Euro-Pro Shark Intelli-Sew Computerized Sewing Machine - 9110

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Sewing Machine Type: computerized


Product Title: Euro-Pro Shark Intelli-Sew Computerized Sewing Machine - 9110

Manufacturer: Euro-Pro

Power Score: 2.4 | 6 Reviews

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LOVE this machine!

Strengths: Accuracy, stitch speed adjustment, smooth even stitches, good storage space, many stitch options, etc.

Weakness: I wish there was a repair dealer around who specialized in this machine

I absolutely love my Shark sewing machine. I have used others including Singer and I prefer this one. I bought this machine 3 years ago in San Diego and I have only grown to love it more and more. I even use this machine for my small sewing business and everything sewin in my shop is with this machine. I recommend this one to everyone

By anonymous; - Nov 16, 2010

extremely unsatisfied!!!!!

Strengths: none

Weakness: bobbin case broken twice, bends and breaks needle!! replacement part 30.00!!

first time this happened they replaced it no charge,when happened again and service rep was rude and sarcastic!! I refuse to pay 30.00 for a part that keeps breaking!! Going back to Singer!!!!

By pegipeg - Dec 14, 2009

Euro-Pro Model 9110

Strengths: It looks great

Weakness: Repairs are expensive

I've had this machine for less than 3 years, the first 6 months I had problems with the plastic bobbin case, to repace the 240mW LED lamp(light bulb) costs 24.00 plus tax.shipping handling, so every time your bulb goes out be prepared to spend at least 30.00, because you just can not go to sewing store to purchase the bulb you have to purchase from them, it a nice machine for about a few months,...
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By anonymous; - Aug 24, 2009

adjusting machine

Strengths: none

Weakness: If you need a new manual your screwed, the company's employees speak such poor english they can't even figure out what you need, rendering troubleshooting impossible. But American.

The tension won't adjust properly, I've been trying to straighten it out for 3 days so I can finish the last 8 inches of stitches. The manual got ruined and I tried to order a new one, instead they wanted to send me a vacuum cleaner manual. It sounded as if I was speaking to esl speakers in india or thailand. It sucks spending money on a machine you can't find anyone to work on. It's a huge rip...
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By anonymous; - Apr 17, 2009

great machine

Strengths: sewing for the home

Weakness: none

i bought this machine to replace my 1980s montgomery ward computerized machine, and have been happy with it from day one.
no issues with it whatsoever, easy to open and clean, easy to thread, easy to understand.
love it.

By lilybean21 - Feb 10, 2009

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