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Awesome fridge

Strengths: Energy efficient, Lightweight, Versatile

Weakness: Noise, Setup, Lightweight

I'll start with the good...believe me, the "bad" isn't very bad at all.

This has proven to be a terrific fridge. The temperature controls are easy to use. I leave the fridge on 4 and the freezer on 5 (7 is coolest setting) and food remains sufficiently cool. The fridge is extremely light (for its size) and easy to move. If you like a fridge that's easy to move around (E.g. you're a clean freak), this is an ideal candidate. It rolls out with little effort. I went from a 18 cubic foot fridge to this monster and the additional room is well worth it. The shelves are all split in two, so it's easy to customize your fridge according to where you keep tall items, or frequently-used items, etc.

As for the bad, there's very little to discuss. For one, the setup is pretty simple. The only problem I had was with peeling off one of the stickers inside the fridge. All of the shelves are covered with clear plastic to protect the finish. Exercise caution when you pull them off. The finish on one of the shelves tore off when I pulled back some plastic. Maytag was quick to replace the part, so in my opinion the inconvenience was minor. Just be careful! When water is fed into the icemaker it can be a little loud. The water is fed in short bursts, according to when the icemaker is ready to produce more ice. This isn't a big deal, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

As for listing lightweight as both a pro and con, well, the seal on the fridge is so good that every time I pull open the door, the fridge rolls forward. This is slightly annoying, but I can live with it because I prefer a nice seal with some rolling to a lousy seal and an immovable fridge. I imagine the seal will lessen over time and the fridge will stop rolling forward each time I pull open the door. I'm going to investigate some type of wheel stoppers to help with this.

I paid approx $760+tax for this fridge and so far it's been worth every penny.


By rpimy - Mar 31, 2006

Very Nice...

Strengths: Very nice in the areas of Form, Fit and Function. Simple controls. Quality design and workmanship. Have had very good experience with Maytag appliances.

Weakness: Front of bottom door shelf seems a little flimsy making us apprehensive to use it for large, heavy items like milk... minor issue, but worthy of mention. Not available in "smooth" black finish.

We did a fair amount of product research to determine an appropriate refrigerator to replace ours. After reading product reviews, visiting several appliance stores for our own up close and personal, we opted for this model. We looked at top freezer, side by side, bottom freezer, and french door bottom freezer models.

After looking at the different model types we opted for the bottom freezer with a swinging door (opposed to a slide out door) as it seemed to be the best fit for our preferences.

This model seems to offer a simple, straight forward design with convenience in mind, and no overly complicated features or mechanism inherent with other designs. Our second choice likely would be a side by side for the same reasons.

This refrigerator has a very solid and quality feel to it that other brands just didn't seem to have in this price range for this style of refrigerator. The adjustable shelving in the refrigeration unit offers flexibility to set up the shelving in a manner that allows greatest access and convenience to those items most commonly used without sacrificing useable capacity.

The combination of internal lighting and clear shelving and bins makes viewing everything in the fridge possible at a glance. A very convenient feature. The bottom shelf dissappoints ever so slightly in that it is a few inches shorter than the upper shelves, tucking it back under the other shelves. Extending the bottom shelf out just a couple of inches would have been a nice touch.

The bottom freezer unit with it's swing door and slide out basket allows for extremely easy access to everything in the freezer. This, along with the quality of the Maytag name is likely what sold us on this particular model. The included ice maker was an unexpected suprise to us and we will have to run a water line to make use of it, but are looking forward to it's use.

As a side note, the previous reviewer mentions the fridge moving when opening the door, however there is a rubber foot that can be lowered to keep the fridge in place. This foot can easily be raised to allow easy movement of the fridge. This feature may have been added since, or the purchaser may not be aware of this feature.

Our thanks to the folks at The Maytag Store in Redmond WA who made our purchase a quite pleasurable experience AND beat the box stores on price, not to mention their incredible customer service.

By Chris Mac - Jul 21, 2007