Fagor Energy Star 24 Inch Fully Integrated Refrigerator

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Spoil yourself with the optimal storage options of the Fagor Energy Star 24 Inch Fully Integrated Refrigerator (FIM-4825US). Its sleek fully integrated design gives your kitchen a seamless look and includes easy to use installation guides. Being fully integrated the doors of the kitchen cabinet and the refrigerator still function independently, as each has its own hinge and operate on a sliding guide which is installed on both doors. The interior of the unit is a dream come true for those who like everything to have its own special space. Three (3) adjustable glass shelves, two (2) drawers, a sliding bottle holder and three (3) in door shelves gives you a place to keep all your food items organized and easily accessible. The freezer has three (3) large capacity drawers and a lift out tray with an ice cube compartment. The multi-fresh compartments maintain a low level of humidity to hit the ideal temperature for preserving meats and fish for up to twice as long. Fagor uses a unique no frost system that drastically reduces the amount of condensation within the fridge or freezer and eliminates the need to defrost due to of ice buildup. Other features include: LED interior lighting, door open alarms, reversible doors, and the unit is Energy Star rated for efficient energy performance. Electronic Temperature Control: High accuracy sensors keep the selected temperature constant to ensure food stays fresh Large Capacity: With multiple drawers, shelves and compartments, you'll have a space to keep all your food items neatly organized Fully Integrated: Give your kitchen a seamless appearance with this fully integrated refrigerator/freezer that can be installed in your existing cabinetry


Product Title: Fagor Energy Star 24 Inch Fully Integrated Refrigerator

Manufacturer: Fagor

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