Frigidaire PureSource WF1CB Water Filter

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Reduces Particulates by 98.3% Reduces Aesthetic Chlorine by 96.5% The RG-100 is tested and certified by NSF International, the nationally recognized and respected, ot for profit, certification organization for public health safety, to ANSI/NSF Standard 42 in Model NGRG 2000 for the reduction of Aesthetic Chlorine, and Nominal Particulates Class III. EASY TO INSTALL! Insert this element into the housing as described in the user's manual which accompanied the refrigerator at the time of sale. Condition the filtering system by running water through the dispenser for 3 minutes before using. Some models may have a PureSource Filter replacement signal reset button. After changing filter, hold the dispenser button down 3 to 15 seconds to reset the signal. Included in this carton are replacement reminder stickers. Select the stickers that indicate a date 6 months from the current date and place them on filter cup to remind you when to change filter. Operating Specifications

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Water Filter Type: refrigerator


Product Title: Frigidaire PureSource WF1CB Water Filter

Manufacturer: Frigidaire

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Power Score: 4.4 | 15 Reviews

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Great replacement

I've purchased this same filter from bestbuy and paid twice the amount for the same filter

By Frank582 on Home Depot - Mar 20, 2013

Filter interchangeability?

Strengths: Easy to install.

Weakness: Apparently, it's not the best filter available.

FYI, I found the PureSource (SWF1CB) filter is identical to the PureSource Plus (SWFCB) filter, yet there is no reference to this on the Frigidaire site. The PureSource Plus filters more than just particulates and chlorine, such as: cysts, lead, insecticides, and herbicides.

By leland52 - Sep 13, 2007

Frigidaire PureSource filter RG-100

Strengths: Easy to install

Weakness: Filters break down and sluff off material

I ordered the replacement filters for our refrigerator from FiltersFast. After the filter had been installed for a month or so, we started noticing some fibrous material in our water. The material was from 1/16the to 1/8th inches in length and looked very much like the opaque woven material that is wraped around the outside layer of the filter. We flushed water through the system several time for...
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By anonymous; - May 8, 2007

Excellent Replacement Filter

Strengths: Nobrainer to remove and install.

Weakness: None

This is a great waterfilter. It is very easy to install and works great. My Water pressure is back and the water tastes great. I will definitely buy this filter again.

By mercurysniper - Mar 13, 2007

Frigidaire PureSource RG-100 Water Filter

Strengths: It was easy to access and easy to replace. The directions on the box were straightforward easy to follow

Weakness: The flow on this filter is too slow.

This filter is easy to access and easy to replace. The flow on the filter is too slow though. Overall I am happy with this replacement filter because it has more water flow than the older, clogged water filter had. I would recommend this filter but I would let them know the one drawback to this filter.

By twilson6969 - Feb 2, 2007

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