny!!! To think my husband was skeptical to buy such an expensive vaccum. It even made him a believer!!!

By anomyus on Home Depot - Nov 18, 2006

Wonderful Vacuum

This vacuum is the most powerful vacuum. It truely does what it claim. It is worth every penny. Works great on all my critter hair.

By bunnylover on Home Depot - Nov 16, 2006

This is an ANIMAL

This vacuum is AMAZING! I was so tired of my old vacuum leaving half of the pet hair on the floor when I was finished that I quit cleaning and my husband had to do it. I felt like I was just wasting my time. But now, since I got my new animal I won't let him vacuum. I use it sometimes twice a week just to see how much it will pick up. You would think that my dogs should be bald with all the hair that this thing picks up. I can actually sit on the floor in black pants and not get up with white dog hair stuck to my sitter. It is definaltely worth the money. Animal lovers....this is the best animal you can have in your home next to the little darlings you already have.. Buy it!!

By Rimshot on Home Depot - Nov 10, 2006

Super Dyson

I can not believe how well this thing picks up dirt and hair. I have a cat and a dog so I needed something to really pick up pet hair. I was a little skeptical about spending over $500 for a vacuum when I purchased the Dyson. My husband and I bought it about 2 weeks ago and I am still amazed by how much and what this vacuum picks up out of our carpet and off the upholstry. To test the Dyson when we first brought it home, we vacuumed the carpets with our old vacuum and the went over the carpet with the new Dyson. It was unbelieveable. In a space of about 6 feet by 6 feet we filled the bagless container with pet hair and dirt. Even after we vacuumed with the Dyson and then cleaned the carpet with our rug shampooer , when the carpet dried we went over it with the Dyson again to see what, if anything else came up.It was UNREAL!!! This vacuum picked up more dirt and hair. Its well worth the money for this vacuum especially if you have pets. I would recommend it to anyone. Some other really great things about this Dyson is that its not as heavy as my other Vacuum was, it has a longer hose and handle on it to be able to take care of my stairs and it comes with the accessories to vacuum the upholstery!! I don't often get impressed with an item enough to leave a review for it but this thing is terrific!!! If you have pets, I would definitely encourage you to try the Dyson!

By ItsMo2 on Home Depot - Nov 4, 2006


i have 3 dogs that all shed, i have gone through so many vacumes before finding the animal. this is the most wonderful vacume i have seen. keeps up with all my dog hair and allergens. my carpets have come alive again.

By skeeter43 on Home Depot - Nov 3, 2006

Highly recommended

We adopted 2 kittens last year & my husband's asthma has been exacerbated by the cat dander. We do many things to cut down on his exposure including using couch & pillow covers that we remove & wash, HEPA air filters & vacuuming frequently. Once our vacuum stopped working, we read many reviews about the Dyson Animal and others & decided to give this one try. While our carpets & rugs appeared clean, we were shocked by how much dirt, etc. was pulled up with this vacuum. It has made a huge difference in my husband's allergy control. Additionally, there is no bag to replace (just hold detachable receptacle over the trash can & press the release button to empty), a rechargeable HEPA filter & the cord is a great length. While I was hesitant to spend this much on a vacuum, it's proven to be well worth the money. To make this purchase easier on our budget, we opened a Home Depot card in order to use the 6-months no interest plan.

By JenniferP on Home Depot - Oct 19, 2006

No more vacuuming for my husband!!!

My husband will now have now have to fight me to vacuum...even the stairs!! I have heard of the Dyson from family and friends and have done a fair amount of research on this product always focusing on the Animal. My husband thought the price absurd, overpriced, even with the research and family and friends recommendations he staunchly refused to buy my vacuum (and I have huge stairs). We have 4-big dogs all 85lbs to 106lbs (and still growing) and 2-very large cats. He said he would always vacuum....well he deployed, I was stuck. Fortunately the fan belt in the old useless vacuum broke and I couldn't fix it (did try) so I thought what the heck and I got my Dyson Amimal! My carpet was almost black with hair and dirt, my stairs were hideous and I thought not even a Dyson would be able to clean the dirty steps...but Viola!!! I couldn't believe my eyes....I dragged 2-13 gal. trash cans full of hair and dirt out of the carpet and floors just from downstairs. I called my friend whose wife also deployed with my husband to see the magic....he only took one look and we were off to the store with minutes to spare before close. He bought the exact one without stopping. I now have 6 converts...we are all animal lovers and can't have our dogs/pets outside for long periods of time in this horrible San Antonio summer heat, they need A/C too. Now clean-up is easy, through and helps with allergies to boot. The up front cost may sound high but remember the $20 to $35 filter replacements and THE BAGS! Five Stars out of Five!!!!!!!

By semperfiwm on Home Depot - Jul 16, 2006

The Animal IS an Animal

OH.....MY......GOD.......! Never in my LIFE have I ever seen any vacum like this Dyson clean! I have one long hair cat, two Golden Retrievers and a Newfoundland, unfortunely, I am a very clean person and and have been fighting dog and cat hair for the past 10 years. I have gone thru 4 vacum cleaners, buying into their promises of really picking up dirt and hair, which they do for about two weeks, and then it's all over....ususally the motor burns out. When I got my Dyson Animal I tried it out on my living floor, and I kept vacuming for one hour and it kept picking up the hair while I kept cleaning the cansiter!!! My living room is 13*14. My carpet almost looks like brand new, it raises the nap so well!. Now I can have it cleaned and the cleaning people won't complain about all the hair in the carpet! If you have a dog, cat, or even a hairy boyfriend. GET THIS DYSON!!!!!!! IT IS WELL WORTH YOUR MONEY!!!!!!! PS When you vacum your house, the air in yur house is also so much fresher!

By on Home Depot - Jun 29, 2006

Dyson Animal - Essential for the pet owner

This thing works as well as the commercials say it does. Well worth the money. You will be so shocked at the amount of hair and dirt your old vaccuum was leaving behind and at how clean your carpets now look.

By ShopperGirl on Home Depot - Jun 24, 2006

Steel/Purple Bagless Upright Animal Vacuum

This vacauum cleaner is the best one I've come accross. I have asthma and since I started using this vacuum cleaner I have had less asthma attacks. We also have 4 cats and you would be to tell it looking at our carpet. I vacuum almost every other night now because it is so cool.

By on Home Depot - Jun 19, 2006

Dyson Steel/Purple Bagless Upright Animal Vacuum

It is the best vacuum, easy to use, great attachments, and really does pick up the animal hair (2 cats, and large dog).

By on Home Depot - Jun 19, 2006

The Animal really works well

We read a lot of reviews on the internet about this product. They were all positive. Our daughter owns one too. She raves about it. It is more quite than we expected. We had just vaccumed the house the day before it arrived and when we tried the animal, we were amazed at the stuff it picked up. Easy to empty the canister too. Two thumbs up for this product.

By on Home Depot - Jun 16, 2006


It was hard for me at first to face paying all that money for a vacumn cleaner!! But, it does what it promises. It is so easy to use and i can clean my 1000 square foot apartment without unplugging it once!. It does not disappoint.

By on Home Depot - Jun 15, 2006

Excellent on Cat Hair

This is absolutely the best vacuum cleaner I've ever used. I have long-haired kitties, and the Dyson picks up all of their hair like it's nothing. I have gone through so many vacuum cleaners in the past because the long cat hair clogged them up, but the Dyson handles the long hair very well. I also love the way the chamber empties...I don't have to touch anything that's covered in dirt, dust, or hair. Just the push of a button and the bottom of the canister pops open. Thanks, Dyson!!!

By on Home Depot - May 28, 2006

Great vacuum

Definately has great suction power. Convenient wand for cleaning small places. Long cord. The one thing I appreciate and don't like at the same time, is there's a flap over the front of the vacuum, it prevents you from sucking up things that should not be vacuumed, but if it's a piece of paper it pushes it around. So that feature is probably more so good than bad. The attatchments that are included for cleaning drapes, furniture and stairs come in very handy. I am completely happy with my purchase.

By on Home Depot - May 24, 2006

Dyson does it

I purchased my Dyson Animal just before moving out of my old apartment. I already had a vaccuum, but it just wasn't cleaning the way I had heard Dyson would. After using the Dyson, it's hard to imagine another vaccuum being so easy to use and clean. The price is a little high for regular consumers, but, this is once instance where "you get what you pay for."

By on Home Depot - May 2, 2006