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Heat plus Red/Orange bristles equals color fading on my white carpet!!!

Strengths: Gets the water hot

Weakness: The bright colored bristles fade on my white carpet with hot or even warm water.

We paid more for a cleaner that heats up the water b/c we wanted a deep clean - but these brightly colored bristles fade on my white carpet every time I use it. I can't even use warm water without getting orangey carpet - we have to use cold water - very disappointing.

By anonymous; - Nov 23, 2009

This is the best carpet cleaner I've ever used!

Strengths: It heats your tap water up to 25 degrees (F) hotter, so take your normal 140 degree HOT tap water, and add 25 degrees to that! It is built sturdy, like an upright vacuum.

Weakness: The upholstery hose gets in the way sometimes, I can't get it to stay in place. It doesn't take long for the tank to fill with dirty water, so you do have to dump/fill it a lot for larger rooms.

This is a nice unit, and I'm glad we bought it. I've been borrowing my parents for years (also a Bissel, but before they had uprights), and I let them borrow it, now they want one too.

By dvdbarnyard - Feb 10, 2008

Bissell Proheat 2X Upright Deep Cleaner 9200 series

Strengths: Cleans uphostery and floors beautifully

Weakness: No indicator on the machine to tell you when the water is out

I have five young children and need a deep cleaner that works well. This is the second time I turned to Bissell to purchase a deep cleaner. My last machine was a Bissell Proheat Clearview, and it lasted for over 4 years. The old machine had only 6 brushes, and the 9200 Series definitely cleans better with its 10 brushes.
My husband used the deep cleaner first to clean our three year old couch and recliner. They desperately needed to be cleaned and came out looking brand new. Then I cleaned the carpet in our house, which is a very light tan color. The machine didn't completely take out the really set stains, like ink, but it took a lot of it out and cleaned the rest of the carpet beautifully.
The only problem I have with the deep cleaner, is that there is not an indicator to tell you when it is out of clean water. It has a valve on it to keep you from sucking up too much water back into the machine, but there isn't a good way to tell when the clean water is out.
The shampoo holder is located on the back of the machine so you can tell just by looking at it that it is low. You just have to remember to keep an eye on it.
Overall, this is a great machine and I love it.

By IdahoVandals - Jan 24, 2008

not bad

Strengths: Easy to manuever and use once you learn it how, Not ugly

Weakness: A better design would warn you when the clean water or shampoo is finished, Temperatures are not that hot, Pricey and large (you get to keep your old vacuum cleaner too)

First of all, for the beginners, this is just a carpet cleaner not vacuum cleaner. Inside the manual, it says "use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum the area before cleaning your carpet'.

When I was purchasing this monster, I thought this $200 machine would be capable of accomplishing that simple job. Apparently, you're going to clean and keep your old vacuum cleaner too. So, being close to $200 limit and not a real vacuum cleaner, it's a little pricey!

It's claimed that this heats up the hot tap water 25% hotter than the other brand machines. They accomplish this by heating up the water right before it sprays on the carpet. I also think this is a better design instead of heating the carpet like some other machines do.

But I think it only feels 'warm', not hot, when I touch the carpet right after it passes. So, I suggest them to crank the heat up more.

All over, I can't complain, it performs nicely. However, when the water or shampoo is finished in the tanks, it doesn't give any warnings to you. You could be blowing hot air to the carpet instead of water thinking 'your carpets look really clean now'.

So check the levels every 5-6 minutes AND visually inspect that water is sucked back when you pull the machine back releasing the trigger.

I'm cutting their one more stars for the extra work I had to go through in the first area I thought I cleaned :)

There's not many detailed figures in the manual. Almost all of the explanations are given by writing, so it's quite hard to figure out how this machine works in the beginning.

Also, the package comes with the trial-size stain remover and deep clean shampoo. Nowhere on the package says these are small sizes that would be enough for only 1 room. So, I suggest you to get refills before you come back home.

One side note, if you're not really hygienic like me, you can rent a commercial steamer from any food store for only $25 a day.

By anewculture - Dec 8, 2006

Great customer service

Strengths: Cleans carpet very well. Easy to maneuver.

Weakness: Does not alert you when the shampoo and water tanks are empty.

I was having a problem with my machine not spraying out solution. I called customer service and was told step by step what to check and how to resolve the problem. She was extremely helpful and stayed on the phone with me during the whole process. Great customer service! My carpet looks great! Thanks Bissell!

By maggiem1 - May 25, 2010

Don't waste your money

Strengths: Simple operation

Weakness: Poorly made hunk of junk

What isn't wrong with machine? It's an absolute LEMON. I have had clogged Sprayers, loss of prime at every single new use, and the casing is falling apart at the slightest touch. The formula will run continuously unless the tank is on just-so. Now I am having problems with the water tank. It will not dispense any water at all. Neither from the floor sprayers, nor through the hose. I have taken the gasket off of the bottom where it connects to the bladder and sat it in the base of the unit by hand. Doing so and replacing the tank over-top without the lid, and pouring water in, allows water to run through the machine at all spray points like it should. However, the machine cannot be used in this manner as it will then not draw dirty water out of the carpets. If I reassemble the tank the way it should be, fill it with water, and put everything back on the base, it stops working. I called into customer service and the girl that I talked to was no help at all. They just referred me to my local service center for the 4th time. Problem. I have never used anything other than Bissell cleaning formulas, and despite the case practically crumbling apart, this machine has been babied and cleaned properly after every single use. It is my opinion that this machine is a poorly manufactured hunk of junk made with sub-standard materials and workmanship. Ultimately I would return it if I had my receipt and buy another brand. Previous to this I have had nothing but glowing reports for Bissell Machines. I have had 1 before, my mother in law swears by them, and my sister in law loves hers. This one has put me off completely, and I will never buy another one. At this point though, all I want is for this hunk of Junk to work. I will be taking it to the service center. Hopefully I won't need to produce my long lost receipt. If I do. I'll take this item to the dump myself, and wait until I save enough to buy a better product, rather than paying for work that should absolutely be covered by a warranty.

By anonymous; - Aug 22, 2009