Kitchen Labs VFB-301A-W The Fresh Box Vacuum Food Storage Unit - White

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Keeps Bread & Baked Goods Fresher Longer! Tired of throwing out bread thats gone stale Then youll love The Fresh Box. Its an amazing newproduct that keeps baked goods fresher longer. Put your products in The Fresh Box, latch the lid and let the vacuum seal lock in freshness! Use it to store bread, baked goods and a wide variety of other food products. Marinates Meats In Only Minutes! Use it to marinate meats and vegetables in only minutes instead of hours! The unique vacuum-seal technology allows your marinade sauces to penetrate the meat so quickly that you?ll be marinating more than ever before and your beef, pork and chicken will be more tender tasting than you ever thought possible. Helps Fruits & Vegetables Stay Fresh & Flavorful! Most fruits and vegetables have short shelf life. So when they reach your home, add daysof freshness to your apples, grapes and plums by storing them them in The Fresh Box. Protects Your Seafood & Eliminates Odors Seafood stored in The Fresh Box under refrigeration will last days longer than just putting it into your refrigerator. That means that it will taste fresher when it is prepared. So when they reach your home, add days of freshness to your fish and other seafood by storing them in The Fresh Box. Extends life of foods for days, protects food from the elements, and accelerates marinating process 8 to 1. Simple one-button operation delivers 30% vacuum quickly A/C Power Supply OR Four D-cell batteries maintain 300 pump cycles before replacement, estimated to be four to six months of normal use. Color: White


Product Title: Kitchen Labs VFB-301A-W The Fresh Box Vacuum Food Storage Unit - White

Manufacturer: Kitchen Labs

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