Sentry Safe Fire-Safe 2 cu. ft. Fire and Water-Resistant Electronic Lock Safe DSW5840

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Shop for Safety & Security at The Home Depot. The threat of fire, flooding and theft can be a concern. The SentrySafe Safe Fire 2 cu. ft. Fire and Water-Resistant Electronic Lock Safe provides invaluable protection for your important and irreplaceable items. The safe features an advanced electronic lock and option for bolting the safe to the floor for additional security. The safe is rated for 1-hour fire protection and is water-resistant.


Product Title: Sentry Safe Fire-Safe 2 cu. ft. Fire and Water-Resistant Electronic Lock Safe DSW5840

Manufacturer: Sentry Safe

Power Score: 2.8 | 6 Reviews

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Works well. I like the shelf and have used it to separate paper from heavier stuff. Like the safe.

By Fred on Home Depot - May 7, 2013

Wouldn't open at all

I bought this at Home Depot on sale, loaded it on my truck and took it home. Before taking it off the truck I decided to open it and make sure the shelves and such were in it. The safe would not open even with the key. The handle turned almost all the way around so the gears must have stripped. Took it back and got a refund.

By Voltaire on Home Depot - Oct 21, 2012

Electronic Lock/Key Pad Function Failed

I purchased the safe for about a year ago or so... and for a while it works fine. But all of a sudden I noticed that the handle bar begins to give, loose and sag... It was still doing its purpose and still opens the safe door, so I was somewhat not that concern... exept that the safe handle is loose and gives the appearance of something cheap and not well made. Anyway, after a few months from...
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By Joseph on Home Depot - Aug 19, 2012

Garbage. Plastic Gears. Broke day one.

Got it home, down the stairs, out of the box. Instructions don't inform to explicitly remove the key before turning handle to open. Though maybe it needed some oomph....bad idea. Interior plastic gears stripped. Very poor design. It's going back.

By Robert on Home Depot - Mar 3, 2012

Wish it had a drawer

Easy to setup once you figure out the battery installation. I wish it had a drawer at the top instead of a pullout rack for hanging files, but overall, I like it.

By Susan on Home Depot - Jan 3, 2012

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