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Hoover SteamVac All Terrain F7452900 Floor Cleaner

$263.94 - $329.00

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Carpet Steamer, All Terrain, Model F7452900

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Vacuum Type: Upright


Product Title: Hoover SteamVac All Terrain F7452900 Floor Cleaner

Manufacturer: Hoover

Lowest Price: $249.00 from

Power Score: 4.2 | 26 Reviews

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Strengths: Cleans good when working.

Weakness: Lots of parts that need redesigning.

First to go was the spray nozzle attachment that I was going to use for my car. I hook it up and water is spraying everywhere....not a big deal at the time since I hardly steam clean my car. But then the brush gears stripped out....horrible design on that if anybody decides to fix it there self and look at the problem. I can see that happening to alot of those steamcleaners. Now the resoviour or...
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By anonymous; - Aug 8, 2010

Best Present Ever

When I first moved into my condo, I was worried about how to keep all the different floor surfaces clean. Tile in the bathroom and kitchen, carpet in the bedroom and living room and rugs everywhere. I did not the space for vaccum, a steam carpet cleaner, and a hard surface cleaner in the tiny place. I got this All Terrain Steam Vac and it did wonders!! In the same amount of time it would take me...
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By MiamiStudent on Home Depot - Apr 15, 2010

Job well done!

This is a heavy machine that performs a good clean of the carpet. I have a lab that spends most of the day outside digging holes and bringing debris to the house. After a good vacuum operation I used this powerful (but heavy) machine and it cleaned pretty good the carpet. The suction power also leaves the carpet almost dry. The only part of the house where this device needs improvement is the...
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By NCpetowner on Home Depot - Feb 20, 2010

great machine

I have previously owned Bissell carpet cleaners and they break very easily. Thus I just opurchased the Hover carpet cleaner. I was thrilled with its preformance. It was easy to use and did a wonderful job of cleaner ever sort of carpet I have in the house. This is a great machine!

By Happilyclean on Home Depot - Sep 28, 2009


Got this steamvac after having had 2 Bissell machines. What a difference!! Love that this has 2 completely separate clean/dirty water "tanks".. this steamvac is powerful and does a great job. Would highly recommend!!

By AnnaB on Home Depot - Sep 28, 2009

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