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Black and Decker Freshguard Vacumn Seal

Strengths: Cheap, well built

Weakness: general availability of Black and Decker bags

This system works as go as or better than the other ones I have used. My Food Saver from Tilia quit the second time I used it. My Black and Decker machine still working great after almost a year. Wal-Mart carries the Black and Decker bags but they are hard to find on-line. No problem though. The Black and Decker machine works just fine using other system's bags. Make sure to read the manual, especially the part where it talks about how long to wait between sealing bags and you won't have any problem with it.

By gwb1943 - Oct 29, 2005

Best Food Saver Around For The Price!

Strengths: Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

Weakness: Canisters are hard to find.

This thing works better than the over priced food saver brand! The only problem I have found is finding the canisters to buy. I bought mine at Walmart in Tyler, TX along with extra bags and a set of two canisters. I moved to the DFW are a and finding it very difficult to find the canisters on the shelves anywhere. The canisters I bought still work great but I would like more. They keep salads very well. I bought the stainless steel model and it looks very nice next to my toaster and other counter top appliances. Looks like all they sell now are the plain white ones. If you are thinking about buying one of these I say do it, you won't be sorry that you did!

By gojo5555 - Aug 5, 2006

This works great and it. I have...

Strengths: Cheap, well looking, light, portable

Weakness: None

This works great and it. I have packed more than 200 bags with cookies, vegatables, meats, cerals etc..

It it so EASY, to make it work, just put the bag into the sealer, close the lid and wait until the air is extrractedd.

I just love to bring my lunch to my job into a vacuum sealed bag. I saved a lot of money preserving food that in other way I would have to waste.

By fcasas - Jul 29, 2004

This thing just doesnt work....

Strengths: Just another example of why I wont purchase another Black & Decker product.

This thing just doesnt work. Constantly stops working in mid use because its "over heated". You have to wait 5 minutes for it to start working again. Simply a piece of junk.

By lovethydog - Mar 23, 2004

I have had my sealer for over four...

I have had my sealer for over four years. Use it on fish and meat with great results. I've found it is like any other piece of equipment you have to have a little common sense to operate it. Would and have recommended it to my friends.

By rebel20@mediacombb.net_9272184 - Nov 11, 2013

This product stinks

Strengths: Inexpensive

Weakness: Won't seal consistently

I am on my second VS200 and refuse to let Black and Decker send me another one. If a slight amount of moisture in the bag gets in the area to be heat sealed, the unit won't seal the bag completely. Works only on dry items (flours, rice, beans, etc). Also the bags are poor quality. I like to buy in shell nuts in bulk. Tried to use the bags and ended up with holes in the bags.

Overall, not worth the money.

By anonymous; - Oct 6, 2005

Black and Decker FreshGuard Vacuum Sealer

Strengths: N/A

Weakness: It just doesn't work.

I have had two of these units and they are awful. I sealed steaks four times, and still didn't get a proper vacuum. Very disappointing. I'm going to buy the FoodSaver and I hope I have better luck with it.

By anonymous; - Aug 15, 2005

Poor quality machine...

Strengths: Great to store food, when/if it works.

Weakness: Very poor quality control and design.

I've had three of these units now...

First unit worked for a while, but it was difficult to get a good seal on the bag. I ended up doing double seals at each end to be sure that it didn't leak. After one roll of bags, the sealer stopped heating so the bags wouldn't seal, even after waiting an hour for the unit to cool off.

Second unit, no matter what, the unit wouldn't vacuum enough to trigger the sealer. Even when I plugged the vacuum hole completely the unit still detected a leak.

Third unit was the same as the second. It refused to pull a proper vacuum so would never seal.

My $10 cheapo sealer is 10+ years old and still works. It never did pull much vacuum, but it was OK for stuff like hamburger or stew. I got the B&D unit since it sucked so much more... and it REALLY DOES SUCK! Do NOT buy one.

By anonymous; - Jul 19, 2005

Black & Decker FresGuard Vauum Sealer

Won't seal when products have moisture. Have tried it on vegatables as well as meat products and still can't get it to seal. I Will not buy again.

By anonymous; - Jul 16, 2005

Works Great

Strengths: Inexpensive, user friendly, good value

Weakness: None

I've used my Black & Decker for the past two weeks and it works very well. I've packaged over 27 pounds of vegetables and it just keeps on working.

By anonymous; - Jul 15, 2005