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Dirt Devil M08230X

Strengths: Powerful. Easy to use and store. Convient throw away bags.

Weakness: No long handle attachment for people with disabilities.

I own one of these and am buying a second for my camper. This is a very durable product. I like the use of a bag as it holds more dirt then most cup types that I've seen. It has handy tools for getting in corners and tight spots. Takes up very little space for storage. I've had on dirt Devil that lasted over 10 years and still works after constant use.

By dusky49 - Nov 1, 2006

Dirt Devil Ultra hand Vacuum

Strengths: It really sucks up alot and very easy to use.

Weakness: Sometimes the bag gets too much dirt in it and comes off but that is very rare.

I love it! I have used a Dirt Devil vacuum for almost now 15 years. It works great and my boys can do their chores very easily with the light weight vacuum.

By jenacooney - Sep 7, 2007

The devils in the house!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strengths: It's a very powerful handvac and you can find a 4 pack of filtration bags at Mijiers for $2.96.

Weakness: None.

It's the best handvac I ever had in my whole life.I also like that it has a built in streatch hose and a very powerful brushrool p.s. The bags can hold a lot.

By devil; - Jan 1, 2007

Powerful for dry vac only

Strengths: Heavy duty, industrial strength. Definitely better than the cordless models.

Weakness: Wet applications!

This is an excellent vacuum, and provide much better suction than the cordless models. Heavy duty construction- Note that it only does well in dry applications. I tried vacuuming a wet soggy area, and burned out the motor. Mistake on my part- Buying another one because I'm still so happy with it.

By burkhall - Apr 5, 2008

Best Handheld Vacuum under $50

With a 4 amp motor and powerful suction, this corded handheld is an efficient dry cleaning tool for vacuuming stairs, boat or vehicle interiors or into corners. The handy crevice tool helps get ...
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By - Mar 31, 2010