Miele TYPE F J M Intensive Clean PLUS Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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Genuine miele fjm hyclean vacuum cleaner dust bag (x8)

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Vacuum Type: bag


Product Title: Miele TYPE F J M Intensive Clean PLUS Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Manufacturer: Miele

Power Score: 5 | 3 Reviews

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Good bags

Strengths: Durable

Weakness: I wish it would be cheaper

None of other bags fit my Miele vacuum cleaner. Perhaps there are some generic ones but I haven't used those. I've been using these bags for 5 years and pretty satisfied with their quality.

By anonymous; - Jul 14, 2008

Great clean bags for a great vacuum

Strengths: No mess

Weakness: None

The Miele vacuums are really great machines, and these bags for them are up to that standard. While some may not like the bagged vacuums anymore, i prefer not having the inevitable mess during emptying. With these bags, you just pop them out and throw them out when you're ready, and they make a nice tight seal and nothing gets out. They feel nice and solid too so while I have no way of telling,...
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By klozoff - Jan 19, 2008

Great bags

Strengths: Easy to remove, keeps everything

Weakness: None noted

These bags are great for a really good vacuum (Miele). They keep everything in very well and are very easy to remove without no mess. Highly recommended over cheap(er) knockoffs out there.

By thekloz - Jan 17, 2008

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