Rainbow E Series Vacuum Cleaner

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This Rainbow E series Rainbow vacuum cleaner has the following features: · 2 Speed Motor with Air Filtration Capability! · Rainbow Power Unit · New 2 Quart Water Pan · New HEPA Filter · Power Nozzle with Motor Driven Brush · Electric Hose with Built-In Power Cord · Wet/Dry Hose · Upholstery Tool · Floor Tool · Dusting Brush · Crevice Tool · Coil Cleaner Tool We have installed a large number of new parts. In fact, over 90% of the parts are brand new -including the motor! If we were not saying that this unit was rebuilt you would swear it is brand new. We are giving you a 3-year warranty on this vacuum. That´s the same as a new one! This vacuum was rebuilt by Sweeper City. The rebuilding was not performed by Rexair, Inc., (the manufacturer of the Rainbow® vacuum cleaner) or by anyone authorized by Rexair to rebuild Rainbow®. Sweeper City is solely responsible for this rebuilt vacuum. Warranty - Parts & Service Policy 3 years from date of purchase includes unlimited free service to maintain the proper operation of this cleaner. Includes Free exchange and/or repair of any defective parts when returned to Sweeper City, this service policy is solely provided by Sweeper City and neither Rexair, Inc. nor any Rainbow distributor stands behind it. This policy does not cover any misuse or abuse of hoses, belts and bulbs. · Inflator/Deflator Attachment · Long Stainless Steel Wand · 3 Short Extension Wands · Separator Cleaning Brush · Attachment Caddy · Dolly with Wheels

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Vacuum Type: canister


Product Title: Rainbow E Series Vacuum Cleaner

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