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Vacuum Sealers - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

5 Star Review VS200 Fresh Guard Professional Performance Vacuum Sealer


fcasas - (July 29, 2004) This works great and it. I have packed more than 200 bags with cookies, vegatables, meats, cerals etc.. It it so EASY, to make it work, just put the bag into the sealer, close the lid and wait until the air is extrractedd. I just love to bring my lunch to my job into a vacuum sealed bag. I saved a lot of money preserving food that in other way I would have to waste.

5 Star Review V2840 Foodsaver Is the Best


lipper - (September 30, 2007) This is a upgrade for me. I have used the older model foodsaver for years. It allows me to buy in bulk,freeze it and not have to worry about freezer burn. How many times have you bought the larger packs of hamburger divided it up and froze it only to find it freezer burnt 3 months later. You just threw away any savings. Not with the foodsaver. I was cleaning out my freezer getting ready to restock. I found a roast that I had packed in a foodsaver bag 2 years ago,it was as fresh as the day I froze it. I love the way the new model has storage for the bag material right in the machine and also the cutter is there so you have a straight cut every time.

1 Star Review VS200 Fresh Guard Professional Performance Vacuum Sealer


lovethydog - (March 23, 2004) This thing just doesnt work. Constantly stops working in mid use because its "over heated". You have to wait 5 minutes for it to start working again. Simply a piece of junk.

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review Inexpensive, does the job

Anonymous User - (07/10/2013) I don't freeze much, but freeze hamburger, steaks, salmon (in marinade) when I find sales. I had used the vacuum bag system with hand pump for several years, but now can only find bags at Walmart which, for more reasons than interest anyone, is my last resort. Saw this at Target this week, compared item and cost to FoodSaver and it quickly became a no-brainer. Essentially the same function as the cheaper model of FS for half the price, and bag costs are half the price too. I've been packing meat items all afternoon without a problem. I have no problem recommending this item.

1 Star Review Doesn't work for intended purpose

Anonymous - (06/08/2013) I ordered the prep 'n' seal and have used it beaucoup times. Unfortunately it doesn't hold a seal for any duration of time. It will seal quickly but within hours the vacuum seal is gone. Seal deterioriates fairly quickly in Fridge, and while it lasts a few hours longer at room temp, even that dissipates within a few hours...not good. HOWEVER, I did find a terrific use for the item, I use it on the top of my Food Saver Jar Sealers AND IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM!! so the unintended consequence I now have a super jar sealer that takes up less counter space than the larger vacuum heat sealers though it doesn't replace a regular heat sealer.

5 Star Review Fantasic

Anonymous - (05/28/2013) Fantastic machine. Have had other brands. This one far exceeds other vacuum sealer.

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