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Eureka 4750A-- A good value

Strengths: Lightweight, easy to assemble. Small footprint allows entry in to tight corners or between furniture. Low cost. Cleans well. Has headlight. Nice long cord.

Weakness: On board crevice attachment is not "quick draw". You must detach hose from base and plug in to wand. Build quality only so so but expected at this price.

It's hard to find fault with this inexpensive $50 vacuum. My old vac needed to be replaced after 20 years of use. I initially purchased a new upright that had all the bells and whistles, but it weighed a ton-- almost 19 pounds. Good vac but moving it around felt like pushing a tank. What I really wanted was something light. This Eureka weighs a little more than 13 pounds. It's easy to move around and has a small footprint, so you can get it between the end table and the couch without moving anything and or having to use the crevice tool. 12 amp motor has plenty of sucking power and while the vac is not whisper quiet, I wouldn't say its overly loud compared to other uprights I used. That's a subjective thing, I know. Build quality is so -so. However, for $50 it's not bad-- all plastic. My biggest concern is about durability-- how long will the hose last without cracking? the cord without fraying? Time will tell. I like that fact that it has a bag-- I don't like the bag less systems. I purchased 3 additional bags for less than $4, so bag cost is reasonable. The crevice tool resides on board but you have to disconnect the hose from the base of the vac and plug it in the crevice. Not a big deal for me. I did notice that sometimes the hose pops off from the base but this might be because it wasn't plugged in firmly enough. Repeated use of the crevice tool and plugging/unplugging the base hose might cause the tight seat to loosen. Might be a future problem to be aware of. Easily solved though. All in all I am very happy with this vac. It's great for light duty use in a small house or apartment. I would not recommend for heavy duty, every day use. Long term durability may be a factor, but for $50, you really can't go wrong. That's what, a DVD purchase and a pizza?

By hal09 - Jan 17, 2008

This vacuum cleaner works great

Good suction on all of our different floor surfaces. We have used to vacuum furniture and drapery in preparation for the holidays and it worked much better than our old one. There are attachments to cover any vacuum job.

By Caper on Home Depot - Jan 8, 2013

Great buy!

The price is what caught my attention at first, followed by the bright yellow color but what really sealed the deal was that it uses disposable bags. Once I received it, I was able to assemble it with ease. A huge plus! It's light to handle and does a great job cleaning. No more having to mess with a cup of dirt that triggers my allergies. Love my new vac and the guys love it too!

By Helia on Home Depot - Jul 3, 2012

Very happy

I am very happy with my new vacuum. I have 8 cats and 2 dogs and it handles picking up the hair well. I'm glad I checked out the Home Depot website. Great value also.

By Roni on Home Depot - May 29, 2012

Light weight

Purchase as second vacum cleaner for 2nd floor. Works great. Purchase another one for son and daughter-law.

By Michelle on Home Depot - May 7, 2013

Great for the price.

Performace is very good. Customer service and shipping was great as well. Timely shipping and customer service.

By Bett on Home Depot - Aug 9, 2012

not bad.

works very good on carpet, but not on hard wood much. I think the bag is a little to small, you have to change it every now and then. Its good for small areas . but still bagged ones don't loose their suction .(i hope not).

By bebe on Home Depot - Dec 25, 2012

Love it!

I bought this vacuum for my 88 year old mother. I liked it so much I ordered one for me. Its lightweight design makes housework so much easier. It is bagged, so no mess to clean. Excellent performance.

By linnie on Home Depot - Oct 19, 2012

good vacuum for the price

It's brand new and I like it, I hope it will serve my needs as time goes on.

By chuchu46 on Home Depot - Aug 15, 2012

Not for heavy duty cleaning

This vacuum is good if you are wanting something lightweight and basic. It has a 12 amp motor which is good but the floor suction is pretty lacking and really only effective on the side where the hose is attached. It has a nice large bag which I wanted because I had a bag-less vacuum which made a nasty mess that had to be cleaned after every use in order to maintain effective suction, I have only one cat. The bag is easy to change and holds a lot but you won't need to change it often because it's not going to suck up much, unfortunately. Next time I will insist on spending more money and getting better quality, but for the money it is a fair machine for small spaces.

By ADW1 on Home Depot - Jul 25, 2012

Good but not as good as Grandma's

Good Price about the same as a fancy replacement hepafilter. Bags are hard to get. I hope Home Depot carries them and or will soon.

By YoBob on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2012

Just right!

Simple to put together. Works well for our 2 bedroom apartment. Great price for a machine that gets the job done.

By sarah on Home Depot - Mar 27, 2012

Works good

I like the vacuum has good cleaning power. And also I like that it takes bags.

By Daddy77 on Home Depot - Feb 28, 2012

Very pleased

I am very pleased with this purchase. The item arrived extremely quickly. It is just as advertised--very lightweight yet able to do the job. The replacements parts--bags, filter, belts-- do not seem to be readily available locally. But Amazon has all for reasonable pricing plus free shipping so I don't anticipate a problem.

By TNGAL on Home Depot - Jan 31, 2012

Love Eureka vacuums

My last Eureka vacuum lasted 8 yrs which averages $8/yr plus bags and belts. This vacuum does not have the suction that my old one had but it is still better than the other brands that I have tried. Had a Oreck and returned it after 2 weeks! We live in a sandy area so I change the bags and belts often which may account for the longevity and my satisfaction.

By PITA on Home Depot - Jan 31, 2012

Great Value !

Easy to use, doesn't make my back hurt. We have several cats which equals lots of shed fur, it picked up the hair completely ! Bags are easy to remove & replace. New bags are easily found @ local "mom&pop" vacuum cleaner stores.

By happy on Home Depot - Oct 25, 2011

Full assembly is required!

Purchased this vacuum and full assembly had to be done. It had taken two men to assemble it and the duration was about 2 hours. After the assembly, it was light weight and you had to lean over to push the vacuum. The structure is cheap and I would strongly not recommend this product. You cannot offer it to me for free. It is a worthless product. The same day after delivery and assembly, it was returned.

By keys on Home Depot - Oct 21, 2011

Best lightweight...

Great price, fast and free shipping! Happy customer!

By Lisa on Home Depot - Sep 11, 2011

very pleased!

I haven't had it long, but find this to be a great vacuum! I replaced a VERY old Eureka with this new one, wanting to stick with the same brand. Bags apparently are hard to find, so I went ahead and bought 2 packages of 3 off of Amazon for under 10 bucks. No problem! The vacuum words amazing, especially for such a great price. I only paid $60 from Home Depot, and that included shipping. What a bargain! I find that using the hose with the attachment tools very easy. I am extremely happy with this purchase!

By molly3 on Home Depot - Jul 23, 2011

surprisingly good quality

This vacuum works much better than I thought it would. It's easy to put together and cleans really well. I have two dogs and it picked up the dog hair quickly. The bag is really small, so if you live in a particularly dusty place or if you have hairy pets, you'll have to replace the bag weekly. Also, it only comes with one bag and one belt. Overall I'm happy with the purchase.

By brig on Home Depot - Nov 7, 2010

sthompson on 01-01-09

Strengths: Lots of suction, and works extremely well on NEW carpet with heavy pile. NO, dust problems..

Weakness: NONE.........

For my needs this certainly will tackle the job. It's not meant to be a Heavy Duty machine. It's great for carpenting in my apartment. I would buy this machine again. It's light weight,easy to move.

By Eureka 4750A Upright; - Jan 3, 2009

What were they thinking?

Strengths: It has some good suction power.

Weakness: Poor design, difficult assembly.

Okay, where do I begin? This has got to be the most poorly-designed vacuum cleaner of all time. First of all, I just bought a $60 Hoover for downstairs, so I know that a low-priced vacuum does not have to be this way. It took me an hour to fully assemble it. After I struggled through trying to get the main screw into the pre-drilled hole, I finally gave it a whirl, only to have the whole unit fall apart. I re-assembled it and started again. That was when I noticed that the machine vents to the front. That means that all of the stuff you are going after to vacuum up, gets blown forward and away from the machine before you can even reach it. You have to basically approach the dust bunnies from the side or vacuum backward. I think I might be able to fashion a baffle in front of the air vents with cardboard and tape to avoid this. The other MAJOR design flaw is that the on-board hose has no cover to put over the place where the hose fits. That means that when you remove the hose to use it, there is a clear path straight to the carpet or floor and the vacuum roller and brush, so that while you are using the hose on the sofa, the dust on the carpet is blowing up at you through the hole where the hose normally fits (when it's not popping out while you are vacuuming.) The Hoover I bought has a little cap the you just flip down over this hole when you remove the hose to use it. The Hoover is a model U5140-900. I would recommend this over the Eureka.

By Kangarue; - Dec 27, 2008