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Appliances Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

5 Star Review SteamVac Silver Upright Deep Cleaner for Carpets, Model No. F5900-900


pammyyoha - (July 13, 2004) I bought this having previously used a model with a single tank. This one holds more, is way easier to fill and empty, and way easier to clean. You mix the shampoo quickly and easily, so no need to fuss with attaching some bottle to the shampooer. It cleaned very flat, filthy carpet at an apartment (basement that was flooded). I thought that carpet was hopeless, but it changed the color back to normal on the fabric. It also cleaned our home carpet which is thicker and had been shampooed professionally a few years ago. It looks really good. I also cleaned a rug runner that was dull and hopeless even after I had vacuumed it over and over. Now it is bright again. I highly recommend this a

3 Star Review WM2277HW Washer (Front Loading, 3.72 Cu. Ft., Energy Star)


blindcyde - (January 17, 2005) I bought these LG's and love em', but the first one I got was the floor model from Best Buy, I got it home and they hooked it up and leveled it. After they run the test cycle it runs perfectly -- but once you put ANY size load in, this thing shook so bad I couldn't read any of the printed words on the front of it while running. So I returned it and they gave me a brand new one. One thing to mention is that upon shipping they have shipping bolts to lock the drum in the washer so it doesn't get damaged--make sure they remove those. This brand new one shakes just as bad. Now I realize some shaking is to be expected at 1100 RPM, but this was bad -- It sounds like an Apache Helicopter is hovering

1 Star Review Great While It Lasted...


dbsalerno - (September 18, 2006) We saw the Cabrio washer/dryer demo pair at Sears and were so impressed we placed an order immediately. Due to it being new and not in stock in the warehouse, we had to wait 2-1/2 weeks for delivery. That should have been our first signal to cut our losses and run, because I never buy the first year model of ANYTHING--there's just too much chance for problem. We received our Cabrios, and were in heaven--for all of 6 days. We enjoyed almost a week of high capacity washing and drying. The washer did a great job of cleaning, and the dryer was a joy to unload--the slanted angle of the opening put clothes at your fingertips. The electronic controls were simple to use--for most loads, it was pu

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review wire 5qt

Goodgirl3 - (04/01/2014) whip stainless steel de 5 qt, me gustaria saber si tienen este equipo

1 Star Review H20 Mop X5 Steamer H2O - Variable Steam, Filter-Free Design, Light Weight

KayKay53 - (03/08/2014) This mop is truly a piece of junk... I used it twice and the handle broke.. It was never stable but I sure did not expect it to break into 2 pieces. When I called the company was less than concerned and I could ship it back to them at my cost and they would replace it.. I will never deal with this company again.

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