Reviews for Maytag MBF2556KEW 25.1 Cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjustable SpillCatcher Shelves and Sealed FreshLock Crispers: White

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Maytag 25 Cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer

Strengths: Quiet, lot of room in the refrigerator

Weakness: Not much storage in the freezer section, no built-in water filter for the ice maker. Incandescent light bulbs instead of LED.

This bottom freezer refrigerator was bought to replace 10 years old 26 cubic feet. Kenmore top freezer, it still is working but water is condensed on the top shelf and on bottom compartment and it must be cleaned every day or two. After searching for reasonable priced refrigerator larger than 24 cf, I found this Maytag on sale for $1100 and free delivery.

Externally, it is about the same size as the old 26 cf top freezer Kenmore, but it seems to have more room inside the main compartment and it is at eyes level so putting thing in or take it out is much easier than the top freezer.

The bottom door bin is fixed and run the full length of the door, it is large enough to hold several gallon jugs. The other door bins are half length and can be adjusted up or down to accommodate tall or short objects.

The door seal is much better design than the old Kenmore, it seals the door completely to keep the cold air inside. When you close the door you can felt that the door seal is actually sealing the door to the refrigerator. Sometimes I just open then close the door to marvel how the seal is working.

The bottom freezer seems to be a tad smaller than the 7.3 cf as stated in the specs. It does not hold all the foods from the old freezer and the bottom basket is not very study. The upper basket can be slide in or out, so that it is very convenience to use but the construction is not sturdy either.

For the money I spent, this refrigerator is as good as it get. If I have about $500 more to spend on a refrigerator I would choose Samsung 25.8 cf bottom freezer with French door.

By ASIC2000 - Dec 19, 2007