Broan 15BL Broan 15 Compactor black door storage compartment and manual advance odor control...

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15 IN Compactor black door storage compartment and manual advance odor control system. 120V


Product Title: Broan 15BL Broan 15 Compactor black door storage compartment and manual advance odor control system. 120V"

Manufacturer: Broan

Lowest Price: $727.99 from Designer Appliances

Power Score: 3.3 | 6 Reviews

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Product Reviews (6)

A Trash compactor is a rich mans appliance.

What I mean by the Review Summary is you really don't need one of these. It's certainly not as important as a refrigerator. As far as why I bought one is because my wife has had one in most of the homes she has lived in and this is the third while we have been living together. I like this compactor the most out of all the rest, I love the door you must open and close, It's definitely more...
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By Billy on Home Depot - Jan 26, 2013

Powerful compactor

This is the third compactor I've owned and the most powerful. It is also the best. It functions beautifully. Mine is free standing so I got the kickplate to keep it from tipping. The only downside is the cost of the compactor bags which are a little pricy. But the bags never rip, tear or fall down inside the compactor bin as other bags do from time to time, so I guess you get what you pay for...

By BDennis on Home Depot - Oct 8, 2012


I've own two other compactors in two different homes and have always enjoyed having a compactor. I recently purchased this one and I must say that it was money wasted. There is no foot pedal to open the draw (which I didn't know prior to ordering.) If you have your hands full of garbage you have to open the door, bend over and pull out the draw, and then deposit the garbage. It has made more work...
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By social on Home Depot - Aug 9, 2012

Braun Elite Trash Compactor.

The Braun Elite Trash compactor is so much better than ones I have bought previously. Hold much more trash and seems to compact better than the 1/3 horsepower models. I think it's worth the extra money for the extra horsepower. Trash bags are a little too expensive.

By jtrat2blackberry on Home Depot - Oct 18, 2011

Does It's Job

I've had my appliance for 3 months now. I chose Broan because it's ram power far exceeded that of other brands. If you're gonna buy a trash compactor, you might as well get a powerful one, or what's the point? Mine is free-standing in the uninsulated garage, so a foot pedal is not an issue. I can crush a good 4 kitchen (13-gal) garbage bags into one compactor bag. It's rated for 6, but that must...
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By RedSkyBarb on Home Depot - Jan 2, 2011

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