Maytag MBF1953YEW Maytag Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with Spill-Catcher Shelves

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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with Spill-Catcher Shelves

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Freezer Location: bottom


Product Title: Maytag MBF1953YEW Maytag Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with Spill-Catcher Shelves

Manufacturer: Maytag

Power Score: 4.4 | 33 Reviews

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Good product. Needs brakes maybe?

Maytag makes a beautiful frig - practical and this one was on sale and had a rebate. Only downside is the frig rolls when you pull to open the frig door. Too lightweight maybe or I don't have enough groceries in it?

By SueinDora on Home Depot - Jun 11, 2013


This replaced a previous model that was virtually identical. However, this one is much more energy efficient!

By QPS1991 on Home Depot - May 14, 2013

This refrigerator is superb!

I've had this refrigerator for about a month now and man do I tell you how smoothe it runs, sometimes I forgot its even running and I have to go and check to see if its on. It's very spacious and I love the fact that its at eye level and I can see what's in my frigde! The freezer also works well, everything stays nice and frozen even at level 5. My ice maker is not installed so I can't comment on...
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By GodBlessings on Home Depot - May 7, 2013

high pitched noise overwhelms all the good

I should have listened to prior customers who complained about the noise with this fridge. I just thought they meant it had a loud hum. But the problem I have is a very high-pitched EEEE sound. Not sure if this is the fan, the compressor or what, but it is very, VERY annoying. This is really too bad, because everything else with this is fridge is good: a very good value, good storage space in the...
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By annoyed on Home Depot - May 4, 2013

Could be better designed

Pros: It'll fit in the very tight space of our apartment kitchen. We were pretty much limited to three freezer-on-bottom models and this was the most affordable. Humidity controls on the produce bins. Separate drawer for lunch meat and cheeses. A HUGE amount of space on the door. CONS: The tray on the ice bin catches on the freezer shelf. A small thing, but annoying. The freezer basket doesn't...
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By SulaBlue on Home Depot - May 4, 2013

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