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LG Water Filter (5231JA2006B / LT600P)

Strengths: Good quality and performance

Weakness: Pricey

Have had my LG refrigerator for 6 months and am getting ready to change the filter for the first time. The water around here tastes terrible, and the filtered water from the fridge tastes great, so I can only assume that this filter is doing a good job.

By karenclews - Jan 30, 2007

LG Water Filter (5231JA2006B / LT600P)

Strengths: clean and last lasting fresh water

Weakness: a bit expensive

compare to the PUR filter I am using in my kitchen sink, it lasts longer, fresher. However, it is a little bit expensive, everybody is selling it for 50 bucks. The GE refigirator water filter is only around 15 bucks.

By dhuang3 - Nov 6, 2006

Overall Good Filter

Strengths: -Clean Tasting Water -Easy to Remove/Install

Weakness: -Leaks quite a bit when removed (at least in my fridge) -More Expensive than I expected

My LG fridge originally came with a 5231JA2006A filter. It appears that the 5231JA2006B is now the replacement for that filter. I'm not sure of the difference between the two, or even if there is a difference. The filter was easy to remove and install in my fridge, although it did leak quite a bit of water onto the top shelf when I removed it. The leakage was unavoidable due to the filter being installed horizontally in my particular model. Those with the filter installed in a different orientation may not experience this. I really enjoy drinking water from my fridge using this filter. It does a good job cleaning up the horrible tasting tap water in my area. We used to use a Brita pitcher but I think the water actually tastes better from the Fridge with this filter. Price was a bit higher than I thought but at least it lasts for 6 months. definitely worth it if you use the water/ice functions of your fridge. When the filter needs replaced you may notice that your water flow and/or ice production decreases.

By cjk8765 - Feb 3, 2008


Strengths: Great filter, water tastes as good as bottled

Weakness: Only lasts about five months and is a bit pricey.

I would definitely recommend this product. It's very easy to install and once installed... all you have to do is run water for about five minutes to activate filter.

By ninerlou - Aug 17, 2007

Expensive, but necessary!

Strengths: Compared to other filters, this is extremely easy to install.

Weakness: Very expensive at $40-plus!

We just replaced the filter for the very first time. Even though it is very expensive, it does its job of filtering out impurities from the water. We wondered if we can go more than 6 months without replacing it, if we use the water/ice dispenser only occasionally, but haven't found an answer.

By shyehou - Aug 8, 2007


Strengths: Easy to install Water taste decent

Weakness: Pricey

I also have a reverse osmosis water filter underneath my sink. It has 4 different filters and it only cost me $50 a year to replace all filters.

Need this water filter for the ice machine. Great thing about this is that it is very easy to install. Only takes a minute.

By palinorus - Jul 9, 2007

LG Replacement Cartridge (water filter) 5231JA2006B

This cartridge does a great job and performance is noticable.. Lasts about 6 - 7 months before you need to change. If you can notice water presure dropping you may need to change it sooner.

The LG 5231JA2006-B reduces:

99.9% of Particulates Class I
97.6% chlorine taste & odor
91.2% of Mercury at pH 8.5
96.7% of Mercury at pH 6.5
99.35% of Lead
95.9% of Atrazine
96.3% of Benzene
93.06% of 2,4-D
99.09% of Lindane
99.99% of Cysts
99.3% of Turbidity

By vcle - Feb 28, 2007


Strengths: Name brand.Fits perfectly.Easy to install and good directions.

Weakness: None that I could find.

I researched the web for HOURS looking for the best price with a "no shipping" deal. I found the BEST price and BEST shipping at It was shipped within a day or two .I certainly cannot complain.

By tedianne - Apr 14, 2008

Cloggs way too easy

Strengths: filters water well

Weakness: After 1 month the filter is so clogged it barely comes out. I expect much better for $50 MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!

these filters are probably made for $2 ea and are really overpriced and obviously sensitive to clogg so easily. Would not buy this product again.

By hosksc13 - Sep 12, 2008

No complaints

Strengths: easy to install, works great, identical to the product that came with the refrigerator.

Weakness: none

No problems whatsoever. It installed within a few moments, and was easy to install, works great, identical to the product that came with the refrigerator. Like that pricegrabber has a rebate.

By jmkushner - May 26, 2007

LG water Filter (5231JA2006B)

Strengths: This filter does it's job. It is well worth the money.

Weakness: I haven't found any.

When I purchased my LG stainless steel Refrigerator with bottom freezer,and filtered cold water and Ice in the door. I was not sure if I should purchase it because of the water filter. Well we priced the filters and we decided it wasn't that expensive in fact we would be saving big bucks. It has to be replaced every 6 months. We were buying bottled water before we purchased this LG. I was truly amazed at the taste of the water after it was filtered. So we no longer have to purchase bottled water about $50.00 monthly which is $600.00 a year. But now it only costs $8.46 a month, ($50.85/with shipping x 2 filters a year =$101.70 a year divided by 12 is $8.46 a month cost. so your savings of $498.24.a year... GOSH at this rate I can buy more appliances real soon, that $498.24 adds up fast. So this is a saver for sure. I LOVE IT.....$$$$$$$$

By moonbaby1960 - Jun 12, 2008