Pur Faucet Mount Replacement Water Filter - MineralClear 6 Pack

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PUR water filters remove over 99% of many substances from your tap water.

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Water Filter Type: replacement


Product Title: Pur Faucet Mount Replacement Water Filter - MineralClear 6 Pack

Manufacturer: Pur

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Power Score: 4.2 | 12 Reviews

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Much better tasting/smelling water

Strengths: The filters make a big difference in cleaning the water. We have a well and the water is much cleaner and better tasting with these filters

Weakness: The only weakness is that it does not filter very fast. If you fill a pitcher or something and use that it is not so bad, but a glass each time you want one is time consuming.

I highly recommend these filters if you have any questions with your water. I also installed a whole house filter and it is amazing what was in the water we were drinking before (mainly sediments). I am sure that it was fine, but the water is much cleaner and better tasting now:)

By SpinningLizard - Mar 6, 2008

Better options out there for filtering drinking water

Strengths: Great tasting water; easy to replace filters; faucet mounts are attractive (chrome or white).

Weakness: Carbon residue in the drinking glass; bulky PUR mount; messy spray when turned on unless you are careful (not good with kids).

I have both a PUR filter on the kitchen faucet and a Brita pitcher for the refrigerator. This double filtration results in incredibly clean tasting water. It is very helpful in the desert climate, where the water supply can contain a lot of calcium, lime and other minerals. The PUR mount is bulky on the faucet and you need to switch it off when using hot water. I have found that it sprays a fast...
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By codance - Feb 11, 2008

Affordable filter that produces great tasting water

Strengths: 1) Affordable 2) Easy to Install 3) Long Lasting 4) Clean and Great tasting water

Weakness: 1) The Filter housing takes up some space at the faucet 2) Pours kind of slow initially, which gets better with use

The city water run through this filter tastes great. I feel the water quality is fine, and have not had any problems with minute particles in the water. The filter is easy to install, but pours kind of slow initially, which gets better with use. For my kind of usage, the filter should last about 3-4 months, which is a great deal. The filter housing does take up some space at the kitchen faucet,...
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By sonrij - Feb 5, 2008

Long lasting filters at a convenient price.

Strengths: Long lasting. Easy to install. Relatively cheap price.

Weakness: They don't seem as efficient as previous generation PUR faucet filters. Sometimes find debris in water.

First the Pros: 1. These filters last pretty long: I use it pretty regularly (consuming on average about a gallon of water a day), and one filter usually lasts about 2-3 months. I usually refill water bottles and that saves big time on the cost of bottled water. 2. The filters are so easy to change out that a child could do it. Just follow the pictures on the box/package. 3. The best place I have...
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By IonutRadu - Jan 15, 2008

has great filtering power!

Strengths: easy to use indicator for changing filter nice coler to go with white or chrome sinks

Weakness: pours sloww kinda messy to change filter

i really enjoy knowing I'm drinking pour water and its not costing me a whole bunch was very easy to install and p&g backs up all there products to the fullest

By SCOOP7187 - Dec 24, 2007

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